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Seven with one blow, or And behind it komarik on a balloon?

I that, and another. Happened, you will slam at once several representatives in a disgusting way of the vampire fauna ringing under an ear and even you do not manage to be glad to a victory - on approach the following squadrons of mosquitoes - “kamikaze“. And it is exclusive “women`s military divisions“ - only females (for example, mosquitoes - piskun) stock up with blood for normal development of eggs. And not on balloons move - as if attack planes are attacked.

Males of mosquitoes, as well as all normal men, are peaceful, benevolent, think mainly of mosquito sex (reproduction) and eat juice of plants. In order to avoid developments of stagnation gather the ringing cloudlets and are pounded - are pounded on one place, at the same time attracting females. In several days courageously perish, leaving on pleasure to fishermen posterity under the name “crank“. Here it is the true male solidarity!

As mosquitoes find us?

Feel us on a smell of lactic acid which is emitted even at the “alcoholized“ companions. So to be to you the bitten or jammed mosquitoes, dear alcoholics if you fall asleep in the fresh air.

Find on the carbon dioxide emitted by us, all over the world dwellings on heat of a body and other ways still unknown to people.

What transfer if find us?

Bartonellez, Valley Rift fever, yellow fever, fever of the Western Nile, fever Karelian, river fever Ross, fever Sindbis, a tulyaremiya, encephalitis of the valley of Murray, encephalitis Saint Louis, the Japanese mosquito encephalitis, encephalomyelitis Venezuelan, malaria, fever Batan, fever Tyaginya, Omsk hemorrhagic fever, hemorrhagic fever the Crimea - Congo, hemorrhagic fever with a kidney syndrome, Denge`s fever both in classical, and in hemorrhagic (Philippine) forms, lymphatic filyariatoz, lymphatic horiomeningit …

When they hunt?

In a warm season in the morning and in the evening, during a heat - it is less and when it is cool - days without a break. Culex pipiens pipiens f. molestus (city mosquitoes) hunt even in the winter, the benefit the warm semi-flooded cellars of houses allow them to breed all the year round.

Where their nests?

Everywhere where damp or it is damp: females of mosquitoes lay eggs anywhere though in bank with water. But most often - in reservoirs, in a bog or just in a pool.

Places with a smell of hydrogen sulfide, yeast, methane - mosquito paradise. By the way, from methane at mosquitoes “takes down a roof“ - not only that they are flown by trillions to boring, for example, are so ready to climb nearly in a well. Also climb.

, Why mosquitoes are necessary to us?

to us mosquitoes are not necessary to

(except for a crank), but without mosquitoes there would be no boundless woods - only lifeless and oxygen-free deserts. Mosquitoes - sometimes the only air delivery of the major minerals like molybdenum for normal activity of flora. Mosquitoes take out from bogs carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, iron, calcium, manganese, pine forest and many other substances useful to a grass, trees and bushes. And the grass, the woods and bushes to us, oh as are necessary!

Why we scratch from a sting of a mosquito?

The matter is that before sucking blood, the female of a mosquito enters with saliva into blood the special substance interfering its folding. In saliva availability of allergens which cause such nasty thing as kulitsidoz (allergic reaction to stings of mosquitoes)

the Easy form of the allergic answer of an organism - an itch was also established. Because also we scratch. By the way, the itch can be eliminated quickly enough if to grease the place of a sting with liquid ammonia or solution of baking soda (1/2 teaspoon on a glass of water).

As to fight against mosquitoes?

to Destroy

it is useless - better to frighten off. More effectively by means of repellents. Household chemicals are not pleasant and komarik there are no wish to offend - complete a special course of the specific immunotherapy allowing to reduce sensitivity of an organism to saliva of insects and their metabolites. They say that forecast favorable.