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Fire services. Rest only dreams them?

Paraphrasing V. Mayakovsky, it is possible to tell: “Our firefighters protect us“. However, as the national proverb speaks, “the thief leaves at least walls, and fire of nothing“. The fire is a most dangerous phenomenon. And with an ulterior motive in the list of a call of the emergency services fire protection is on the first place.

the Fire - the terrifying show. Fire not only served at all times people for the good, but also created the evil. In the ancient world the most considerable fire - in sacral sense - it is possible to call an arson the Fame-thirsty person Hrama of Artemis in the Hilt in 356 BC. As a result of a vain act (though it is not excluded that efesets was a pyromaniac) the word “fame-thirsty person“ became nominal.

Other fire, grandiose on scale, happened in the 64th year in Rome, it destroyed more than 70% of the city. This superfire is blamed of the governor Neron who specially burned the city.

The first special teams for suppression of the fires appeared in Ancient China in the 4th century BC. Before creation of professional fire services it was necessary to combat fire, as they say, the whole world. But all these vederno - scapular means did not bring notable results. Primitive means of fight against fiery elements could not prevent burning of the whole cities: Moscow (repeatedly), Berlin (1380), London (1666), New - York (1776), Chicago (1871), and how many burned down smaller cities, in general does not give in to any calculation.

To the Moscow tsars bothered to suffer fiery “outrage“, and on April 30, 1649 Alexey Mikhaylovich laid the foundation of the first professional fire service in Russia. The prince with very remarkable surname - Anastas Macedon became first “fireman“. As if with an ironic hint that only the “fiery“ commander can master big fires. Certainly, it was talked only of primitive methods of fire-fighting - if not to stop then to localize a fiery lawlessness. In the same decree of the tsar criminal liability for a deliberate arson was imposed. Such “fame-thirsty person“ was threatened by the death penalty through burning.

In many European countries too everywhere began to establish fire services. In Paris in 1900 there passed the first International congress of firemen. On April 30, 1999 in Russia the official holiday - Day of fire protection was established. In Soviet period this holiday since 1938 was celebrated on April 17. In the European countries Day of the fireman adjoins near Russian - on May 4. This day is celebrated as memory of the Christian martyr Saint Florean who in addition, is also a patron and firefighters.

Against revelry of the elements - earthquakes, eruptions of volcanoes, a tsunami, strong hurricanes - mankind still powerlessly. But here against fiery “serpent“ the set of a fire prevention is developed. According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, in most cases the person is guilty of emergence of the fires. Threw from the car a stub on a roadside - and massive wildfire breaks out, fell asleep with an outstanding cigarette in the apartment - and all entrance burned out. And firemen are forced to extinguish this human sloppiness (literally).

In the world annually there are more than 10 million fires in which more than 100 000 people die. In a fiery flame almost average city burns down. In Russia about 1000 fires are daily fixed. And this fiery “executioner“ is resisted by collective from 220 000 firemen, each of which risks every day the life. The famous Russian writer and the journalist V. Gilyarovsky in the book “Moscow and Muscovites“ so spoke of firemen: “Each firefighter - the hero, all life in the war, risks every minute the head“. In 1957 the medal “For Courage on the Fire“ which since 1994 began to be called “For rescue perishing“ was founded.

Hundreds of years exist fire services, fire-prevention methods are constantly improved, but it was not succeeded to invent “inoculation“ from all-devouring fire yet. And therefore people should hope for the help of valorous firefighters who are ready to come to the rescue in any second. Let`s thank firemen for their hard and dangerous work.

We congratulate Russian (and not only) congratulations! we Wish firemen that in a year there were as little as possible “fiery“ days!