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What myths about weight loss happen?

Today an inconceivable set of recommendations, diets and councils on weight loss practically in all branches of a healthy lifestyle, cosmetology, medicine. As I am not a supporter of diets, but a supporter of a beautiful body, made many supervision proceeding from personal experience. Let`s sort some “myths about weight loss“ to dispel doubts and to grow thin with little effort, gradually and purposefully.

the Myth the first - exercise machines

Exercise machines do not influence weight reduction in any way. It is the excellent tool for formation of the tightened and elastic body, but no more. They strengthen and tone up muscles, but excess weight from occupations on exercise machines does not vanish. Do not think that swinging a press, you will clean fat from a stomach. Weight loss of problem zones does not happen partial, and goes together with the general process of weight loss. In what place more fat and in what it is less - unfortunately will clean up, solves only an our organism as only it chooses where to put stocks of energy and nutrients. Besides unfortunately, we do not influence it.

the Myth of the second - elderly people do not grow thin

utter nonsense! At any age at certain efforts it is possible to lose excess weight independently. Here I mean the people suffering from completeness.

the Myth the third - massages for weight loss

by means of massage you will not get rid of excess weight. With its help it is possible to improve a metabolism, the general esthetic condition of skin, to improve circulation of a lymph, its outflow, and also blood circulation. Massage will be useful to you not as a basic method and as auxiliary along with healthy nutrition and physical activity.

the Myth the fourth - weight loss creams

the Most present myth! Creams influence the top layer of skin - epidermis, and remain on a surface, creams are capable to humidify, impregnate, protect, soften, etc. Unfortunately, our fatty layer is not on a surface of our skin, and is hidden deeply under it where cream is not able to get and especially to influence its structure.

the Myth the fifth - with age all recover

Here I do not agree too at all because actually only process of a metabolism is slowed down, but it is not an indicator that surely excess weight will appear at occurrence of some certain age. Here it is rather important to note that with age the person moves less, and respectively, and burns less calories. And as with age the person needs to consume the smaller number of calories, plus low-mobility - the result in the form of excess weight does not keep itself waiting long.

Here such myths about weight loss occur among us very often. Do not trust rumors, consult with the doctor better if you are disturbed by excess weight. Also consultation with the dietitian will be useful if there is such opportunity, and even with the psychotherapist. Sometimes absolutely foreign factor and as connected with your physical health, and lying in the area of psychological problems can be the reason of excess weight and its stability, despite the taken actions.

Be beautiful and healthy!