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Child`s Epiphany. How to be prepared for this event?

After the child`s birth many parents think of a baptism of the kid. But what for this purpose it is necessary to know what to begin with and that for this purpose it is necessary? I want to offer you the instruction devoted to this event.

1. Age of the child. is present

of No strict requirements: you christen the child when you consider it necessary. However, considering spiritual importance of this sacrament, especially it is not necessary to pull too - usually children are christened in the first year of life as the kid is able to transfer a ceremony without whims. When the child already begins to distinguish ““ and “others“ - can be frightened of an unfamiliar situation and begin to cry that will complicate process of a baptism and to him, both parents, and the priest.

2. We choose the place of a baptism.

Of course, the child it is better to christen in church. Choose any what will be pleasant to you. Usually parents choose an Orthodox church, proceeding from own preferences. The Epiphany can be made practically in any day after a morning prayer without making an appointment. Christen both in a post, and on holidays. Of course, it is better to communicate to the father in advance to discuss some questions.

3. Godparents.

God parents. You have to choose not just loved one, but the person who will be ready to care for the child, will become his spiritual mentor.

At the choice of Godfathers it is necessary to pay attention to some moments:

Godfathers have to be baptized in Orthodoxy.

It is desirable that Godfathers there were two - the man (15 years are more senior) and the woman (13 years are more senior).

Godfathers should not be married among themselves or be going to get married.

the Pregnant woman can become the godmother, but as it should hold the girl generally on hands, your darling needs to calculate the forces.

the Godmother.

4. We choose a spiritual name to the child.

the Choice of a name for the child is very important and crucial decision of parents. Of course, you can choose a name to a baptism. It is possible to choose a name on the Eastern Orthodox liturgical calendar (according to names of Saints which appear in a calendar for date of birth of your child). But often it happens so that names of Saints not really correspond to the present, then you will choose a name which is pleasant to you.

5. Necessary things for a ceremony:

the Cross worn on the neck (on a ribbon) which is usually bought by the Godfather. It will be practical if the cross is small with roundish edges that the child was not wounded. It is not obligatory at all that the cross was from precious metal, on a baptism, as a rule, buy an ordinary metal cross.

the Icon of the orthodox Saint whose name will be received by the kid. Candles.

the Baptismal shirt which is usually bought by the godmother. She reminds a nightgown with the embroidered cross on a back. Actually, it is not obligatory attribute of a baptism, but it gives to the made event additional refinement and corresponds to a traditional church esthetics.

the Pure towel or a diaper to wipe the child after a font (this subject does not need to be consecrated).

Certificate on a baptism. It is necessary to track that it was correctly filled, full names kreshchayemy and God, date of commission of a baptism, a name and a surname of the priest, the name of the temple, the instruction on the heavenly patron and the name day are correctly put.

6. As there passes the ceremony. to Fathers with mothers, and also the Godfather the order of carrying out an office of Baptism is better to foreknow

. It occurs approximately so.

Parents with the kid, Godfathers and guests drive up to church a little in advance not to keep waiting for the priest. The certificate on a baptism is filled in, the ceremony is paid, and also the icon is got (it is possible to buy it in advance). After the sign by the beginning is given, godfathers bring the child in the temple (the girl the godfather, and the boy - the godmother holds). At the same time the kid has to be without clothes, but will turn in a white diaper.

The first religious rite is the assignment of a hand of the priest on the kid symbolizing protection which is rendered by the Lord to the baby.

At administering the Sacrament godparents with the baby on hands and with candles become at a font. They loudly read “Creed“, renounce a devil and promise to carry out God`s precepts. Then the priest consecrates water, takes the kid from Godfathers and immerses him in a font three times.

Together with a baptism the sacrament of an anointing is made. To the christened baby the priest pomazyvat crosswisely holy oil a forehead, eyes, ears, a mouth, nostrils, a breast, hands and legs. Further the kid is given on hands to the godfather of the same floor which has to wipe the baby and put on it a cross and the baptismal shirt prepared in advance. The white clothes which are put on baptized mean the clarification received by him through sacred sacrament from sins.

The priest crosswisely cuts volosik of the kid that symbolizes itself Bogu`s humility and at the same time marks that small sacrifice which christened makes to the Lord in gratitude for the beginning of new, spiritual life.

After a baptism and an anointing of the baby enclose three times around a font. It means that the new member of Church forever united to it.

And, at last, if the boy was christened, the father brings him in an altar if the girl - helps it to be put to an icon of the Mother of God. Churching symbolizes itself dedication of the baby Bogu on an antiquated image.

Perhaps, the office of Baptism will take 30 minutes till 2 o`clock.

7. Celebration of christening.

After christening a family and invited go to the house where there lives the child to note christening by a traditional plentiful feast. Except other dainties, serve to guests hot drink and a special festive entertainment. Usually it is the sweet pie decorated with initials of the child and date of christening.

In conclusion there is a wish to add that the child`s baptism - one of the most important sacraments of Orthodoxy. The baptism is a ceremony with a huge force.