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Proteins. Where live what eat and than are useful?

… Nearly an every morning in small park near school at me “appointment“ to a squirrel. I stand near a tree, I admire its long fluffy tail. The little squirrel cunning looks at me from above, litters a peel and publishes the “chik - Chick - Chick“ (very probably on bird`s chirping).

So we communicate minutes two, then we disperse on the affairs - we with a dog continue walk, the squirrel jumps on other tree and moves off in searches of the new cone.

That which lives near us - most likely is called Caucasian (or Persian) the squirrel, in any case, very much is similar to her. The Caucasian squirrel - the close relative of a red squirrel, they seem at first sight identical, but at Caucasian there are no brushes on ears, a paunch not white, but brown, and she a little more small, than her “ordinary“ relative.

Squirrels always lived only in the wood, but also with pleasure get over in big parks where the fir, a larch, a fir-tree, a pine grow. This small animal practically eats any vegetable food. First of all the squirrel loved nutlets of any kinds - a cedar (at us does not grow, the truth), pine and fir cones go on “hurrah“ too, little squirrels will never refuse chestnuts and acorns. When there are berries, with pleasure they are eaten, eat mushrooms.

It is considered that these animals only “vegetarians“, but I saw how the squirrel kept in teeth and ate … a small frog! Acquaintances said that they watched hunting of a squirrel a lizard, and this hunting came to an end for a lizard sadly: the squirrel seized her and dragged off on a tree. All the matter is that the early spring period is very heavy for a squirrel in respect of a pro-forage. Already it is not enough any nutlets and sunflower seeds which are a basis of their diet, trees without kidneys so it is necessary to break “post“ and unwillingly, but to eat “ferial“ food. Except small animals like lizards and frogs, squirrels eat at strong hunger of bugs, larvae, attempt upon bird`s layings on trees.

There live little squirrels in couples or one by one, they unite together, only if they divorced much, for example, in park where they practically have no enemies. And in the nature of enemies at a squirrel there is a lot of … In the woods as hunters, the most terrible enemies of a squirrel - a marten and caress speak. On the open district they should be afraid constantly of an owl, a hawk and a falcon (by the way, the falcon at us periodically appears, but did not reach a squirrel yet).

From - for such the number of persons interested to profit a little squirrel, survival at this look catastrophically low, unusual fertility rescues - baby squirrels appear at all species of squirrels twice in a year, in the southern areas happens, as three times, and for time can be born to ten cubs.

Houses often try to tame and hold protein. On the one hand, it is not so bad - the bondage prolongs life to a squirrel, in house conditions she can live ten years and more, in the nature a four-year-old squirrel already the old man … The problem in another, it is actual even not for a squirrel, and for its owner. It is possible to tell that them even two, and the first problem - the animal unusually mobile, often gets away and it is almost impossible to catch it then. Therefore those who contain houses to protein have to hold windows closed if let out a small animal from a cage. The second - squirrels in the nature have many dangerous diseases, one of the most widespread - a tulyaremiya. They practically at all have worms and ticks. Therefore if someone caught a little squirrel and decided to hold her houses, has to show at once her to the veterinarian and treat.

Than the squirrel is useful? Yes fans of wildlife and opponents of natural bellows will forgive me, but these small animals are very popular on catching around the world from - for beautiful and a warm skin. Catching of squirrels, even very active, does not influence their number - as it was already told, proteins are unusually prolific. The only thing that affects the number of squirrels - deforestation, but squirrels get over in parks, and for example, at us in Georgia they can be met even in vineyards and gardens.

Little squirrels have one line which is very useful to wildlife - their constant aspiration to make stocks. Squirrels hide and dig in for the winter seeds and nutlets, and then … forget where they hid it! Not all of course, they find part and eat. But what they forgot where was dug, then sprouts.

Little squirrels ridiculous and amusing, they will never live in ecologically unsuccessful area. Therefore when I go for a walk in the morning and I see “girlfriend“ having a tail, I increase mood - in my city everything well!