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What authors of “lieutenant prose“ told us about?

Vasyl Bykov, Grigory Baklanov, Yury Bondarev... Authors who are carried to so-called “lieutenant prose“ now. Perhaps it just coincidence. Strangely enough, but all these writers are the former gunners.

Bykov, for example, at first was a commander of a platoon regimental, then - army artillery. Or perhaps in it there is also nothing surprising. In total - let and the trifle, but in artillery the chance to survive was more, than in the same infantry. And they, “lieutenants“, survived. In spite of the fact that often went in one step from death. And sometimes closer.

At the beginning of 1944, during the Kryvyi Rih offensive operation, Vasyl Bykov got so serious wound in a stomach that chances to survive was not really much. And someone decided that they are absent at all, and sent to Vasyl`s family the message that their son and brother died death of brave. Hurried. Bykov survived. And in 1966 wrote the story “The dead not sick“ which basis was formed by the real events which happened to him 22 - summer prescription.

They are Bykov, Bondarev, Baklanov - survived. Also told us about what they had to endure and what to pass on that war through. That we did not forget.

Here, for example, Vasyl Bykov`s story “Pit“. It would seem, nothing in it such special. The main character - Pavel Ageev, the ordinary pensioner. Which nearby - a dime a dozen. Well, was at war. Yes, it is clear. Only which of that generation was not at war? Both were at war, and worked then, and raised children. Our fathers and mothers. And mine too.

Time of action of the story is twice squeezed in three months. Not in six, namely so - twice on three. The matter is that kompozitsionno the story is broken into two temporary layers. The present and summer - an early autumn of 1941 - go, already remote from the main character on distance of all life lived by it. These months, equal on the time span, strongly differ from each other on the importance. Easy for us who are already armed with knowledge that will be farther and what everything will end with to estimate acts and to judge those people who as the fates decree were covered with trouble of the first weeks and months of that war with the head. When seemingly usual things and, apparently, the firm relations are transformed to unrecognizability. Trust - in vigilance. And that, in turn, in direct suspiciousness. Who here friend? Who enemy?

Still yesterday all were the. And today and the father of darling of Ageev - Maria, both the comer with Germans and Koveshko working for them speak about same. And almost same words. But if one of them precisely - the enemy, then turns out, as the second … Too?!

But also it is necessary to trust. At least just because one in the field - not the soldier. And to win against that force that mercilessly breaks and mangles the country, and by hearsay, already and took Moscow, force - not smaller is necessary. Which - will be. It will be obligatory! It is only necessary to put will and persistence of everyone together.

And it the same Varvara Baranovskaya who sheltered at herself wounded Ageev understands. Sheltered and helping him according to the lights and not the greatest opportunities. And in this case it is unimportant that before Ageev - popadya. Because when the enemy already crossed your threshold, small, little significant and minor are also class or class association, and a position. Whatever high it was before. The main thing, according to Varvara, - the kind or angry person before you. And, in fact, it is right.

Another thing is that to do if usual human participation becomes deadly? It is indifferent to step aside? But where a side between indifference and callousness? And how not to cross it? Same - not border. There is no barbed wire, control - a trace strip!

How to correlate means on purpose? And as far as it is justified, this purpose if for it, quite perhaps, it is necessary to pay a high price. Life. Especially, when - not the. And life of darling. Even if you do not hide for others back whether you have this right - to weigh and correlate? And if you are mistaken? Also you will not achieve the objectives? Life - or perhaps and not one - any more you will not return.

And to the hero - it is heavy. It is very heavy to peer at the past from present which receded from it for 40 years. Which wellbeing, on check is seeming. Because he paid for the life the stranger. And maybe, even strangers. Lives of the not been born child and darling. That that it was sent it not for repayment or atonement. For love and happiness. Which even then, in the heaviest, first months of war, appears, was so close. Also could become real and tangible.

But bad and good are so closely bound between themselves in our life that in order that from the first to pass to the second, even the step is not necessary. It is enough to make a choice. And to send Maria to a task.

“Pit“, as well as many other works of Bykov - about it. About ordinary people who are presented by destiny and circumstances with a relentless choice when, apparently, from a set of the available options there are only two. Or to sustain and … to die. Or to recede. To stumble and by that - to betray.

And from it is the choice and firmness of one person - the result of war depends. Because it and its destiny by and large determine the victory price.

Bykov himself translated the most part of the works into Russian. Or authorized the translation. And already someone another … And not one! They - transferred stories and stories of the writer to four tens the most different languages. And as at my, not most experienced look, - correctly made. At Bykov and besides “Pit“ there are a lot of strong and shaking on the truth things. “A trouble sign“, “In fog“, “Round-up“, “Bog“. All of them are “on paper“. And if to rummage in the Network, it is possible to find also the “Long ways home“, “A yellow sand“ written by Vasyl Vladimirovich at the beginning of this century. Rummage … Find.

It is not necessary to put off it. Especially as on June 19 Vasyl Bykov had a Birthday. Was because on June 22, 2003 that war that released the young lieutenant then, near Kirovohrad, all - reached it. But he - was in time. Told us what wanted to tell. Also died on the Belarusian earth, native for it.

Read Vasyl Bykov. Yury Bondarev, Grigory Baklanov. And other authors of “lieutenant prose“. Perhaps I also am not right. But here it seems to me that if these writers our grandsons, then not only our grandfathers read … And yes ourselves - lived this life not for nothing.