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How accept beginners? In the furniture company...

A in an end face if? Shkapyara, as - only seemed to us, or someone here indeed prosepelyavit something? What - that?. I do not hear! Means, it seemed?

And so, young … Tell thank you that we with Shkapyara in general on life children kind and the Owner still did not leave the house. To anything to us noise superfluous or fuss there what, regulations of a meeting of our cell not provided. Therefore, about uncles who have to forgive the asshole we heard … Is not present

, I do not hear something … Is louder! What do you mumble to yourself under a nose there? Not to chew rice pie in any way? So we now... Let`s help. Moment. At us here, you understand, mutual assistance. Including with pies. “Ate itself, help the companion“. Iron rule. I do not recommend to break. Dangerously happens. Especially for health.

Give, bratet, leave these habits individualistic. In - about - it, over there. Behind a threshold. And here, at us with Shkapyara, chew quickly, swallow without chewing, and speak loudly, distinctly and one … You understood? Once!

So … Attempt to a namba that. Loudly and distinctly. Well, here … Another matter! Well done! Take one more pie from the shelf.

How, Shkapyara, at you is there what on the shelf? Well, here, except books - even what crumbs zavalyashcheysya … All right. Pie is cancelled so far. Especially, you what, its one, in a lead over collective of a cell, began to hrumkat? And conscience furniture would be enough for it? Well, here, as soon as … Is not present

, not vindictive we. Simply - angry, and memory at us - good. Of course, who old will remember - to that an eye down with. But! Who will forget - to volume both. So we did not forget … Did not forget, Shkapyara?

You see, did not forget how you here something about “old regime“ puffed. When together with loaders to us became hollow. And so, so far not dear … And for what you? Correctly, to respect - there is nothing. So far - not - for - that. Zero you so far without stick. Understood? Well, and it is good. Remarkably simply.

And so, loaders come and leave, and we with Shkapyara - remain. You in the forest project what were not even … Also could not be, a muzzle your plastic with an upholstery synthetic. Also designers did not begin to think of you when I here, in the top box of this, the left curbstone, from - under “Malboro“ from parents hid “Gold Java“ of the owner in a collection pack. Yes - and - and … There were times.

Et now the Owner of “Malboro“ every day as changes gloves. Today one pack. Tomorrow, you look, already - another. And then … At some kenned exchanged an empty pack for two full, unopened “Java“. For a collection allegedly. Well, such version for parents was. And actually, “Gold Java“ there, in allegedly empty collection pack from - under “Malboro“. And before school a cigarette - another - in a portfolio.

Yes you still try, get “Java“ in those days. It, as that island, in a boundless inaccessibility. At the station if only, in a dining-car.

Here, since that time at me in the left curbstone the top box - hardly. Only to the Owner - without what scratch. And that will be seen by whom that in a pack of that … It already then … As came from army, began to smoke without being thawed. And as! Already big. Adult. Adult … As! As a bungler was … Here, you see? On the right. On a table-top. We with the Owner in the sixth class a contour map on Ancient history painted it. Sumer kingdom. As now I remember …

Ya - that is normally. And it … Well, here such to on an us. Bungler. Raising - an aapushka … Took and the vial of ink overturned. Weigh. To the last droplet. Both soap then, and laundry detergent … Oh, also flew to it!

And what I could? There would be a laminate dark - another matter … And on my light skin you see as? Years already how many passed, and all the same - it is visible.

Circles from a glass with hot tea - quite another matter. So, only if to look narrowly. Here. Here … I … Here still … In total on the right. Over the second curbstone.

And you what, a tikhushnik intelligent, you keep mum? Do not watch that it all such of, with the points - fragments of glass movable. Still that tearaway! Pootorvistya me will be.

And, Shkapyara? Did not forget still how behind Korolenko`s five-volume edition the magazine with naked aunties hid?. And I did not forget … Precisely. With us - you will not miss! And you what, thought, time old, and pepper at once? We with Shkapyara - oho - go still! What modern we are not going to release a glade. And the Owner us it seems does not write off. And what us to write off? We - his life. And it - gathers for a long time.

At me, you know … Both in right, and in the left curbstone of draft copies … Full - it is full. And everything is added and added. Sometimes also you do not know, as well as it is more convenient to stuff them on all six boxes …

Here and you. Got to us - think. You will become continuation of life of the Owner … Then you are the company standing. And to us - for a long time.

And is not present …, as the fact that to you was here. Was proud of the Italian relatives … Dokichilsya … Now, probably, already on a visit at the aunt Pomoyka.

All right, not dreyf! We do not give the. And you … Like anything. The boy is real. So … - already you know Shkapyara. Well, and I, hope, see the eyes - the Table. Dvukhtumbovich …

U most - that pogonyalovo what? How?. What means - no?. No - so will be! Then. Then... You will be... About! One-legged. No. Silver! It too... On one leg was.

How, Shkapyara? It is good?. We admit Silver to the company?!