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How to define the woman`s type? The American society made a mouse of

much in order that we forgot to love ourselves or lived in constant diets and trainings, feeling an inferiority complex. Instead of accepting itself such as is. Every day from magazines on us the flow of photos of models and celebrities on which armies of stylists, photographers and, at last, a photoshop worked pours. the men`s community offers

I to us:

- Correspond! Or you are the second grade.

And we, looking at glossy beauties, we raise to ourselves a level. All this drives us into a corner, and we feel deep despondency. Also we take it for granted. But! The Lord does not create things of the second grade. We are so beautiful in the variety.

And at each of my female types is both strong, and weaknesses, fine lines and features, outstanding, distinctive from others.

Type 10, Mouse (or Rat). Triangular small ostrenky ordinary-looking face. Small eyes unclear what color, a small mouth, legs it seems and tiny, but with some curvature. Greyish complexion. Handles too medium-sized, with thin fingers. And a face a little flattened as though the little mouse was slammed a door. Well, did not notice the kid!

A behavior basis - plainness, a nezamechennost. Here the nature both material regretted, and paints, and ingenuity, and energy. Well, absolutely kid unfortunate. And the destiny develops somehow absolutely kurguzo. Even not to describe plainly this triangular pointed face.

Well and with boys a usual problem. At such wide choice of brides the Little mouse always at the end. Grooms - usually it or the becoming an inveterate drunkard cook from eatery, or the driver from general store, or the loader from shop. And when her cohabitant begins to become an inveterate drunkard, the little mouse has neither forces, nor backbone to resist to the burst disaster.

But in the nature of the place and food is enough for all. And the little Mouse does not lag behind - always on a pro-stern. But of how many works it is worth it! Laboriously and patiently the Little mouse collects the property on remains. Hard he fights against life, all strive to kick Mysh and to drive back into a mink. It turns out what only the Little mouse type the unluckiest and helpless? It turns out what subspecies the Mouse - the most razneschastny on light?

No, rather early to cry over Myshatkami! Saw sometime in what hole the rat bastard can get through? In a crack no more than two centimeters wide. The rat so puts forward and transforms the jaw that becomes flat as a cardboard. And obstacles for it do not exist. Will creep everywhere. And how rats get sausage? Even if you will suspend it on a chandelier. It is useless, forget about sausage - you do not have it any more. The rat bastard already called companions from the cellar. Rats get up at each other and small sharp teeth gnaw through a string with sausage. Collective work. Same, as at primacies. That, the chtena in power to other animal species, the rat bastard will master easily.

And so and maiden subspecies the Rat bastard - the Mouse not always the unluckiest. The wife of one of shareholders of notorious JSC Zolotye Rossypi Vselennoy - a little provincial rat bastard Inna. Once ran away from the husband - the blockhead from native Dyatkovo. Removed a room with a dochechka and got a job the secretary in commercial structure. Nobody turned attention from lady`s men - deputy directors on ordinary-looking greyish office mouse, and it is good. Inna had other purposes. The good food supply for the daughter was necessary. That is husband.

Having analysed the list a top - managers, Innusik found the candidate. Botanist Ippolit, 37 years. He is not married and never was. Mother`s darling. Lived with the mammy in the old antiquarian apartment on Staronevsky. The father, professor - the nuclear physicist, sank into oblivion long ago. The sonny inherited also tendency to the exact sciences, and a nature dikovatost. It is clever, unsociable and boring. It is not noticed in communications with women. Nepodstupny copy.

Girls decent were also shocked Ippolitova by the old worn-out sandals through which black socks stuck out. Ippolit was avaricious to impropriety. Wrapped books in the newspaper that the gold stamping on covers was not erased. Girls receded, even without coming nearer. So Ippolit with the mammy till an old age also lived if the Little mouse did not occur in the path.

Innochka at work analyzed candidates for grooms not one. The Director at whom she sat the secretary got to analyzers imperceptibly for himself. Bringing it morning “kofiya“, Innochka of one behind another praised highly his deputies, extolling their small achievements. And attentively listened that will tell business - the uncle.

About one will tell - yes it is its work. About another - the freeloader. And here about Ippolit - the crank large-headed, will far go. Posproshala at colleagues - envious persons. Spitefully hissed about sandals, the darned shirts and the crumpled jacket. Precisely, solved Innusya. Will go far.

Sent the baby to the grandma to Dyatkovo. The botany nothing to frighten ahead of time. Eavesdropped on telephone conversation of Ippolit with the mammy on departure for giving to Komarovo. As the gray fellow, crept to him to the apartment practically in a two-centimetric crack. In the afternoon still pulled down its old daily log from a table and hid till a time. Ippolit looked for - looked for till the evening, well not to spend the night at work! Complained of Innochke`s loss - here the clear head, sits and works late hours! - also went home to rest. Only warmed houses mother`s cutlets - a call! Innochka - the clear head found the daily log and brought - was not too lazy! Did not want to let - it is lazy, but the person tried - carried!

And so Innochka also remained to spend the night under a pretext - to go far and it is terrible. Somehow imperceptibly Innochka settled in the antiquarian apartment. Got acquainted with the mammy. Except the words “I love-I love your son“, Innusya of nothing to mother peeped the first year. It was necessary to fix positions. In general spoke a little. Stuck pads and teeth for short to Ippolitova trousers. On - silent became pregnant, a month before childbirth divorced the propoyny hysteric, drove in Dyatkovo. And one week prior to childbirth married Ippolit. Quietly and imperceptibly. Nobody understood anything. Slowly brought the ostronosenky daughter to an old St. Petersburg mink, arranged in prestigious school. Our Rat bastard did not lose!

In a year took away large-headed Ippolit to Moscow. Yes in diamond embankments. Are necessary to big business large-headed, there in Moscow mold not pots. Large-headed Ippolit beat out to himself an aktsionerstvo and left our modest skies in the sparkling paradise horizons. And Innochk`s Rat bastard as its animal prototype the rat, seized teeth Ippolitov the gold ship, and any force from Ippolitov`s hold will not pull out it any more. Grasp at rats, as at a bull terrier. It is possible to pull out it only with a piece of a covering of the ship. Children in England, Ippolit, on a botanizm congenital, does not remember which his cub who not it, distinctions does not do provides education.

The mother and remained in the antiquarian apartment. Innochka to Ippolit quietly gnawed through an umbilical cord small teeth:

- The mummy old and in marasmus and is easier than one for her. Yes so loves St. Petersburg and the Hermitage - every day goes, well where to it to Moscow?

And that did not grieve for cutlets - wrote out own mummy home. So to speak, in support of the, rat camp. Also there lives Innusya in the small Fairy tale of Charles Perrault “Shchelkunchik and the Mouse king“. Only now in this fairy tale the end will be another. Mysha Shchelkunchik Hippolyte will not win. I do not doubt it.

Sometimes from skies Innochk`s Rat bastard goes down to us, pulls also it on a native garbage can boast before friends and cracklings to gnaw. All in silvery skins, unlike already on simple rat bastards, gray girlfriends, and it is direct shines light Favorskii, as if speaking to us:

- Do not cry, friends - rats! Not the century to sit to you on this garbage can. Look at me - paradise is! Brought you a message strange. And you will get there! Only hope! Perhaps of course, not in this, but in the following life!

She shouts to us already from heaven, soaring back in the fantastic life.

The consolation is brought to us it by Innochka, and long - we long remember its brilliant, in a frame of wings behind the back. Ah, an angel - Myshechka, arrive to us more often!

- And gifts carry! - fat Verka - my girlfriend hisses behind the back. Here it is eternal it, mercantile, everything will spoil!

You will not kill our infant rats from once. It is possible to use, but as a result they will come out little gray winners. I trust in it. Just as in the fact that rats will survive in nuclear accident and, most likely, will inherit the earth. When the mankind on some next nonsense comes to naught - there will be Little mice.

By the way, an example of luck in these subspecies - Irina Bezrukova. So not everything is so bad. It is not that type of the woman over which it is necessary to sob.