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How to define the woman`s type? The witch doctor, or the Witch of

This type of the woman is as if above all types and the Witch doctor, or just the Witch is called. Only do not confuse to the Baba-yaga - there is nothing primitive. It is not Yaga with a St. John`s Wort bunch in a hand. These are Beethoven`s symphonies, at least. Or is closer - Wagner`s operas.

is a top of my pyramid. These are the women making history. Anna Boleyn, Gala Dali, Katalin Lyubimova, Diana von Furstenberg, Vivienne Westwood, Coco Chanel, Wallis Simpson, Elena Ceausescu, Elena Roerich, Dalida, Yoko Ono, Sheikh Mose. Any “the simple and ordinary dear aunt“, all of them - explosion, the phenomenon. As though above them there is a huge light pillar piercing Space.

Women of any subspecies are born witch doctors, but their largest number gives type black to Lys.

Usually dark-haired, with a hooked, outstanding nose and shrill eyes. Feature of type - a look , two eyes piercing you. The look of the Witch doctor has almost physical force. About it as though you stumble.

Witch doctors should be born. Strength to them is given by the Universe, space. And it, probably, from a combination of stars in the birth. Witch doctors gain strength by 40 years when there is a strange division in women. All predispositions which were created at you for life find double force, are fixed. Kind become kinder, angry is even angrier. Paid attention that old women - on kind and angry very accurately share? Also it is visible what moral contents at the person. Life erases youthful uncertainty - and the true soul acts.

We, girls, differ from boys in the fact that we can create new substances. That is, to bring into world new matter - new people. Not any being or creation on the earth is capable of it. But on it our abilities are not limited. Not only we can create matter, but also images, and power forces. Therefore - sorcerers it is much more women, than sorcerers - men.

The sorcerer - the grandfather - an unusual occurrence, almost fantastic, and women - sorcerers - a dime a dozen. Inquisition somewhere was right in the claims to aunts. Any aunt embittered over the years under certain circumstances can become a witch.

There are Witches and Tatar boys, and Sweethearts. Even the Guide Glen Klouz over the years regenerated in the Witch.

When from you children and dogs jump aside on the street is a sure sign of the fact that you are a Witch doctor. These power little poor fellows feel the coming funnel and, even without managing to consider in it the aunty, already begin to run somewhere.

Witch doctors very powerful power generators. They manage to rotate power whirlwinds better, than to other subspecies. It does not mean that they are angrily in pure form. Angry or kind there will be a Witch doctor - depends from moral making persons.

Witch doctors can not know about the abilities even... But many guess also aspire to all esoteric knowledge, yogas, practicians, coaching etc. Nobody warns them that it will be necessary to pay for all this then. To you or your descendants. In girls do not think of it yet, painfully we like game in own omnipotence.

Her power engineering specialist it is visible in a look, in eyes. So, probably, eagles from the tops look. The witch doctor can be distinguished even in the childhood: it is distinguished from a flock of girlfriends with the fiery, bright, burning look. And in a maturity of her eye are similar to two nailing. They as though pierce you and see through. The magic of these women is not spoiled even by their hooked nose. On the Chinese physiognomics - such nose promotes glory and wealth. Such hooked noses can be seen at the rich and noblemen of the Middle Ages. For example, at Medici`s dynasty.

Here, for example, activity of the Witch doctor Wallis Simpson - wives of prince William VIII. Its activity would lead to turn of history in World War II. If not Churchill. Or providence. Or destiny.

Well educated girl from America, a decent origin, but poor, Wallis from the very beginning strove for popularity and the high society. Was not to occupy vanities by her. Married the pilot, but he was the drunkard and the brawler. Nevertheless, lived in poverty with it the whole 11 years. Divorced, at last, and found to itself in Shanghai where the destiny abandoned her, the man is richer and quieter. Parted it with the wife and appropriated.

Now it had an opportunity to smartly put on and hold a reception in a mansion in London where they with the husband - the businessman got over.

Appetites grew. Wallis matured, so, gained strength. She met the prince in 38 years - almost maiden old age. But for Witches it is only a beginning time. What struck the prince - it is her eyes. Predatory sharp fascinating look. A sign by which the Witch is determined.

It is heavy to look them in the face. Dangerously. Eyes is their weapon of defeat. Black holes, but not eyes. To us, aunts, it is better not to look in the Vedmachesky face at all. It is better to look in a corner or to refer to slight squint and night blindness and to look away. Or urgently to tie laces. And boys let look. It is also intended for them.

Witches on the two eyes as on a whaling hook, to death catch a male and conduct it by the sea - the ocean on whaling finishing. The boy, while floats on these hooks on life waves to the destination, calls this swimming love. Well so it is also necessary to them - let themselves float! But it is better for us to steer clear of them.

Here and the black Fox with a predatory pointed nose Wallis Simpson so unclear than charmed the prince - the king that he refused a crown of Great Britain.

Sentimentally? Well, if to look superficially. But clever Churchill saw background of this romanticism, thank God. When Simpson in Nice recognized by phone that William refused a crown - hung up from disappointment and said: “There is a fool!“ Wallis, by hearsay, was Schellenberg`s mistress and, respectively, the agent of fascist Germany. And inspired in the weak-willed red prince love to nazi ideas. Its influence on William was boundless.

If this “the nymph of love“ reached the British throne, I think, the result of World War II would be another. And Europe would be another. Well and we as Slavs, absolutely, probably, would not exist.

-! What!? What else Bebeton is capable of it? Only Witch doctors!

And all - that with what began?! At poor young Wallis in the childhood hung on a wall prince William`s portrait. And the little girl - little Vedmushek - thought so-so modestly “to marry the prince“ … Here I though wall-paper with the image Gabsburgov and Styuartov will stick with

to myself the apartment! The result will be sad. The husband my Vasya can hand over me in psychiatric clinic to receive medical treatment. And little Vedmushok hung up the picture, thought and quietly to himself began to live further. And there somewhere, in unknown distances, on unknown paths forces joined, power gnomes ran and - here you are - receive - undersign! Prynts, as ordered!

To us, simple Vasilisam, it is necessary to hang up portraits Simpson in a toilet. For the indicator to: if you see such aunt on the street - come over to other side in order to avoid excesses.

The man, when comes into the view of the Witch doctor, loses will and ability to resistance. It was gone. Now She will direct his will. As in due time Katalin Lyubimova began to direct Theatre and put an end to such phenomenon as Lyubimov. As Elena Roerich became the directing force for not laughing Guru. As Gala Dali made the great Maestro of the promising young artist.

Witch doctors - rare, piece goods. If you doubt subspecies, looking at the Witch doctor, try to put mentally near her a horse. If you see the surprising accord of these beings, then it - precisely Vedmushka. Impetuous wild energy and medieval magical magnificence. This is its animal. This is the horsewoman - the soldier, it is impossible to bridle her.

In general nobody is necessary to these women, they are independently existing systems. The black holes absorbing the Universe. It is unknown why and for what or for whom they exist. But sense of their existence definitely not in creation of the warm family center and not in worship of man`s beings. Even I do not want to think for what they are thought up and in what their purpose. To us something is simpler. More quietly. But nevertheless for safety it is better to steer clear of them and to observe only from far away...

You probably will think: “Here and to us so!“ You do not get excited, at you it will not turn out. And it is good. Let`s not forget that we in a big supermarket, and it will be necessary to pay for everything. And so, at Witches the cash desk of payment is a little far away of ours. Also it is unknown still how many they will pay for all the to miraculousness. Something prompts to me that there is a lot of. There, in the top spheres, all payments happen on - large.

And in general, it is not necessary to try to be on someone similar. As we are girls - are beautiful in the variety! Tatarchenok is beautiful in the force, the Guide in kindness and mercy. The sweetheart is lovely and cozy, the Fox is mysterious and mysterious. And with the Monkey in general you ukhokhochtsya.

How many us, magnificent!