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How to define the woman`s type? The monkey of

Since ancient times of people learned to read on faces of other people to survive. As a result of evolution all of us are born physiognomists. Psychologists counted: to render a verdict about the person, 30 seconds are required. Everyone intuitively defines at once for itself(himself) - the person is bad or is good. Happens so what you do not trust the person subconsciously though he still brought nothing you? It in you is told by the physiognomist. the woman`s Type sometimes can be determined by

not only by features, but also by how she in life calls the man.

Familiar Bebeton called the husband - Murzik. And the acquaintance Obezyanka - Martyshonok. It is a sign. Intuitively the subspecies define the loveliest to heart of an animal and so call the partner...

Type 9, Monkey: Zhanna Friske, Yana Rudkovskaya, Ksenia Sobchak. Beautiful Obezyanka - Angelina Jolie, Madonna. An image - a perpetuum mobile.

Appearance at them, of course, not such advantageous, as at Bebeton and Bellucci. Too aggressive lower part of the person. That is jaw. It is that line which defines type. Not lips, as at Beluchchey, namely a strong-willed and mobile jaw. As though she wants to eat you. And together with you and everything that will come to hand, that is to a jaw. So to speak - zazhut.

The jaw can not be given forward, but you intuitively feel that you are near a shark. The spinal cord signals you: do not turn a back - you will be gobbled up now.

Who always in the center of events, in the center of a party, the latest news and events? Who rules cheerful and dashing the twirled world of show - business and a glamour? Who frequenter of all presentations, “opening of a season“, as well as “closings“?

It they - the main concourse of energy, so to speak, its concentrate - Monkeys. They create public opinion. They are enough for everything - to work late hours, to hang out at night, to break and pass 300 versts driving. To embrace immensity, to study in two places - and all this is cheerful, with a spark! Surrounding it seems to all that ooochen abrupt and they have them the most remarkable life.

Always hyper mobile, chernyavenky, usually thin of - for the raised power exchange and speed of movement on life. The person is active, live, the rich mimicry, even somewhere looks like monkey grimacing. Likes to squeeze lips, stretching them, and then to smack the lips as though pounds lipstick. All as on hinges, often sits, having drawn in under herself a leg. Actively gesticulates. Waves hands.

Test: if there is a wish to put ears to the girl as at the Cheburashka, and it to her goes - it is subspecies the Monkey.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of time for studying of the fashion magazine - bring the girlfriend Obezyanka and always you will be in the center of events. Only do not go too far, you can not have enough forces to follow it everywhere. After 2 hours of communication can seize you kondrat, and it will become boring for it. Therefore they also have no real girlfriend with whom it is possible to stay and smoke all night long in kitchen. Obezyana will become overwrought on one place:

- What kitchen if around there are so much events, and you as the loser, you sit here and discuss “the boy - a goat“!

You still will be in tears and snivels for the fifth time to describe it a scene as you found Petka at an entrance with another, but to already empty chair. The girlfriend Obezyana already phoned to more cheerful object and was carried away at night.

Its installation - “I the most stylish and fashionable“. There is a lot of monkeys in journalism, on television, in culture. Most often study as PR, on any there public relations. Can be a lawyer. Like to manage hairdressing salons and restaurants. Obezyana where people and she always are in the public eye. She will quietly not blow on one place, and will try, jumping from a branch on a branch, to break fat banana.

You will not see it and in accounts department, will just break off it from a lack of communication and a surplus of energy. Obezyana do not suffer about themselves nice girlfriends as usually not really beauties. But to lose fights for the man they do not agree. The center of society are they...

As though it has in a bottom a battery. The monkey knows all useful people by name - to a middle name, and also their children, doggies and hamsters. Infallible memory. Million acquaintances. Are able to smile a charming wide smile of the friend, are witty and sociable, with them it is cool. But in the girlfriend choose ordinary-looking silent a telok. Precisely as monkeys who drag for themselves a soft toy fray it, beat about all corners.

If you such infantile that you are able not to pay attention to a remark: “It is my friend Dasha. It is such thick because guzzles much. And guzzles much because it was thrown by the boyfriend. And he threw it because of the fact that at it legs stink“, and after that you can cheerfully hang out with it in this most fashionable company of the most fashionable party of a century - that is your girlfriend. Here who it is cheerful and with a yumorok will cross out to you both image, and career is Obezyana. All are afraid of it as herald of a secular voice.

Obezyanka can and drink much by youth and walk, try much drugs, but will never become the alcoholic or the addict - it is destiny weak.

In what a problem? That long - long she cannot marry. Men can live with it, but is short. It will not allow it to lie long on a sofa, and to hang out long to the man not interesting. The man is frightened by too aggressive power of Obezyana. Something is necessary to the man quieter. Obezyana is fireworks. More often - evil fireworks. They are too active, too dominate, too sharp. In total with quirks and with jumps. Both in life, and in sex. They begin to be afraid of it after that to sex... It is even not sex - it is explosion at macaroni factory. With jumps and pripryzhka. It even in a bad nightmare could not dream the boy. Well, at first, of course, takes as a roller coaster, but then … There is too much “it“. And after the short romantic period the muzhchinka usually hides and runs from it. Uncles are tired and are frightened. Well not to pull such aunt long. Better would make business - and on a flank.

Well it is not glued at Monkeys with family life. The man directly from a wedding will run away, will die at the wrong time. Not the fan - Shui, in a word. Therefore hope for men at them almost any. It is necessary to stoop all life. To invent combinations and problems on a dostavaniye of bank notes in which they are Kyo`s conjurers. Sloggers and dreamers. A holiday which is always with you. Live New Year`s salute.

Only it is necessary to treat it with care. To read the instruction before the use. It is EXPLOSIVE!!! But it is cheerful also with a spark.

Contrast to Obezyana - the Mouse.