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What tarot cards by date of your birth can open?

the Analysis of date of birth on tarot cards, unlike numerology or astrology, do not put a task to describe character of the person. Personal Lassos which, on the one hand, show in deals on tarot cards of the person are defined, and with another - describe a karma or destiny from which he came to the world. Telling

about a karma or destiny, we do not mean predefiniteness of events of life, but we call opportunities and tasks. you for certain met by

repeatedly the description of a numerologichesky method in refraction of the Senior Lassos of Taro.

I will remind, all figures of date of birth develop. “Large number“ turns out.

For example, on April 20, 1975 it will be calculated as 2+0+0+4+1+9+7+5=28. by

“Large number“ in a numerologichesky method it is again presented in the form of the sum of the figures making it, that is 2+8=10. And number 10 is already compared with the Lasso 10 Fortuna. Ten does not need to be reduced by method 1+0 in this case, as well as having received number more than 10 - ti, the second cycle of reductions by comparison to Taro is not made. In it difference from numerology.

And now I will open a secret as count Lassos on date of birth according to the full scheme of the analysis.

Having received “large number“ if it more than 22 - x, we calculate one small number according to numerology (that ten), and we look for the second small number not in a numerologichesky cycle (0 - 9), and in a cycle of the Senior Lassos (22), that is it is necessary to subtract from a large number 22 so many times how many it is required to receive result 22 and less. At the same time, receiving 22, we consider the second small number as zero because the Lasso 0 Clown actually costs after 21 Universe.

In our example: first small number 10, second small number 6. We received two Senior Lassos defining a personal way of the person - Fortuna and Lovers. If does not have

desire to calculate figures and cycles, there are automatic systems of calculation of Lassos of Taro by date which, unlike various online - the fortune-telling which is not making any sense without physical contact of the person and cards are constructed on purely mathematical analysis algorithms of dates therefore such automation makes sense quite objective. And here interpretation of a combination - already thinner moment. About it further:

Most often, on date of birth two Lassos are calculated, and their interpretation is conducted as the Quest and the Resource (the first and second small number). A resource Lasso are tendencies and ability of the person, and also a situation in whom it can develop as the personality and to move in the direction of a main objective. Opening the Resource, the person solves the Quest - the main objective, its sense of stay in life and a role in the huge mechanism of life.

Sometimes we receive one general Lasso in which the Quest and the Resource are connected. In such situation we speak about more rigid course of life from which it is more difficult to descend, than to other people. The person has less “place for maneuver“.

The person follows the destiny which - is not expensive, and the field!

of Roads. The person himself chooses for himself this or that. He can and not pass at all to a step across the field for all life, and will carry away unresolved tasks in the new embodiment or will descend to children. It can get lost and go away from the field - but then it is returned back. Such situations as the “rake“ similar and cyclic - say that the person does not move or left too far the field of life.

Both the Quest, and the Resource can be opened differently. From as far as (it is conscious or not) fully the person opens the Quest and the Resource, depends, how easily he goes on life. If there is a feeling that the person moves hardly, constantly getting to deadlocks, stepping on “rake“ - most likely, he is not revealed, and cannot reasonably compare the objects set for himself personally with the tasks and opportunities given it at the birth.

Compare the calculation of Lassos of destiny for date of birth with data of your parents, primogenitors, partner, children. In what relations to each other are your Lassos and your relatives? Pay attention as problems are solved through difficult or simple marriages whether there is a tendency of inheritance of tasks and opportunities. If some Lasso reveals poorly or negatively and passes from father to son, speak about “the patrimonial program“. Strong or positive disclosure of the inherited Lasso exempts descendants from such program. Check your sort and yourself.

Of course, each combination has the features therefore try to treat not Lassos separately (and restriction online - calculations that they can only give the characteristic of Lassos - combinations too much), namely their combination. If you are already familiar with Taro, it will be simple to you to draw parallels and to reveal secrets of date of your birth.

Good luck!