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To the village, in a solitude … …?!

can be heard often from lips of the young specialists who recently finished the Higher educational institution of the phrase Today: “I cannot find work!“, “Nobody takes me without experience“, “I want to live separately from parents, but there is no opportunity“ and much yet the same similar problems. You will ask a question: “What to do?“ Do not worry - there is a solution of these problems.

The state, understanding all importance of a problem of search by the young specialist of the place in a profession and wellbeing in life, created federalno - the target program “Social Development of the Village“ in which set goals, the most important of which are increase of employment, level and quality of life of country people. The program provides replenishment of branch of agrarian and industrial complex by young specialists, highly qualified personnel. Essential advantage is that this program gives the chance to acquire own housing in rural areas. In this case 30% of the expenses connected with construction and acquisition of housing are subsidized with the state from the federal budget on an irrevocable basis, the regional budget can subsidize 50%. And as a result of 20% it will be necessary to return on the credit. Agree - similar approach of the state to housing problems of young people, for the last, has to look extremely attractively.

The federal target program “Social Development of the Village“ is broken into 2 main stages: “SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT of the VILLAGE TILL 2013“ and “the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT of RURAL TERRITORIES FOR 2014 - 2017 AND FOR the PERIOD TILL 2020“.

A problem of the first stage - reduction of rates of decrease in number of country people to 0,019 percent by the end of 2013, input and acquisition of 12848,85 thousand quarter. housing meters for the citizens living in rural areas including 4892,89 thousand sq.m of housing for young families and young specialists, introduction of educational institutions on 196,35 thousand places, preschool educational institutions on 11,985 thousand places, opening of 1392 feldshersko - obstetric points, club establishments on 41,27 thousand places, 1589 organizations for rendering the production activity to the population of services (using mills, milkchurns, kruporushka etc.) opening of 1393 branches detsko - junior sports schools at rural educational institutions, 1376 organizations of retail trade and public catering, 7087 specialized organizations of consumer services, 169 is information - advice centers, gasification of 432444 houses (apartments). And there is more to come. Besides listed, increase of level of gasification of houses (apartments) with network gas to 53,8 percent, increase of level of security of country people with drinking water to 56,2 percent, introduction of 985,55 thousand numbers of a telephone network, implementation of projects of complex compact building in 4 rural settlements, introduction of 5234,43 km of highways, the centralized water supply of 23570 houses (apartments) is planned.

“So why all this?“ you ask. Such program is provided to unload megalopolises and to create a comfortable and favorable environment for life in rural areas. Raising a level of development of social infrastructure and engineering arrangement of rural settlements, increasing prestigiousness of accommodation in rural areas, forming the effective personnel capacity of the agro-industrial complex necessary for performance of problems of agrofood policy - the best image of residence in villages is quite so reached.

Within the federal target program “Social Development of the Village till 2013“ it is accepted subjects of the Russian Federation in 2012 in operation 4067,32 km of distributive gas networks (129,9% to a planned target of the Program). It is installed gas by network gas of 46354 houses (apartments) (the task is performed for 171,7%), the level of gasification with network gas made 55,2 percent.

In reporting year 2,21 thousand km of local water supply systems, or 101% to the provided task are entered. The centralized water supply provided 22022 houses (apartments), or 233,6% to a planned target. Security of country people with drinking water in 2012 reached 58 percent. 526,6 km (84% of the plan) of highways are put into operation. Within the program 232 settlements in which about 78 thousand inhabitants constantly live are connected today. Till today the people living in these settlements had no year-round road message.

It is entered educational institutions on 3,93 thousand places (125,1%), entered club establishments on 270 places (163,6%), it is opened 109 feldshersko - obstetric points (111,2%) in 24 subjects of the Russian Federation, constructed 1314,44 thousand sq.m of housing for the citizens living in rural areas (118% to established to a planned target), including for young families and young specialists - 670,09 thousand sq.m (100%) (are acquired).

In 2012 to subjects of the Russian Federation it is allocated means of the federal budget of 669 million. rubles, 1779,1 million rubles are attracted from budgets of subjects of the Russian Federation. According to annual reports of territorial subjects of the Russian Federation in 2012 15 schools on 4102 student places are entered. For the end of 2012 in a stage of construction there were 20 schools on 4886 student places in various federal districts of the Russian Federation. Also there are all bases to believe that pupils in new academic year will go to new schools. You imagine as it is much already made? Only think what scale of this project. It will allow us to change cardinally the relation to life in villages.

After implementation of the “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT of RURAL TERRITORIES FOR 2014 - 2017 AND FOR the PERIOD TILL 2020“ program the solution of housing problem for 16,3% of the families living in rural areas and needing improvement of living conditions including 25,2% of young families and young specialists, satisfaction of requirement of the organizations of agro-industrial complex and the social sphere of the village in young specialists is planned for 38,7%, increase of level socially - engineering arrangement in rural areas, including gas - to 60,2%, by water - to 61,9%, creation of conditions for improvement socially - a demographic situation in rural areas (increase in coefficient of birth rate of country people up to 19,1 per milles and the expected life expectancy till 72,6 years is predicted), increase of the public importance of development of rural territories in national interests and appeal of rural areas to comfortable accommodation and application of effort, achievement of aggregate economic effect of 126,4 billion rubles, including at the expense of a gain of production of agriculture on the basis of improvement of living conditions of specialists of agro-industrial complex - 55,5 billion rubles, realization of actions for development of gasification and water supply - 12,8 billion rubles, attraction of extrabudgetary funds - 58,1 billion rubles

as a result of realization by this program will improve life in rural areas, many educational, medical, sports and cultural institutions will be constructed. After the termination of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION the young man under the contract will be able to leave for work to the village where necessary for comfortable life will receive all. Will provide it affordable housing, conditions for the maximum inclusion in kinds of activity, new to themselves will be created. His life will practically not differ from life in the city, plus clean air and a quiet rhythm of life.

So why not to seize such fine opportunity and not to go to live and work for the village?!

Dzhagayeva Anastasia.

The student 1 - go course MAI.