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The self-interest of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion
in - important
d - for children, banal
z - informative
and - interesting
to - winged
of l - best
of N - not important
p - instructive
with - difficult for understanding
r - in a riddle, for reflection, on ingenuity and installation of the opinion
yu - humour

the Self-interest big strong depends why happens is born there is a harm influences generates causes gives belongs appears to eradicate will get rid to disaccustom to get rid to re-educate to allow is self-interested value definition of the reason of people the child mercenarily of

z the Self-interest - aspiration to benefit, advantage, a profit …
and the Human relations are through penetrated by a self-interest.
vpkl Where the self-interest begins - comes to an end all fine.
vp the person Respecting himself through the spirituality growth, education of philanthrophy, the application of will - has to strive for unselfishness.
in the Self-interest to one in power - to ruin the world.
vp People have to be an object of love - but not self-interest.
zp the Self-interest muffles conscience.
kp Self-interest - mother of injustice. kp Benefit do not look for
- and deserve.
zdp Benefit at the expense of others - is immoral.
kvpd the Reputation - is more important than benefit.
and the Self-interest worsens human relations.
of l We look for benefit - the soul will not interfere yet.
and Behind benefit is not visible the person.
and the Self-interest turns everything into goods.
pzd From - for a self-interest becomes the lion`s share of the evil.
p Take care that the benefit which visited you glanced also to others.
in Highly spiritual person is able to afford only that benefit, - which is mutual.
also is unprofitable to Observe unilateral benefit.
p Is advantageous only mutual benefit.
p Not mutual benefit - is not admissible.
p It is possible to go only on mutual benefit.
but Not mutual benefit - leads to a loss.
zd Obviously striving for unilateral benefit everything avoid, do not wish to work with it in one collective, to deal, communicate …
of a vpa Negative benefit, having become mutual, - turns into positive.
p Look for that benefit - which is double for this purpose at the expense of whom you receive it.
p Who looks for mutual benefit - finds friends, to the detriment of others - loses himself.
z Self-interest - the servant of an instinct of self-preservation.
z Aspiration to benefit - is put in the person by the nature.
z In the last centuries of people survived on self-interest.
z the Sluggish and slow nature does not manage to adapt to a modern civilization and does not put in the person aspiration to mutual benefit instead of unilateral - the person has to do it by understanding and effort of will.
zp Aspiration to unilateral benefit even in the negative environment where most of people, aspire to it - can make the person the derelict of society. and Silly satisfying with
the requirements, not capable to estimate mutuality of benefit - can not always define when it receives it to the detriment of others.
and Material and spiritual benefit - different things.
and From a self-interest is taken away by Vera in God.
and God a self-interest - condemns.
and Truly the believer first of all thinks of benefit of others.
z Self-interest - the girlfriend of lie, hypocrisy, insincerity … zk the Self-interest - with deception is known by
z the Self-interest - can confuse the evil with good.
z Behind self-interest are not visible - nonsense, the evil, injustice …
z the Self-interest prevents to follow truth.
zp the Self-interest can put the person on the party of lie.
in C to Nobility did not conduct a self-interest - but it well knows what it is honor and a debt.
lkvpz the Low person behind the first wave of benefit does not see the approaching storm.
pl the Person can observe the benefit - but it is honest and beautiful to do it, causing not contempt and pity, but admiration and respect.
and the Self-interest is capable to tempt only reason - heart is indifferent to it.
z For the ignoramus in definition, the good and evil that it is good and that the opinion of conscience is bad, unimportant, the law, morality - he listens only to a self-interest voice.
d Unselfishness one of the main support of morality.
and the Reputation - is more important than benefit for the reasonable person.
p the Self-interest destroys love, friendship, prevents creativity, the Person communicating with us from - for benefits does the person worse …
p, - it is worse than the enemy. We
admit it too close, besides it closes an entrance to
our soul to unselfish people.
and Having lost the benefit closing the person before to leave it we, using the opened opportunity, we begin to estimate it. If it turns out that it is comprehensively good, we in
horror, reproaching itself, death grip cling to it and we do not release all life - sick, poor, old …
d the Self-interest - a hindrance in search of truth.
and the Warm attitude from - for self-interest - an immorality sign.
and swindlers treat For benefit.
and the Self-interest - causes human discontent.
and From a self-interest - a direct road to a demon.
and Clever will not miss the benefit, silly - hurries to receive quicker.
zdp Haste in obtaining benefit - people irritates.
and the Self-interest uses generosity and a dobrodushnost.
zdp the Self-interest - does the person by a puppet.
zd the Self-interest can allay even fear.
and Men are attached to women more often by feelings, women to men - benefit.
zd Men having taken control of the lion`s share of material benefits and approaches to them force women to deal with them from - for benefits, thereby doing a barrier to the sincere relations.
and People from - for benefits even play a role of believers.
sr the Rash speech - the enemy of benefit.
and Self-interest and impudence - girlfriends.
and True love is not conducted - what is self-interest.
and the Old age of self-interest prefers rest.
and the Self-interest can push to deal with the dangerous person.
z Clever define benefit - by reflections, silly it is defined by the nature - through instincts.
zd the Smile helps to observe benefit more imperceptibly.
and the Self-interest reduces duties and increases the rights.
and Self-interest muffles love, love - self-interest.
and Nothing so pushes on offense - as a self-interest.
and the Self-interest is undermined talent. - you do not notice
of IP Tsennost of the person from which you wait for benefit. - you do not notice
and Beauty of a favorable thing.
and the Self-interest can force the person to be engaged in that - that it would never begin to do.
and the Fool constantly tries to increase the received benefit - that leads to its loss.
p Life after death is more long at the one who preferred to benefit
a reputation.
p It is impossible to arrive, it is noble - pursuing benefit. and We forget
about self-interest, dealing with dear and interesting people.
z With benefit of people can arrive is not realized - under the influence of instincts.
z the Self-interest uses the cunning given to the person by the nature for protection.
p do not hurry to become favorable - can, you will be pleasant the
d Self-interest and love - cannot get on in one heart.
and the Idle woman shows interest in benefit for which does not strive and pretends that she trusts in promises - to be business and reasonable is more honourable, than to be a silly davalka.
pzvkl At friendship is a lot of enemies, main of them - self-interest and envy.
and the Person obsessed with idea - forgets about self-interest.
and the Self-interest - kills art.
z the Child of a self-interest and fear - flattery.
and Lyubov and self-interest - vicious enemies. They fight to the bitter end - to death.
and Need - is not on friendly terms with self-interest.
and With the poor communicate on interest - with the rich from - for benefits.
and the Person is for the sake of profit ready to do harm to business.
and is difficult to argue conscience with benefit. d the Person a lot of things can suffer
- pursuing the mercenary aims.
p Girlfriends of self-interest - flattery and a smile.
z the Person, creating a civilization, considered a little that it the child of the nature - and served self-interest more.
pv Modern progress needs prevalence of reason over self-interest.
pz should prefer to Self-interest the mutual assistance shown by
only in exceptional cases. It serves as support in
a difficult moment and, having bilateral
character in comparison with benefit, does not destroy sincerity of the relations.
pv That without material benefit communicated with you people, it is necessary to get and improve merits, to be interesting, becomes the life of the party …
z Without benefit treats the person stir his wealth, the power, glory, a high position in society …
in What have more at the person of the power and money, the more around it spins with
fans of benefit, and it is more difficult for that to reveal among them honest, sincere, unselfish people.
d The more benefit - the stronger takes the breath away.
p Wealth, the power, glory should not be benefit, they come to the person as an award for the good and necessary deeds made for people.
yu to set a donkey in motion - ahead hang up hay that the person moved a little - benefit is necessary.
yu Benefit - foresight.
yu Self-interest and pleasure - often do not coincide.
yu So far one doubt that the love exists - others with benefit use it for a long time.
yu Many believe in God so - as it is favorable.
yu Disinterestedness dreams of remuneration.
yu Self-interest - the harmful aunt, forces to communicate with uninteresting people.
yu Self-interest - turns in love with a milk cow.
yu If the person is not brought up - by polite it is done by benefit.
yu When to the woman does not manage to receive from the man benefit her for rage and greed begins to use it directly, and even maybe it is the only way - to fall in love with him.

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