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How it is correct to care for face skin?

are difficult to find Today the woman in whose cosmetics bag there are no various lotions and creams, and in a locker in a bathroom there are no skins for washing, srubs and masks. And nevertheless a little at whom ideally clean, shining skin occurs. So in what business? Let`s understand together.

Not so long ago I went to salon to reception to the cosmetologist. The woman it skilled, I is familiar many years with it. And here conversation on the correct care of face skin came at us. Many buy good cosmetics, expensive means, but a condition of skin all the same not really. And the problem as it appeared, consists in nuances of use of cosmetics about which the cosmetologist also told me.

1. Removal of a make-up - one of the most important points at personal care. The few know that one of functions of a make-up (both day cream, and a voice-frequency basis, and powder mean) is a protection of our skin against aggressive influence of environment: the polluted air, ultraviolet rays, dry wind. Therefore it is very important to have good means for removal of a make-up, it is not enough one gel for washing. That is every evening at first it is necessary to wash away a make-up from eyes and the person by means of special means and only then to wash.

2. Now the second - washing.

It appears b really to clean all pores from cosmetics and dust, it is necessary to wash a face warm water at least within a minute (!) the accurate massing movements. It is important to pay special attention to areas near the line of hair as on hair particles of dust or dirt accumulate too. Plus also that so long washing gives effect of massage for the person that anyway will well affect skin. Important: do not allow hit of foam on eyelids and skin around eyes as it is very thin and sensitive. Well, certainly, the neck needs to be washed too to keep its beauty longer.

From personal experience I will tell: when I began to wash a face so for a long time, my skin became much better to look. What is especially pleasant, so this almost total disappearance of black points about fight against which I will write a bit later.

3. Everything, we were washed and we wipe a face and a neck. it is clear that each family member has a personal towel, the speech not about it. The essence is that it is necessary to wipe a face, so to speak, the promakivayushchy movements. That is not to rub fabric wet skin, and to lean gently a towel against a pure face and a neck. As the cosmetologist mentioned above speaks: “Skin is our most fragile wealth. It it is necessary to protect and be respectful to it“.

4. Now we pass to tonic, it is lotion if in Russian. needs to use it every time after washing. We, of course, and so know it, and here is how to do it, I will tell now. We moisten a wadded disk with liquid and easy, besides, promakivayushchy movements, we put it to the cleared face and a neck.

5. Creams and serums. Serums (or seruma) are the concentrated means of the thinnest texture which are applied on clean skin in very small quantity. Serums play a role of prevention of skin shortcomings, or actively fight with already available as they get into its deepest layers. By the way, is selected serum not as skin, and as a problem - for example, lifting, moistening and so on.

Cream needs to be applied in a few minutes after a serum - he creates a protective layer which saves serum from evaporation. Then there is a foundation, and then already powder (if you use).

Has to tell, I began to use serum for moistening quite recently, and the effect is available literally - skin fresh and shining. I recommend!

6. About night cream - the separate word. I belong to those people at whom regardless of amount of the drunk liquid, sport and health, always the person swells up a little in the mornings. It became clear that earlier I incorrectly used night face creams and for eyes.

needs to Apply night face cream at least in 40 minutes prior to withdrawal to a dream, and it is better even for an hour! If to apply cream before adoption of the lying provision, then it will manage to be absorbed normally and by the morning you will look well rested. One more nuance - it is necessary to use a small amount of cream, about a small pea. Personal impressions: the texture of cream, the better it effect is more gentle.

When putting night cream on skin of a neck needs to consider the direction of outflows of a lymph. In other words, on each side necks need to be put cream in the direction down, and in the middle (on a throat, so to speak) - the movements up.

And separately - about night eye cream. The tiny droplet of cream with very careful patting movements of small pillows of a ring finger is applied on area around eyes: on edge of a bone. That is not on eyelids and not at once under eyes, namely around. I will repeat, we do it in 40 minutes prior to a dream, to be exact, before adoption of the provision “lying“.

7. Finally I will tell about the most certain way of fight against black points - about a thermal mask. Such mask heats up from skin temperature, and greenhouse effect is created as if. We wash a face, promakivay and quickly we put with a towel a thermal mask. It is necessary to hold it about 3 minutes, to wash away warm water. Face skin turns out steamed out, and there are two options: or independently to make mechanical cleaning (in other words, it is simple to squeeze out points, it is very easy and without serious consequences), or to accurately massage a face a srub. In both cases of red traces will not remain, as well as points.

Then use tonic and the calming / moisturizing cream.

I hope, you found for yourself something new in the councils described by me.