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Pets. What can be from them harm and how to be saved from it?

the Majority of us - admirers of pets also keep some living creatures in the house. These are first of all dogs and cats. We still bring home turtles, hamsters, protein, guinea pigs, we look after aquariums with small fishes, frogs and tritons. Exotic “friends of the person“ - crocodiles, snakes, spiders, foxes, proteins meet in house conditions also. We love them and we indulge, children it is excited. However not everything is as harmless

as it seems at first sight, and communication with a lovely doggie or a beautiful small fish can do harm, and sometimes and strong. Before buying some pet who was pleasant to you, it is worth weighing all pros and cons, better in advance to know about possible troubles, than then to pass expensive treatment or to sharply change the way of life.

For a start it is enumerable general views of “inconveniences“ which pets can bring.

Allergy. Practically any pet can cause in owners an allergy, sometimes in very severe form. You can learn about it when an animal already in your house, before you about an allergy also did not suspect. The girlfriend of the sister dreamed to have a kitty, but knew that it has an allergy to hair of pets. After council with experts the sphinx - the cat who almost does not have indumentum was acquired. Next day Liouba was taken away on “ambulance“ with the heaviest attack of asthma. The diagnosis - an allergy to stalemate allocations of warm-blooded animals … Through some time Liouba solved - all right, I will buy an aquarium, time is impossible that that mewing! And again an attack of asthma and the new diagnosis - an allergy to a fish forage … So sadly attempt to get some “friend of the person“ …

the Change of the mode not always accepted for you ended at it. it is good when you have an opportunity to adapt your life for the pet, in time to feed him, to walk with it, to carry in due time in school and on inoculations. Even small fishes and turtles demand observance of a certain schedule - they should give a forage according to the schedule and to clean after them. Birds whom, apparently, to look after the easiest, strongly litter and it is necessary to clean up often and carefully. Before buying a certain animal, it is quite good to know about features of care of it then not to torment him and not to change the vital schedule. It is necessary to think whether it is worth getting, for example, a dog if you work around the clock and you will not walk with it twice a day?

Parting with some friends or acquaintances. Not all who surround you the same admirers of living creatures, some do not transfer animals to spirit or they have an allergy. I personally faced it is the mother-in-law has an allergy to dog wool, and now it to our house a leg. Happens, unfortunately, that you have to make a choice - or your some friend / acquaintance / relative who will not come to you any more or your dog or a cat …

Direct threat to health and life, and is not a joke! It concerns exotic animals like snakes and spiders, first of all. Only experts can hold it, remember it! It is necessary to know, than such pets are dangerous and as them to keep in comfort, but that they did not get away and did not do harm.

The second risk group - certain breeds of dog. In serious clubs when the person buys someone like a starford, he is warned about features of behavior of similar breed and about need of a strict priglyad for a dog and by studies at special schools. Also it is necessary to consider that at your place children and other relatives. My friend, the owner of a pit bull terrier, had the large conflict with the mother-in-law from - for a dog. The dog was brought perfectly up, lived in a family long, but hated when someone came into Nadia`s room in her absence. The mother-in-law once decided to get on “the enemy territory“ while Nadia was at work (ridiculously, but wanted to take needles!) also lost two phalanxes on a little finger - the pit bull terrier by miracle did not snatch all hand.

And now we will consider some frequent cases when specific animals can do harm.

Felimonoz of cats. it is Very widespread! The child or even the adult can not pay attention to small scratch which was put by a favourite cat. Day three the illness can not be shown, then it seems the begun to live sting inflames, crusts, rises temperature to 39 degrees again, napukhat lymph nodes. It is treated difficult and long. The illness is transmitted through fleas therefore the only prevention of a felimonoz - to watch it and immediately to bring fleas.

Iyersinioz of rodents. it is Very widespread among guinea pigs, hamsters, the distributor of an illness is allocated through excrements and remains on wool. Rodents carry an illness almost without symptoms, and here people get “in an award“ from the favourites fever and an inflammation of joints. The illness simply - the analysis on existence of antibodies comes to light.

Allergy to a fish forage . The dry feed for small fishes (and also for turtles, frogs and other “water“ creatures) often causes a heavy allergy. Replacement of a forage rescues or … deprivation of of pleasure to have an aquarium …

of Alveolit of birds. All poultry can cause this serious pulmonary illness! At hit of parts of a dung or dandruff the heavy allergy develops in lungs, up to asthma. Before getting a birdie, be checked at the allergist surely.

Diseases at wild animals. Squirrels can be ill a tulyaremiya, chanterelles often have rage. Any wild animal who got to you from the wood can bring with itself some illness, they have plus at all ticks and fleas.

Try to treat yours “having a tail - striped“ the same as yourself. You watch purity, do planned inoculations and be attentive to changes in the health. You remove at pets of worms, pincers and fleas, show to the veterinarian just in the preventive purposes. And then in your house there will be a world, health and mutual love!