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The stuffed pike: how it is possible not to love it?!

What, really - there is someone who does not love a pike?! Yes he just does not know how to cook it! Well, so this business reparable. In principle - anything difficult. The main thing that needs to be had … No, not a pike. That is by itself. And here the patience droplet - will not prevent.

it is necessary to tinker A little with this dish. Therefore every day hardly who will stuff that pike. So and the holiday - it also differs in that everyday life that infrequently looks on us on a visit. And here if you want to arrange to the family, friends or what just good acquaintances culinary fireworks, then I doubt that in fish kitchen it is possible to find a dish better than the stuffed pike.

Well, patience stocked up? Now it is possible also about a pike. Here the main thing - to find optimum balance between the price and quality. Between meanwhile that we will carry out in kitchen, bringing fish to an edible state, and that volume of flavoring feelings that as a result we want to receive. For anybody not a secret that the “zver“ in life is younger, the more tasty it on a table. And if the cook is aimed at that guests together with a dish swallowed also the fingers, then he takes veal, a young lamb or a dairy pig.

The same and on fish. The it is larger, the more rigid it meat. And with ware under what giant there can be problems. At the same time and to potter with a trifle - I pound any is not present. You soar, you cook it and as swallowed - and did not feel taste … Therefore for the stuffed pike the optimal variant checked by practice - a small fish on a kilogram two hundred - a kilogram seven hundred. You will not catch or will not find such, it is possible on kilogram or about that.

We clean a pike, we wash her with cold water, we delete gills and … There comes the most responsible moment. Removal of a skin. That “chulochka“ which we will stuff then.

Someone advises to do a cut around the pike head not up to the end. Like, it is necessary that on a back there was such crossing point leaving the head on “chulochka“. I with it do not bother and on - is working - country I cut off the head. It is so more convenient to skin a carcass. Nothing at hand dangles and disturbs. As the head was cut off, strong we hold with one hand a stone of a pike hrebtina, the second also strong we undertake a skin and we begin to pull carefully it to a tail, turning inside out. We do not hurry. Haste in this case is not necessary at all. We catch not fleas!

With uniform admissible effort we drag a skin from the cut-off head to a tail. As soon as we reach fins - care doubles. Special scissors or a sharp knife to which personally I give preference slowly we make an incision a fin between a skin (under it) that not to injure it, and fillet (above it). That is internal stones of a fin remain in meat, and we separate them already then, together with ridge, when cutting on fillet. And a fin and its top stones - here, together with a skin. One inseparable whole. Before a tail the last vertebra is cut off, and … chulochek it is ready. We turn out it as he “sat“ on the hostess and so far we put it aside. Forcemeat time came.

The main component - fish fillet which, accurately being active a knife, we separate from ridge. Yes, before undressing a pike, its, already golenky, we clean. Interiors in forcemeat are not necessary to us. As separated fillet from bones - we overwind it on the meat grinder.

Fresh, on age is not more senior yesterday`s, white long loaf is soaked in milk and mixed with forcemeat. On the volume of grain weight has to be approximately as much how many and fish. Instead of long loaf it is possible to use the processed cheese crushed on a large grater (“Friendship“, “Amber“, “City“ - to whom that is pleasant) or semolina with a small egg. Grain about three quarters of a two hundred-gram glass. I do not love either curd cake, or a semolina. I prefer the soaked long loaf. But - on taste and color … So if who has a desire to experiment and find the version of the recipe - here, please.

Well, and we go further. Once again we overwind the turned-out homogeneous mass of fish forcemeat and the long loaf soaked in milk on the meat grinder, having added to them couple of garlic gloves cleaned and the onion of the average size disorganized on several slices. We drive in couple of testicles. We salt. We add a black pepper that forcemeat was not such fresh. If someone to taste other options of spices and spices - can add also them. We knead everything properly and the turned-out weight we fill “÷óëî÷ĺę“. Its time came.

We fill accurately and not really densely. If it is dense, then when cooking the extended weight respectively can tear a skin. That it did not happen, not only we pay attention to stuffing density “chulochka“ - not to go too far as if, but also the tip of a knife (or a knitting spoke) in several places we pierce a skin.

Further, according to the theory, it is advisable to sew the head to “chulochka“, but … I do not do it. They say that Laziness - the mother forward me... Do not trust. Nonsense all this! Simply - I do not see sense. If not to bring liquid to rough boiling (and it is it is just not necessary to do at all), forcemeat and so will not fall out of a skin. A small egg - that for what with forcemeat was mixed? And then all the same on portion pieces to cut a pike. And then - what for? Why absolutely excessive technological operation?

We will better take what deep and spacious posudinka … Who what has. Saucepan, utyatnitsa, cauldron. We will lay on a bottom of a posudinka on couple rasplastovanny morkovin and poshinkovanny large ringlets of onions, circles of one small svekolka and...

All peel that remained with us after we cleaned the onions (three heads) used in this dish. The last - in order that the skin at that pike that on a table already ready dish will lay down, became golden. And to this vegetable variety - also a hrebtina that remained with us after we from it cut off fillet. The pike at us will pine - to cook not simply in water. And as if in fish broth which too the part of the relish will give to a ready dish.

On what at us appeared at the bottom of a posudinka we stack the skin filled by forcemeat and separately - the head. We pour in ware of cold water so that it only - only covered fish, and we include fire on a maximum. Water needs to be brought to boiling as soon as possible. And then, as soon as removed a skin, fire is diminished to such level that liquid practically did not boil. So, only small bubbles from a bottom rise. But the surface at the same time practically both was, and remains … Serene. We do not cover ware. And here so we cook hour, it is slightly more.

As time left - all. The pike is ready. We get it, we spread on a long fish dish. Naturally, the head where it also has to be, - ahead. Already behind it all stuffed objedeniye. Which after laid out, already on a dish, is cut across on portion pieces. On the edges of a dish which remained free we spread krugalik of the beautiful, toasted and tasty, baked in an oven potatoes, diversifying it with greens of fennel or parsley.

And here so we take out to a holiday table. Like, this beauty here as is, - in potato and fennel - also came to us. If you are afraid that will not believe … In vain. At those who at a table, just time for reflections and any comparisons will not be. Quicker … Quicker all - on a plate!