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What to read children? Children`s poet Andrey Slonikov of

… Two Andrey Grishin, not relatives, just full namesakes studied at our school in one class. They were distinguished by both friends, and teachers of a middle name, and addressed them often - Olegych and Mikhalych. stirred

with the sister in Skype Yesterday, and she asks me:

- You remember the Olegych? And he is the children`s writer, quite popular, I did not speak? Writes under the pseudonym “Andrey Slonikov“.

Andrey Slonikov (Andrey Olegovich Grishin) was born and grew up in the small settlement of Verbilka situated near Moscow. The settlement this small, is nice that there is one of the oldest porcelain plants of Russia - the former porcelain plant of Gardner. The vast majority of the population Verbilok in the period of my childhood and youth worked at this plant, some of my schoolmates had even family dynasties of farforist. But not about it now the speech, and about large, a little inconsistent young man who studied at Verbilkovsky high school, was always soul of the company and dreamed to become a clown … anything I will not write

about in what he was engaged after school, unfortunately, did not communicate with it and learned that he is a children`s poet, just yesterday! All other information - what is found in the RuNet and that was told by the sister.

As I already spoke, Andrey in the childhood very much wanted to become a clown. It always was in good mood, cheerful, big, noisy. I cannot tell why his dream was not achieved … Subsequently Andrey Grishin was learned on the social psychologist, the desire to try poetry came, children`s verses especially well turned out. It took a pseudonym Andrey Slonikov under whom creates now. Here its small rhyme for an example:

The echo

Runs on a footpath a cheerful echo,
A further on a meadow runs out with laughter. it never to us with you to catch up with
, it not to touch
and not to embrace, it you will not put
in a basket with mushrooms, it you will not show
to either the father, or mother, it you will not find
if you look for, it to us with you never to catch

And this poem especially was pleasant to me! It seems unpretentious, artless, but what kind!

A casket for mother

Today a mother`s holiday -
the International Women`s Day! today not the prankish
I to prepare by
Ya for me not laziness.

I will make to mother a breakfast.
Morning full of cares! I will deliver to
On a plate a teapot,
I Will make by it sandwich.

A casket I will make
I of pieces of color
Ya paper it for a holiday to mother
Ya with love I will present!

Also he writes stories, riddles, fairy tales. Very much I liked, for example, “The narration how diligent grooms turned a kingdom into Gold Coast“, find and esteem surely.

Riddles for small children are graceful and simple, for example:

In the morning on a visit to us will come,
it to us
does not allow to Sleep. It shines to us in a window - Guess
, it (...)

But not only the verses and riddles Andrey Slonikov won popularity at children`s audience. It it is constant in traveling - visits situated near Moscow and not only schools, happens in orphanages and hospitals. There he gives concerts, reads the verses. He reads the works under music, is frequent in a clownish cap, children delighted with its performances, pass all concerts on one breath! All take part in operation - read together, sing, solve riddles.

Both children, and parents, and teachers are happy. And it is obligatory at the end of performance Andrey for everyone gives the book with kind verses … to

Here that the poet on the website writes:

“Us, adults, the question always concerned: what the little person will grow up? The children`s book bearing good, pleasure, light is capable to help to cultivate the best human qualities at the child. I, Andrey Slonikov, want to help our children to FALL IN LOVE with the book …

… Let communication with the book will become requirement, a vital necessity for the person entering the adult world!

And then for certain this world will become kinder and more joyful!“

… Life sometimes gives unusual surprises! Honestly, would never think that Olegych will become the children`s poet moreover and known! But it is twice pleasant when you learn that the familiar person found the place in life that he bears to children good and pleasure that children at schools, hospitals and orphanages remember it and wait for the visit again.

Read the child Andrey Slonikov`s verses. They kind and as though radiate light and pleasure …