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Invisible threat. How to protect itself from telephone swindlers?

Three o`clock in the morning. The mobile phone of the husband calls already for the fifth time. The husband sleeps like a log. I with hatred go to look at whom conscience is enough to call so long and busily. I look at the display, there it is written “mother“. At me right there heart goes to heels, I fly like an arrow to the husband, I begin to part forcibly it. He picks up the phone, and I hear in uneasy silence of night an alarmed voice of his mother who asks, whether all at us as it should be.

Frankly speaking, from calls in the middle of the night never you wait for anything good. And when the family, so at all the hair stands on end only from one thought calls that something could occur.

It appeared, mother of the husband was called on a home telephone number and as if-voiced her son, from his face, began to say that it was taken away in police. It is necessary to give urgently money to peace officers of 150 thousand rubles that it was released. And the most important to tell nothing to the wife, i.e. me, and my name was told. Also it was impossible to call anybody, especially in police and the acquaintance, not to ask from anybody on credit.

It is possible to imagine how mother, let already and the adult son, half asleep will react to the events. The woman it already aged, began to panic and raise money. She was told that there will arrive the taxi driver, it is necessary to give him money, and everything will be as it should be. Unsuccessfully trying to phone to us, in parallel she managed to collect a half of the sum and to leave to an entrance.

In date of transmission of money she just phoned to us and understood that everything is all right, we houses also sleep. It was also lucky that the taxi driver appeared not a miss. When the woman took out to it money with a question: “And where my son?“, the taxi driver became puzzled and decided to understand a situation. It appeared, it was caused to the address, told that it is necessary which - what to take away. Everyone made cell phone calls a couple of minutes, checking, whether in way it and how soon will be on the place...

Probably, you should not say that else at half of the night we could not calm down, were on a platoon though the situation was already stabilized. Arose a set of questions in the head. But if properly to think, a lot of things rose on the places. As it became clear, it is easy to learn through the telephone database how many people it is registered in the apartment, names and surnames of living. Through social networks it is easy to track who whom meets also all to that similar.

And how to be protected from all this lawlessness? Though the taxi driver also told us phone numbers from which he was called, it helped nothing. They were blocked. And on it all. None will be the wiser.

I understand that in similar situations to get it together and to begin to think sensibly very difficult, but it is necessary. For a start it is necessary to be convinced precisely that the calling person your relative. On a voice it will be difficult to be made as speak usually quietly and unclear, but to ask a question, the answer to which can know only your relative, it is possible. For example, what was a maiden name of mother, to ask date of birth of the grandmother / grandfather, your place of work. Generally, any question which will be able to mislead malefactors and for some time to disarm them.

It is especially important not to run to raise at once money, and to try to phone according to all possible numbers to the son / daughter / husband.

If say to you that allegedly there was a road accident with participation of your relatives, it is necessary to find out, where exactly it happened by what car there was a person and as much as possible details of an event. Then to call a control room of traffic police or department of police, to find out whether the truth occurred accident in that place about which reported to you.

Malefactors call usually at night when phone call bears in itself something ominous. They very thinly and truly beat our nerves, without allowing to come round and understand that to what. Therefore be vigilant, do not allow to cheat itself!