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The love to Fatherland of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion
in - important
d - for children, banal
z - informative
and - interesting
to - winged
of l - best
of N - not important
p - instructive
with - difficult for understanding
r - in a riddle, for reflection, on ingenuity and installation of the opinion
yu - humour

Lyubov to Fatherland promotes helps development to excite why it is necessary to teach that it prevents formation benefit comes serves protects to bring up to impart allows to show the people loving Fatherland as value definition it is necessary the advantage of the reason a basis

z Lyubov to Fatherland - patriotism, devotion and service to the Homeland is important.
zpv Lyubov to Fatherland - a civil liability before society.
klpv If the person does not love Fatherland - it has no Homeland.
in Lyubov to Fatherland - protection against enslavement.
vk Lyubov to Fatherland - a statehood support.
to Lyubov to Fatherland - cement of society.
of C Lyubov to Fatherland protects the Homeland - better than guns.
klv Fatherland should be loved - under what circumstances.
klv love Fatherland not for something - and contrary to everything.
of C of People, not feeling communication with Fatherland - an empty vessel.
zd Lyubov to Fatherland promotes development of spirituality, morality, philanthrophy … vz the Neglect to patriotism - does to
the people defenseless.
to Lyubov to Fatherland is checked not on meetings - and in a dashing time.
p Lyubov to Fatherland is not grandiloquent loud phrases and aggression, but quiet and peaceful devotion and service.
and Loving Fatherland - subordinates the interests to interests of the Homeland and is ready to stand for them.
and Loving Fatherland honors the native earth, traditions, culture, language …
zp Lyubov to Fatherland - fills life with true sense.
pv Imperfection of the state system should not influence
feelings to Fatherland.
and the Person can be anxious for Fatherland - when everything is all right in a family.
and Lyubov to Fatherland is capable to eradicate corruption alone.
pv From love to Fatherland to nationalism - one step.
pv Lyubov to Fatherland - the only thing that can justify aspiration of the person to the power.
and the Person has to be the patriot of the whole world and even more patriot of the country.
z If patriotism of the person concerning the world and Fatherland is identical - it loses necessary firmness in protection of the Homeland.
vz If all people of the world became cosmopolitans - wars would stop, hatred disappeared and rise of one countries is relative others.
and Cosmopolitism cannot will extend evenly therefore those countries where this process will go quicker will become more defenseless that can lead to their enslavement.
and the Cosmopolitan - the patriot of the whole world.
and the Cosmopolitan does not seek for occupation of other countries - but he is not firm in the protection.
and the Patriot is resistant in protection of the Fatherland - but it is capable also to taking of others.
z Kosmopatriotizm - patriotism to the whole world and a bigger patriotism to the Fatherland.
and Kosmopatriot protects the country with firmness - but cannot participate in aggressive wars.
and the Cosmopolitan - does not protect the country, the patriot - attacks others.
and In the modern world many people are born, study, work, spend an old age in the different countries and become patriots of the world.
in Patriotism - should not be clamped by border.
vp should not exclude Patriotism and cosmopolitism each other, and supplement as the person is involved both in Fatherland, and in the world.
and Fanatical love only to the Fatherland comes down to hatred to other countries that can promote the international conflicts.
and Cosmopolitism without recognition of strengthening of patriotism from world to state - is dangerous.
and the Person has to be the patriot of mankind - but at the same time it surely has to be essentially, the great patriot of the of Fatherland.
and At world patriotism is in pure form washed away love to Fatherland - that does it defenseless.
z At patriotism only to Fatherland probability of aggressive wars, manifestations of nationalism, unworthy behavior abroad … significantly increases.
and Patriotism has to be shown not only concerning the Fatherland, but also all mankind.
and Patriotism, only to the Fatherland, not extended to all mankind is dangerous and causes hatred to other countries.
and Patriotism has to be step, amplifying, towards small Fatherland and weakening, towards all mankind.
and the Person has to be the patriot of the earth, but it is essential, the great patriot of the country.
and Spiritless, fanatical patriotism fixated only on the country can lead to fascism and similar negative manifestations again.
and Spiritless, fanatical patriotism fixated only on the small Fatherland - can lead to attempts of its office.
and From the spiritless, fanatical patriotism fixated only on the people - a direct road to nationalism.
and Behaviour of the spiritless, fanatical patriot abroad - wishes to be the best.
about Step patriotism unlike usual - does not allow nationalism and wars, cosmopolitism - does not give Fatherland on plunder.
and Step patriotism brings up defenders of Fatherland - but not invaders.
p should prefer to Development of patriotism spirituality growth.
z Spirituality unlike patriotism is less safe.
z the Lack of education of spirituality concerning patriotism is its longer maturing.
p by What less technician does our earth - about patriotism it is necessary to those manages more carefully.
pv Education of love to Fatherland has to be carried out so that it was provided, not only not the possibility of capture of others is sewn up the country, but also.
and Lyubov to Fatherland can prosper on the most poor, but to the favourite earth, and be absent - on the richest, but unloved.
to Lyubov to Fatherland - does not depend on richness of the country.
to Lyubov to Fatherland - the sister of spirituality.
and the Spiritless patriot - that a chain dog.
p Loving Fatherland - think of all mankind.
and Fatherland is a close mankind.
and Lyubov to Fatherland and philanthrophy of concept related and close.
and Lyubov to Fatherland protects the country better, than fear of death for change.
szr Lyubov to Fatherland promotes an economy sociality, takes away business from production of unnecessary goods for a facade and boasting - to poverty, animosity of poor people, social tension, the moral decay of society weakening the state, promoting … should love
and Fatherland under any circumstances, the government - if it it is worthy.
pv Lyubov to Fatherland has to rally the fatherland people for protection of the Homeland, but not attack on other countries.
zpv To patriotism cannot be forced - it can only be brought up.
and Fools confuse love to Fatherland to hatred to other people.
and Lyubov to Fatherland is directed to creation in the Homeland, but not destruction the stranger.
p Lyubov to Fatherland - begins in a family.
to Lyubov to Fatherland and freedom - are not separable.
p the Patriot has to is going not to win - and to protect.
p the True patriot serves Fatherland - demanding nothing in exchange.
p the True patriot is not aggressive - and is active.
pv Lyubov to Fatherland has to be born not from the fact that your country is better than others, and from the fact that it needs devotion and protection of those who inhabits it.
and Lyubov to Fatherland - is not connected with policy.
and Lyubov to Fatherland - is not connected with feeling of hatred.
and Lyubov to Fatherland - social feeling which is capable to be formed in idea.
z Lyubov to Fatherland - one of the most strong feelings.
z Lyubov to Fatherland - part of public consciousness.
and the Patriot is proud for the Fatherland.
and Lyubov to Fatherland - a commitment form to the country.
and Lyubov to Fatherland - an emotional rush.
and Concept of love to Fatherland at each person the.
and National and state patriotism - different things.
z the State patriotism - love to fatherland and all nations living in its territory, national - one.
p In love to Fatherland are not admissible a facade and excess noise.
and Lyubov to Fatherland has to improve welfare of the people.
and Each person has to be able to reveal false patriotism.
and Lyubov to Fatherland has to preserve not the power, but the Homeland.
and the Hindrance of love to Fatherland - egoism.
z the Nature which only reproduction concerns, does not know what is love to Fatherland - than the person is more capable and valuable to reproduction - that it stronger it from it takes away.
and Cannot lift Lyubov to Fatherland on high level - without patriotic education of youth.
and Lyubov to Fatherland should not be imposed - but for its growth conditions have to be created.
and Cannot lift love to Fatherland on high level - so far mass media work for anti-patriotism.
and Lyubov to Fatherland - the phenomenon spiritual.
p Lyubov to Fatherland not rage, the patriot has to have clear mind.
p the Fatherland without patriots - is defenseless.
and Lyubov to Fatherland takes root through influence of peers better.
and Lectures of old men can be perceived by youth as grumbling.
and Vera in God should not wash away feeling of Fatherland.
and the True patriot - death is not afraid, moreover it if it is required for Fatherland and the people will go to it.
pv is selfish to be the patriot of the country and not to be a patriot of the world.
p Laughter over patriotism - is dangerous. - it is difficult to overestimate
and Importance of education of love to Fatherland.
p the Patriot, having reached middle-income - does not dare to live in luxury.
p the Patriot does not dare to live better than the majority.
p the Real patriot - lives modestly.
p Lyubov to Fatherland and luxury - are not compatible.
and the Patriot at violation of the law feels not fear of punishment, but a remorse.
and If the person has no Fatherland in soul - to it all the same where to live and die.
z Lyubov to Fatherland promotes service to people.
p Is shameful patriotism - expecting gratitude.
p to be a patriot - means to give, without thinking of remuneration.
zp Without Lyubov to Fatherland - life is not full-fledged.
zp In love to Fatherland - greatness.
and Lyubov to Fatherland - this field of activity of ardent soul, but not cold prudent reason.
and the Nature which is concerned only by reproduction - love to Fatherland did not program, to it it is necessary to come through growth of spirituality and effort of will.
zp the Support of love to Fatherland - unselfishness.
zp Lyubov to Fatherland is warmed up by self-sacrifice.
pv Lyubov to Fatherland is a niskhozhdeniye, and a duty of each person living in society.
in True Love to Fatherland - not ostentatious.
yu Lyubov to Fatherland - the most unwarranted work in payment.
yu is better for the Homeland if the patriot for it lives, than for the sake of it will die. yu the True patriot - paying
taxes, rejoices.
yu Patriotism of the poor - pride that in their fatherland there are a lot of the rich.
yu Lyubov to Fatherland is when the person wears the country, but it does not allow to do to foreigners. yu the Patriot instead of the car buys by
a baby carriage.
yu Those who was not abroad - should love the Fatherland.
yu is difficult to love Fatherland on a hungry stomach.
yu Some love Fatherland - and can do nothing with themselves.
yu is more difficult to Live for Fatherland - than to die for it.

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