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Green Kherson: myth or reality?

Behaviour of the person in the nature are and a mirror of his soul.
Zelinsky K. L.

These words were pronounced by the great Russian literary critic in the middle of last century, but today, more than ever, acquire the increasing relevance. Let`s remember not such far history of our city - creation of the park of a name of the general Vasily Margelov which is smelling sweet as magnificent beauty (the Dnieper park now). The park was put at the beginning of 1960 - x years. Trees, bushes, and later and flowers landed during community work days, voskresniks to which there were thousands of people - workers of HBK, youth, pupils of neighboring schools. In the center of future park the Palace of culture of textile workers was built. Development, an upclassing of the territory allocated under park began from already functioning Summer theater in its right corner. For that time it was the only establishment for spectacular actions in this district of the city. Hersontsa liked to visit this marvelous corner of park. Groups and alone strode on the central avenue and its branches, long admired sculptures, breathed freshness of Dnieper water, enjoyed a cool of the fountain sparkling from an evening decline.
the Dnieper park remains Today the favourite vacation spot of residents of this area. Residents of Dnieper district asked me to bring up a question of a deplorable condition of our Dnieper park before the public and the management of our city. All of us very much love this place, we drive the children there, we play sports there, we walk. But it is sick and offensive for its state: the favourite place already of several generations of citizens is in our green, beautiful city in a deplorable state, as after ruin. The dance pavilion, the children`s town, toilets are destroyed, paths are broken, it is a lot of garbage. From apparatuses in park there were only rusty crossbeams. In park there are a lot of trees of good breeds, it is a lot of birds, Dnieper flows nearby - it is our nature, our Homeland, and we want to admire and be proud of it.
All residents of Dnieper district, including also me, ask the management of our city not to remain indifferent and to help with revival of one of the most beautiful places of our city!
As was fairly noted by one of the famous Italian writers of the XX century Alberto Moravia: The Road of a civilization is paved by cans . The real condition of our city eloquently confirms it, but whether for this purpose we were created by homo sapiens, homo sapienses to protect and preserve the world surrounding us. The person can live in harmony with the nature - it is confirmed by new researches of modern scientists - ecologists. For achievement of this harmony it is required not much, it is worth beginning with itself, with the house.