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How to develop intuition?

Process of full and absolute knowledge of and the purpose of the existence are represented by the continuous travel filled with finds and opening. The intuition is a skillfully directed knowledge. If the instinct is a root, intuition - a stalk, knowledge - the blossomed flower. Development of intuition - the infinite internal travel behaving to understanding most.

Developing intuition and following the internal wisdom, hints of the soul, you will be able to lead the harmonious, happy life filled with sense and wellbeing. Stages of development of intuition will make life more saturated and perfect.

The intuition comes from Latin and means “to protect“, “protect“. Therefore to the intuition it is necessary to treat as a peculiar guardian angel who always protects you in a dangerous situation and not only.

We will begin with the fact that our intuition is always right and first of all that it always wants to help you. All exercises will be directed to travel in themselves.

Exercise the first. Write to not less than 18 - 20 various words connected with painting, the nature, music, the movement. Then close eyes, internally calm down. Open eyes and emphasize five words which cause some reaction from the list. Do not think over it is just intuitively react to words.

Exercise the second. Take these five words and think up with them history Give vent to imagination, let it will work wonderfully well and extraordinary beautiful and fascinating will make the story. This exercise helps to create the dictionary of personal symbols, leads to interesting and considerable associations and memoirs.

Exercise the third . Turn on the power music. Take colored pencils, paper, felt-tip pens. Choose area of life in which you need council. Mentally say: “I bless you as the oracle of Divine manual and I consider in the way to my intuition. Talk some sense into me concerning this situation“. Find the center of the sheet, close eyes, take a pencil in a hand and allow a hand to move freely. Do not draw concrete, just give vent to intuition. Want to replace color - replace. Then at distance of 2 meters consider the creation and write down logical communications, thoughts, memoirs and associations which arose in this regard.

Exercise the fourth. Take a candle of 20 centimeters, paper. As in the previous exercise, ask divine manual. Accurately bring paper to edge of a flame so that it did not light up, and over paper patterns appeared and it began to be consecrated. Having finished exercise, look at the pattern drawn with a smoke. What images and impressions are made by it on you? Put a pattern on distance 2 meters and again write down the emotions and impressions. For one exercise you can do 2 - 3 smoke patterns. It is possible to record them spray for artists.

These simple exercises will allow you to work actively with the congenital intuition, to glance deep into themselves and to begin to create. The intuition is not gift, this that sixth sense which everyone is capable to develop in itself(himself), wishing to be improved.