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Whether it is possible to entrust the Russian man the axe?

Ya I think what is necessary. And the quicker, the better. Why? I explain.
Many years I build houses, temples, in passing I teach carpenters of everyone at the school.

And persons interested go from Murmansk to Vladivostok. That can be more Russian business, than build to itself or for others the good wooden house?
We, of course “still do rockets“ and “in the field of the ballet“ still we remain at the level. And here in construction there is something very unclear.
Here were the fires in 2010. And on the place of the burned-down houses grew as mushrooms new. Plastic. Russia wooden at once became Russia plastic.
Near Ryazan, in primordially Yesenin`s places, grew the whole plastic village. On the place of burned down. I do not remember the name, but it in 70 km. in the direction to Murom. The show is tremendous. Similar to the American cottage settlements of the fiftieth years of last century.
Is good that Sergey Yesenin did not live up to such shame.
In the Nizhny Novgorod Region is not better. In ours truly the carpenter to edge build the houses upholstered with plastic lining now. And Uzbeks build. While the Russian men stand on the exchange and drink vodka from a beziskhodnost.
of the House such at us is called thermoses. Are under construction quickly, in one or two years begin to be scattered. They say that to the first settlers already forbade to climb on the attics. That did not fall to the members of household from below. Marasmus and only.
So, we have a wood, there are prazdnoshatayushchiyesya men, with the hands which are still correctly ground there is the school of carpenters with long-term experience. There are projects, technologies, experience. Everything is, and
do not allow to build normal houses, to give full-time job of the men. Why?
And even kickbacks do not ask, just refuse.
It seems that someone decided to finish finally Russian wooden architecture, to destroy all qualified personnel, having replaced them with gasterbayter and to build new Russia. Now upholstered with a plastic siding.
Yes too so strongly felled trees that soon and there will be no it left. Even Putin recognized it in Chita recently.
is shorter, or our power will entrust our Russian man the axe and will give it the chance to build normal houses, or the Russian men will remember that axes are used not only to construction.
I in any Paris as it was hundred years ago, you will not hide any more.