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What to occupy the child with?

On the street the rain or a frost, or the child ached. For the whole day tried all games, reconsidered all animated cartoons and began to complain from inaction and ignorance, where to put itself. There are several ways to entertain the beloved child and together with it to plunge into the world of the childhood.

Drawing . It is possible to draw anything - paints, pencils, a color semolina, salt, pieces of chalk, etc. The main thing that it was interesting to the child.

Applications . Here, as well as in drawing, the flight of fancy is not limited. Color paper, glue and any improvised materials - fabric, skin, dried leaves and florets - will help you to create masterpieces together with the kid. The main thing to remember safety and not to give to the child in hands sharp objects.

Memories of summer . In the summer all of us are at the sea, on the small river or the lake, we have a rest and we acquire a tan. And we plan in the winter where we will go next summer. All kids like to collect cockleshells and sea pebble. If parents did not count these “treasures“ as stuff, then from them wonderful things for decoration of the house can turn out. For example, it is possible to make a rug in a bathroom or a hall of pebbles. From cockleshells and sea sand - the panel decorated with decorative starfishes or self-made small fishes. And it is possible to paste over with them a flowerpot. Larger stones can be ornamented, varnished and laid out in a garden or at the dacha.

Outdoor games . All sports “shells“ which are available in the house - balls, rackets, children`s tent, the bicycle and even soft toys can be put to use.

Cardboard boxes . Irreplaceable material in childish sports. Together with the child it is possible to make many useful things of them - kitchen for the girl, garage for cars of future “racer“ or furniture for dolls. And still it is possible to build a dresser for toys from boxes of the identical size. To paint each box in the different flowers and to sign. Both to the kid pleasure, and mother happiness.

Toys the hands . They can be done of everything - pieces of fabric, socks and even an old terry towel. Hares, bears, sweeties and doggies, certainly, will please your child.

Construction plaster . Molds for a sandbox or silicone, for pastries are necessary. And in general all capacities which are available in the house will be suitable for this type of creativity. Plaster very quickly stiffens. Figures from it can be painted with any paints, and then to varnish. Exclusive hand-made articles will decorate your house and will update an interior.

And where without “old, kind“ of plasticine ! The cities, locks, the woods and fantastic glades - your child can make own hands all this. For certain each child has a miracle - sets of little animals. They will also be able to become happy owners of a new lodge on a forest clearing.

Mother`s assistant . With the kid it is possible to make a dinner or to bake cookies. The child will help to wash vegetables, to knead dough (any decent child will definitely not refuse it), to cut out from it figures of cookies, to wash the dishes and to salt food.

Generally, not really I understand the girlfriend who constantly complains that she can do nothing on the house with the child. From the mischievous person and the fidget the kid can turn into the irreplaceable assistant or quite assidious artist. Dream together!