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What will we put on on September 1? A new form from the couturier!

Rapid time - as the mountain river, running on slopes, rush through barriers and, flowing into the sea, carries away our past. As though yesterday there was the first school call. And early in the morning you hear a mother`s voice: get up darling, in school it is time.

In nervousness hastily you put on for the first time the school uniform which is smoothed out by its caring hands. (And as soon as she all was in time?) The bouquet of flowers in hands, a shiver inside - begins your Life. Everywhere there is a white color. Little girls with bows and in white fartuchka, as if grammar-school girls from the last century.

What there are only no aprons: guipure, silk, trimmed with lace - a competition of fartuchok. To us, boys, it was simpler: jacket and trousers. All identical in a form, but what different in contents. A school uniform, I remember you only with heat. Speak, you come back, whether for a long time?

How many was disputes in recent time on whether the uniform is necessary to children. How many copies were broken from - for such, apparently, trifles. The democracy in the country began with destruction of an order, and not only state, but also in consciousness of people.

As children of such anarchy rejoiced! Long-awaited freedom: in what I want - in that and I go. And was. In what wanted, in that and came to school. Sprosonok pulled clothes, sometimes neglazhenny - will descend and so. Yesterday drove soccer, not to an ironing.

Thanks to the Chinese business, dressed children in multi-colored consumer goods. Domestic light industry at the beginning of reorganization, and then in dashing 90 - e, died. Sadly and ridiculously, but rescued the hardworking Chinese people. We and now what to hide, in many respects use products from China.

And only check time showed to what unreasonable there was an invention - to refuse a uniform school uniform. When at lessons the part of children was dressed as speak, in decent clothes, and some - in a fashionable prikid from - for a hillock which was available to them as the local market round the corner.

Were also such which came in the Chinese multi-colored pizhamka. Why they were considered as summer sets? Everything was. Division according to classes, but not school, happened quickly. You are a bourgeois, and I who? Understanding that you not such, come very much early. But at children everything is hypertrophied and more aggravated.

How to explain small that not all are able to afford to put on, live smartly in palaces, to drive expensive cars. How to explain that you are a competent and clever expert, but not the businessman. To explain and at the same time not to lose respect of the child - that you have no business grasp.

School life - adulthood model where processes of the same formation proceed. Too society, only in small scale: leaders and conducted, the statuses and labels - everything are. And the clothes in it have considerable value - meet on clothes. The Russian proverbs are thought up by clever people.

Teachers, administration of school certainly understood that cancellation of a school uniform is not democracy, but permissiveness. And at some schools began to introduce the informal rules on school clothes. Which not to all pleased, especially to fans of outlaws. But which - what order nevertheless was brought.

Common sense or command of time, but a question everything is decides at the legislative level. The bill of introduction of a school uniform is already offered for consideration. And as officials speak, the school uniform on quite legal ground will return by September of this year to the Russian schools.

But some questions remain unresolved so far: the prices of a school uniform, and also it will be obligatory for all pupils or only for school students of elementary grades.

It is known that the Fashion house of Vyacheslav Zaytsev is engaged in development of a school uniform. The fashion designer on own initiative began this work. And in the summer the form will be already on sale in retail. But prices? The prices interest all whether everything parents will be able to pay school clothes.

Whether subsidies will be granted for needy? So far these questions remain open. There are fears, as if the Chinese people had not to undertake mass tailoring of a cheap Russian school uniform. Let`s live till September, we will see...