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The child burned, injured or drank medicine? “Ambulance“ for parents of

If the child was traumatized - we are often guilty, adults as we neglected elementary safety rules. Often mother, having cooked soup, leaves a pan on the edge of a plate, or the father “forgets“ hot coffee on a table. And it is interesting to kids that there such unusual was done by mother, and as if most to try that was drunk by the father.

the Result of these knowledge sometimes is sad - burns, poisonings, bruises. What to do if all this is it happened in your family?

The child hurt the head . It is necessary to put the child on a plain surface, on a sofa or in a bed. To put compresses with cold water on a bruise and at once to change them as soon as material of a compress heats up. If the kid has a vomiting and dizziness, to urgently call the ambulance.

It was scalded . To water the burned site with cold water - it will reduce pain. Bubbles from burns cannot be punctured at all. If a burn strong, call an ambulance. So far the help on the way, cover the damaged skin site with a sterile gauze. It is impossible to grease and powder with anything!

Inhaled a small subject . At first the child needs to allow to clear the throat. It is impossible to stop cough at all. Put the child to yourself on knees the head down and easily slap in a back. In such situation from airways the easiest to push out foreign objects. If nothing leaves - call an ambulance.

Drank vinegar or detergent . Before arrival of the ambulance you give to drink to the child water - either simple, or mineral - or the egg white divorced with water. Until child does not pull out.

Thrust something into an ear . It is impossible to try to get a subject from the child`s ear. It is so possible to injure an eardrum. Only the doctor has to make it. Urgently bring the child to hospital or call an ambulance.

Thrust a bead into a nose . Press a free nostril a kerchief - and let the child will blow the nose. If the subject nearby, then it leaves. If it did not turn out - call the doctor and you watch that the child breathed through the mouth. Inhaling through a nose, it can push a subject further away.

It was cut or scratched . Wash out the damaged place the cotton wool moistened with hydrogen peroxide. Grease edges of a wound with iodine or brilliant green, apply a bandage. If a wound deep, address the surgeon.

Swallowed medicine. needs to be caused very quickly in the child vomiting. For this purpose wind a finger with damp bandage and press on a language root. It is necessary to learn from the child whenever possible what for medicine he drank and in what quantity. Drowsiness, weakness or overexcitation - a symptom of poisoning. Urgently call an ambulance.

Swallowed a soft subject . If it is a round, gladenky subject - it will not damage to digestion and will leave in several hours with excrements. If a sharp object, it can injure a gullet, intestines or a stomach. If the child complains of belly-aches - call an ambulance. Do not give laxatives at all! You feed with baked apples, mashed potatoes, the razvarenny ground squashes.

Watch the child, be careful and healthy!