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Whether the labor rush in Finland is welcomed?

All people different. And even in one nation not to find two people absolutely similar at each other. But it stops nobody. And as a result, as arithmetic-mean from a totality of the psychological and emotional signs characterizing these or those people steady stereotypes appear. French supposedly passionate, Germans - pedantic, British - prudish.

A here we, Russians? We - what? Especially if from outside to have a look at us. In most cases it turns out that drinking. Of course, not the most pleasant characteristic, but … You will not throw out words from a song. And if naked flame is nearby not visible, then all the same not just like that smells slightly of a smoke. Probably, there are for this purpose some bases. Or, as specialists in fire safety - a nutrient medium speak. And conditions suitable. In climate cold supposedly, we live. Well, how here without sugreva? Especially, if the people`s commissar blessed?

As on me, nonsense all this. If on red wine, for example, to take, so very few people will surpass French. And on beer, so Czechs - ahead of the planet only. And what? Someone says that Czechs with French drinking? And us then why with soot to smear?

Not drinking we, Russians. Hardworking! Look back on friends - companions. To neighbors. And at once you will see that the overwhelming part of them goes to work not only on weekdays. But also on Saturday, as a rule. Though for half a day, but it is necessary … It is necessary to glance on native production. It without us … Well, how it and without us?!

And who not for work, so that is on the dacha. And there - by the sweat of the brow. Yes so that persons of it, as a rule, it is also not visible to the neighbor. And here fifth point … It - please. As in that old, bearded joke:

- The neigbour, you speak … On giving? No, the woman, I do not recognize. A … Sorry, and to bend down how over a bed, you could not?. Fathers! Svetlana Sergeyevna … Yes as it I?.

Hardworking we. However, I pound from it, apparently, only a merit … One continuous troubles! And if who in this occasion has some doubts, then I have concrete primerchik on call here.

You remember how at us in 90 - x with work it was heavy? Here I have an acquaintance and settled the worker to one of the Finnish farmers. In total according to Hoyle. And the visa at it the worker, and the employer registered it everywhere where it is necessary. And plus and the tax corresponding to the power paid.

And everything at them is just remarkable. At us if the man, so hands, as a rule, from that place are ground from which it is necessary. And the friend at me - the chief cook and bottle washer. The machine operator easily can. And after the electrician, if that, so without special problems. Well and to wave with a pitchfork that manure where away to cast away, so he even does not put on a respirator. “To me - says, is priyatstvenno. Better landyshev“.

Generally, in perfect harmony they with this farmer. That on my friend will not rejoice. Well, and the friend - on what is paid him regularly. Weekly. And as euros then did not think up yet - in brands. And they have a course to ruble … Good.

They lived and rejoiced at each other. As suddenly somehow in the day off … Check from some government body appeared suddenly to them on a farm. Something like our labor inspection. And the same strict.

Like, as here at you with working conditions and rest? Well, the owner also shows them everything - here the room for the worker. Warm, light, spacious. On a window - curtains in the peas which are pleasing to heart and the eye. In the room - the refrigerator, the TV. With the satellite antenna, by the way. And here shower. Water hot, cold.

Inspectors checked everything. The TV was turned on, switched off. Water a finger was touched. Honestly, hot. The curtain was removed … And there!

No, cockroaches in the room were not. Just the view of the economic yard opened. And on it - a tractor wheel. And under a tractor - my friend lies. By a wrench an interior at the unit it is picked.

Checking as saw this picture oil then changed countenance. The pieces of paper got and began aktik to make in the established form. So supposedly and so, during check it is established that in a time off …

I of a justification of my friend that nobody forced it … He reached such thought. On Monday Sena to a farm should be brought, and the tractor here … zachikhat something. And to it, the friend - that, and nothing to do TV. Watched, looked and was tired to look. And in the unit to it to pick … And for free of charge - in pleasure! Nobody took these justifications into account. To the farmer the warning was issued, and the friend strictly - strictly was warned that his working hours - from here to here. In the day off under the unit to lie … Do not dare! With that also left.

And our heroes, of course, condoled a little concerning such result, sad for them, but … It is necessary to live somehow further. And different farmer to do things.

And all anything, but somehow in a week, towards evening already … Again these checking. And the friend just from already rather the series which set the teeth on edge (moreover and in Finnish!) came off and with such pleasure manure loads in the tractor cart. Again violation. In a time off and with a pitchfork …

generally, to the farmer a penalty - by itself. And for the company and to my friend. Plus the instruction - in such - that term to leave the territory of the sovereign state. And the visa to it was closed. And not only worker. Several years it for Finns completely “not entrance“ was. Even towards border did not look.

Here to you and diligence. Somewhere it, maybe, and with a plus goes and if in Finland and outside working hours … No, no! It is not necessary better.

And all the matter is that if that happens to the worker in working hours, then all responsibility in this case lays down on the employer. He will refund all expenses connected with treatment and restoration of working ability of the worker. And here if it is traumatized at execution by the worker of labor functions, but in a time off, then these financial expenses are shifted already to the state social funds. Here checking - inspectors also guard the native budget. From which, by the way, and their activity is financed.

Therefore if who suddenly will get where out of limits our immense (and it is not obligatory to Finland!), before in a labor rush to pull up trees and to turn the rivers back, it would be advisable to take an interest - and as about in their Charter it is stated. And that you never know … Will close as to my friend, the visa for many years only for what was meant well.