Rus Articles Journal



A after fall there will be a winter.
I so endlessly the Nature is similar till the end of time
to human life,
Where the old age covers houses at the end

A after snow heat will come.
the Nature is similar to human life
turn years as on fires the disco But shines with
hope to whom - that to spite



It is necessary to feel and see the wood
I miracles will recover in it.
A indifference to offend -
As tears on foliage - dew

Dense branches of
over you Always as hands in hot day
the Stream Will add with cool
water this shadow at once.

Yes! The wood for all - the live fairy tale,
Where you will touch everything.
Is eternity there, the good and caress,
Are similar probably human to

About TIME

of Russia ancient centuries...
of Board streets stratification.
Laid down in the chronicle a line -
I we from far away see
of Far wars a devastation

the imperial yards Changed,
Grew old customs and ceremonies
Crumbled, sheets burst.
I people knew that a row
you go with history also you

to Vasily Stefanovich BASARAB.

Me eighteen
It Kohl is not enough to compare
to time me.
I is a lot of Because more to
importance of this day became clear to

Me eighteen
Heart were excited with
by All difficulty me the chosen roads. I know
Ya - time to work came
I there came for all decisions term.

Me eighteen I Became one year more senior than
All past as though in a children`s dream
Still yesterday I was a teenager, the boy
And today -
Eighteen to me.


River originates from a stream
She runs as though a pack of wolves. without knowing
Neither stops, nor barriers.
On hillsides without restraint growling

the River originates from a rain
which fill ravines.
I of this, the
moisture coming from the sky the Dawn washed, in a haze ascending the River takes

a source from far away
Rushes in a thunder of a rough stream.
I in each drop the sun zlatooko
Looks at the world having blinked the eyes slightly


Hi grandfather! You watch
from a portrait -
Changed the grandson for so many years? Just the thunder-storm closed
summer -
On glass went down a drop a trace. Look at
Today, as before
the Youth makes history.
Though does not rave the song about hope -
white speaks About hummocks.
Argues and dreams till the dawn
I without caps goes to cold weather. You nod
- means was this
I in your far years...


The person pleasure and care was born
I S. L.
Night vanity,
of the Diaper endlessly.
Was born the person
Came to the earth who - that
What destinies at this lad.

The person was born watches
I being surprised to
On the first blizzard
flying in a window the person Was born
I mother smiling to
Looks as the cam is squeezed by it in a dream.