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The yin - Yang of the point of view: you will feel a difference?

From advertizing appeals to 23 - mu February:
• Women, remember that men are created not in order that they were understood and in order that they were loved!

Testing of this appeal on several women showed that it is perceived by them without any objections or comments. That is, any did not consider necessary to specify that it has to be for the man, with what qualities, at what age. As well as did not come to any to mind to outline or deepen contents of the words “they were loved“.

Probably, female ability of emotional perception and romantic embellishment allows to adapt this appeal for the image desirable to them easily. What means, certainly, that the man has to be worthy that he was loved by the woman: it has to be beautiful and clever, strong and courageous, kind and warm, interesting and attractive, true and devoted. Any with pleasure will allow it to flit around herself, creating every time the reason to tell friends “see, to a release from admirers is not present“, to humour and entertain itself in minutes, when there is no communication with friends, and at the right time it will just be by the way patiently to listen to its incoherent chatter or that happens even more by the way, to substitute the vest and to console, let in obscure for it, but experience, extremely strong for it. Here, actually and all!

- And what else? - with astonishment one of respondents raised eyebrows after it sounded all above-mentioned. And it is valid … that?

Later time testing repeated. Already on other ladies. And also with little change in an initial appeal - the last word was “loved“ it was replaced on “used“. In total that … But as opinions of respondents changed!

“What for nonsense? What vulgarity! Faugh … Fi … How it - was used? Who thought up it? It that, joke? Dull humour!“ - here I will give some of the most indicative examples of response to the change made to an appeal. As though they emotionally - romantic perception were “loved“ does not correspond to rational understanding “used“!

From advertizing appeals to 8 - mu March:
• Men, remember that women are created not in order that they were understood and in order that they were loved!

Here it! At last! There was a unique opportunity to compare, find differences, to feel a difference … Once again to weigh man`s and female views on scales … the Number of respondents for testing of this appeal was naturally created by

from the men who are present at the bar. After an audience appeal to attention and announcements of the text the dead silence - short followed, several seconds of everything, it were similar to a knock-down at the boxer - which then was replaced by a Homeric laughter and loud shouts of all attendees. The floor was taken by one who was called the Clever man subsequently - probably for ability to laconically state various opinions of respondents.

- How it is possible to love what is not subject to understanding? And what means - loved? For example, whether the prehistoric hunter could love such phenomenon, unclear for it, when in the beginning the half-sky lit up with a prompt stroke of light, and then rumbled with peals of a mysterious sound? At the same time diligently tracked down production escaped from a field of vision, and you for fear dropped to the earth in search of protection? No, of course. And it became stronger in us historically, evolutionarily. And therefore, everything is unclear - not predicted to us unacceptably and us is unloved!

An applause muffled words of the Clever man. Later time it continued so:
- on the other hand if during bad weather the same prehistoric hunter, it is full - drunk with a dinner and the warm welcome extended to it by the hostess of a cave, sitting by the fireside, glances to itself at thunders - lightnings and, staying in romantic mood, can see a certain mysteriousness in it and even to admire the mysterious phenomenon. And we, his descendants, having slightly become tipsy from a friendly feast and communication, we can, discussing such unclear to us the phenomenon as women, to admire some copies and to talk on mysteriousness of their behavior, we can even claim that in this unclear mysteriousness there is something like that …, - in this place the Clever man made a pause also continued, - that, nevertheless, demands to keep at from it!

An applause and exclamations of approval merged in one roar which is bearing a faint resemblance to peals of a thunder of which the Clever man so picturesquely told all.

- So, what cannot be it is unclear loved. By definition. So? - Tens of voices answered in the affirmative. - And in what the love consists? - rhetorically asked the question Clever man and answered himself. - The love, as it is known according to the authoritative poet, is not sighs on a bench, and not silence under the moon. The love is such feeling, - here the Clever man rolled up eyes and made a pause, - which seizes the woman at the moments when she looks for strong, sure, independent and self-sufficient then to turn it into a house floorcloth. There could be a meat in a cave of prehistoric men and women if the hunter only also did what the garbage took out and rearranged furniture from place to place? there is no
-! - thunderously the bar answered.
- And what feeling seizes the man at the moments when the love seizes the woman?
- Fear of uncertainty! - chanted bar.
- And why?
- Because is unknown it is impossible to love. It it is necessary to be afraid and steer clear of it!