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How to keep sincere harmony?

the Most important condition of happy life are a sincere harmony. Everything goes from within. A lot of things in real human life depend on his mood. When the world and harmony reign in soul, and the reality seems in a different way: it is brighter, more pleasant, more positive. to

In good mood to the person manages everything easier, everything much more successful develops. But this condition of a peace of mind - a big rarity. To reach it not easy, but it is even more difficult to keep in itself, to hold. Because in daily reality to the person various irritants often meet, each of us constantly faces some factors at all saddening mood.

It can be experiences from - for some specific people, from - for weathers, from - for finance, from - for someone`s roughness or impudence, from - for diseases or fatigue … There is a lot of actually vital circumstances preventing the person to be happy …

That to cope with them, it is necessary to be very stress-resistant, strong-willed and optimistical. It is necessary to learn to keep in itself the internal light, remembering and returning to the place of itself happy. For this purpose it is necessary to remember each section of a body a condition of internal comfort and to learn to reproduce it …

Today, for example, I went outside after a rain … Air was such fresh, pure, tasty. It was oxygenated, youth, tenderness … I went and with pleasure inhaled it … Also it was so good … Spring … Birds chirp, so tenderly warms the sun … And me it was just good at this moment, I even internal smiled and physically felt happiness … All cares, alarms and offenses left. Just in me internal light which dispelled them was switched on.

And again I was convinced that my happiness always with me, in me. And it should not and cannot depend on any specific person. Who such this person, and who granted to him the right to make me happy or unfortunate? Only people allow to manipulate each other themselves and agree to these games. It approximately too most what to recognize itself as a puppet in hands of another and to tell: “Here to you strings from me, operate me as you want. I in your hands“. But same it is silly, at least.

The same can be told also about various vital circumstances. Why the person allows them to operate the mood, giving them own energy, thinks of them constantly, thereby only feeding and strengthening them?

There is no sense to think of bad. It from it will not change, only on the contrary - will stronger take control of the person. It is necessary to learn to release it, to be exempted from a negative, being adjusted on good, thinking of pleasant, remembering kind.

You should not allow someone or to do something of itself a puppet - here the main condition helping to keep sincere harmony.

Happiness of the person only in his own hands! Nobody can allow to operate the life and the mood. Each of us itself is responsible for himself, for the acts. It is possible to give a lot of things and to offer much for the sake of high feelings. But if these feelings mutual and real, they make people happy, but do not doom to cold and disappointment. If it is love, then it warms the person from within and outside, gives freedom, but does not conclude in slavery.

If you love, then you appreciate, respect yourself and do not allow anybody and anything to operate you and your life!