Rus Articles Journal

From the anonymous Byzantine reporter of

the Stench nowadays in church - as in a shed,
the Spiritual stench is a hundred times more terrible.
Everywhere false ideas -
But all live, and I live. I continue to fill with
of the Cell of the chronicle as
She is equal to embassy
In the future. I write again. I write
Again, again I breathe
the Spiritual stench, so happens. reflection I sin with
That helps few light

Twilight became life
of Basilevs and an environment,

which Rolled in lie,
In luxury, free laziness All decrees are that,
That - to execute them - madness.
What we have in the sum?
Something gloomy, alas

the Door of a bench grain - wide open,
the Door of church on a lock again.
Wanted to pray - gave miss,
Including - in church there is a love.
everyday interests
is lovelier to the Priest than Evangelical heights:
Are difficult they let for someone, the priest fattens
A as if a cat.
the Peppered world - is peppered sins.
our Byzantine world such is,
That life is carried out in a hole
of the Oblivion of all in general bases long ago.

It is displaced protopatrikiya - the thief,
A new - with new appetite.
Aims a sharp look
At the world where it will become well-known:
Having the power, it not to become
the Mistake would be. Plus - wealth.
In power to be, besides not to steal?
Here the main thing - not zaboyatsya. All see
. All know. So.
Light in souls, probably, ran low.

Air tears 5
of Basilevsu of glorifications, scraps flicker black.
of Basilevs is cruel, at times Appears as foolish
. Here to shout - a shame.
you Will shout - the copper bull expects,
B it will burn. Accept this award.
In vain went on the ascetic - the gray-haired old man -
the Purpose: that life became similar to a garden it is time for

to Declare long ago - a stomach
more important than soul, most important. Alchet`s
an abyss, is also beautiful and terrible.
Eternal celebrates a celebration.
Ickx`s Time - where is more black than oil. Potreblenye`s
- a true idol.
So we live as though there is no death.
Magnificent diversity sparkles the world. there is no
For works, for fidelity to duty
of the Payment - both the scientist, and the poet
Vegetate, declaring to light,
That it is more useless is arranged - light.
However to declare already to be afraid.
Money - blood of reality most.
Full the wealth,
the Majority looks at all having trampled on poverty.
So is impossible! Or only this way it is also possible?
of Thought - mice - small very.
Yes, a stomach became more important than a brain
I of soul. Also it is thought - for ages.

Alexander Baltin`s translation