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What it is necessary to know about roleplayers and role-playing games?

Most of people - people as people. They go to work, to shop, sit in the evenings at the TV. Do important issues. Are engaged in business. Some even have any hobbies. Some travel. But to be a roleplayer or the representative of “an okolorolevy party“ - all this is something special. And both in positive, and in negative sense.

What is role-playing games and as everything began

the Majority of tsivil (that is those who never played games, was never engaged in it, a was not sign with one roleplayer, was not interested in it and knows nothing about it) at the word “role-playing games“ vulgarly giggle - it seems to them that it is about some sexual games.

Actually everything far more global and is more critical.

Everything began, probably, with Tolkien (poor professor turns over from all this in the grave now). The people wishing to play elves, hobbits, orks appeared, edayn, etc. People took tents, backpacks, sleeping bags and skins, filled backpacks, besides food and important things in any campaign, elfin dresses, wooden swords, chain armors and an other hogwash. Also went to the wood.

So-called “masters“ and the “igrotekh“ helping them will organize all this. These are, one may say, scriptwriters and directors. Though, unlike the amateur dramatized statement or cinema, the role-playing game has no accurate plot. Nobody learns any roles. All improvise.

Everything that you need to know on game, you foreknow. Who your character? Let`s say 18 - summer Eurydice, Markus`s sister and Joe`s wife. Will show you who plays your brother Joe here, and who your husband Markus. Just manage to remember people close to your character, and it is the best of all to communicate to them before game. To achieve good team-work. And it is possible to play anything - it is possible in about what agreed with the master, and it is possible to think up something special. Perhaps, you have a gloomy secret, bastard or you poisoned the first husband? Perhaps you have a secret lover or you secretly prepare for the king revenge for the father?

Now play not only according to Tolkien. Play any works of a fantasy, science fiction and even historical reality. Play Joan of Arc, play antiquity, play mythology and folklore, play Alexander of Macedon, play gods, knights, Indians, shamans, cowboys... Yes, what only do not play!

Games are divided into “polyraces“ (polygon games), “pavilyonka“ (stage games) and “kabinetka“.

Most often play polyraces are departures in the wood (on “ground“) with tents. There, in the wood, by means of ropes, fabrics and drawings do scenery of the defined “locations “ - the cities, villages, temples, monasteries and everything that is necessary on game. Polyraces happen most often huge games, game on hundred people is considered small.

Pavilyonki are games indoors. The recreation facility, sanatorium or boarding house is rented, for example. Also appears that the unlimited place - the spaceship, a country house of Don of Rodrigo, a mental hospital of times of the Victorian England or that there it is necessary on game.

Kabinetki - too games of the closed type indoors, but on very small number of people - 15 as at most.

On each game (behind an exception a kabinetok though everyone happen) “game contributions“ in the amount of 500 to 1000 rubles are raised. Sometimes at the games there are “taverns“ where roleplayers are fed. But most often roleplayers carry with themselves food and feed themselves and each other.

After games all disperse on kompashka, get acquainted, share impressions of games, sometimes drink. The new acquaintances conducting if not to the romantic relations, then always - to new games are so started. Because new friends make then the games or go to other games and call you with themselves: “Go to play my son“, “And I just lack the sister“, etc.

Roleplayers in life

B usual, “civil“, it is difficult for life of the roleplayer to distinguish from other tsivil. But some characteristic features nevertheless are. It is unlikely here will come such to office in a jacket and trousers. And hardly he is a successful businessman. Most likely, it is the long-haired shaggy young man who goes to work and on the city in jeans full of holes and the old t-shirt which became permeated with the smell then, the wood and a fire.

Roleplayers are usually widely-read, intelligent and interesting in life, and are and are sports, especially those from them who is engaged in artistic fencing (and such much) and dances (historical, ancient, Latin American, Celtic). But in the majority the at all these pluses the typical roleplayer differs in the raised razdolbaistost. He is inclined suit a mess and chaos at home, is inclined to forget promises, to lose money and documents, to be late... I am silent about chaotic sexual communications, typical for role community (and sometimes even with the consent of the spouse or the spouse - such phenomenon I met only at roleplayers).

One more distinctive feature: most of roleplayers is called not by Vanya, Pasha, Nina and Masha. Their names are on nicknames - Redzhinald, Mel, Viviyen, Niels, Artar and Aarbella. That is for colleagues and parents they, of course, remain Masha, Pasha and so on. And for friends and for - Arabella and Redzhinald, in any way differently. It, by the way, is even pleasant to me. Very difficultly to keep five in the telephone book of phone - seven Ol. But it is convenient to hold Arabella, Melda, Christie, Kelly, Lanniel and other. And it is far better, than to call on surnames, as in “Jumble“: “Olya Skameykina, Olya Ivanova, Olya Petrova“.

Roleplayers are different. There are practicing Christians, and even Catholics who go to church etc. are more often. And there are allegedly Catholics. Which just want to be one belief with Tolkien, for example. There are roleplayers pagans - those who really worship some gods, and those who too only throw a show off.

There are roleplayers who were so got to like the fenteziyny and historical relations that seriously consider it necessary to pass the lady forward to offer her a hand when it gets out of a minibus, and even to duel for it if someone offended her. And there are roleplayers who see in the lady only a sobutylnitsa, the accomplice and the new candidate in the mistress.

And there are people who at all not roleplayers, and simply “an okolorolevy party“. Usually it is the admirers of a fantasy, tolkinist, re-enactors who are carried strongly away by mythology, keltiky dances, fencing or elves people who faced roleplayers are on friendly terms, communicate etc.