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What tell gestures and poses about?

are known to Much that information is transferred in both the verbal, and nonverbal way. At the same time only 34% of information are transferred by a verbal way, and other 66% are given in the nonverbal way by means of gestures and poses of the person. What can tell gestures and poses about?

we Will imagine gesture when the thumb of a hand is strongly removed from the main four aside. Such gesture is often used by politicians when address audience. It is gesture - prevalence over other people. Well, of course, who can be compared to the politician where there to it to the ordinary person.

One more gesture. For example, when the person at conversation covers a mouth. Such gesture says that the person tells a lie, lies. When the woman at communication does up hair - it means, it tries to be pleasant to the one who opposite.

If the man or the woman scratch a nose at communication - it does not mean that the good nose feels binge for hundred kilometers. It means that it is necessary to pay attention to words. They can be an invention and a lie.

It is representable two men who conduct negotiations. They are dressed in suits. During conversation one of them undoes buttons on a jacket and sits down closer by another. It means that the interlocutor is located to further conversation and is ready even to sign official papers with interest of the partner.

Now several words about poses. If two persons face to each other that “vis-a-vis“ is called, socks of their footwear are also turned to each other, people are practically in an intimate zone at arm`s length, then they will not let any third person in conversation. If third-party tries to start talking to them, at most, that he will hear in reply: “Sorry, now“, “Give later“. Conversation will not be interrupted, this conversation rather private and to interfere with it there is no sense.

If two persons stand on the same distance of an outstretched arm, at the same time are developed in a floor - a turn and in their space the place for the alleged third person is left, then you will be able to join such conversation without any work. The space is left not incidentally, conversation is not so private and conversation can be public.

If you pay attention to legs of the people communicating among themselves, and these people not less than five, it is possible to track the following. You noticed, the sock of footwear is directed to someone from speaking - it demonstrates that this person causes genuine interest in the one who directed this sock. Information which is stated by speaking is interesting to it.

Gestures and poses - the unusual world of human communication. If forms words of people, then it shows poses and gestures at the level of intuition. Traditionally they do not give in to control therefore can tell about the person much more, than words.

Watching people, reading their poses and gestures, you can become a master in a question of understanding and treatment of what people wish to show. Will help to learn secret language of poses and gestures to you books on psychology and gestures. Such knowledge is necessary to comprehend language of nonverbal and verbal communication, to become a good communicator.