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How to define the woman`s type? Businesswoman, or Tatarcha of

Though at first sight all women different, but... As well as at Darwin, our biological community, our type of human individuals - FEMALE SAPIENS - can be divided into groups, destiny - the defining types. These groups are defined by


1. Face type: oval, triangular, with high cheek-bones, round.

2. Outstanding part of the face. Eyes, mouth, nose or jaw, or cheekbones.

3. Figure type (though already to a lesser extent). Pear-shaped, it is cachectic - crooked, is sports - hinged, apple - with accent in a stomach and, of course, kukolno - perfect.

4. Also the communication manner is very important for final definition of subspecies. Gesticulation, speech, speed of reactions and their storminess, at last, sincerity and temperament.

So, type 8 - the Businesswoman, or Tatarcha.

Tamerlan`s soldier. Tank. Or “My Germany above all!“ Self-conceit. To Nazvanyitsa of subspecies, frankly speaking, not the most beautiful. But you will not get to anywhere. I honestly tried to think up softer name, knowing that the word of a tatarch will seem to much rough. But how to replace primitive power of the strongest subspecies from all? Force of steppes, the Mongolian soldiers, courage and determination - all in these women. They a horse at full tilt will stop it. Without allegories.

Why Tatarcha? The inheritance which got to us from Tatar - the Mongolian yoke - a cheekbone. The main accent for this type: pronounced cheekbones on a face at rather small size eyes. Cheekbones express will and power in character.

At this type mainly short legs, a heavy bottom, a wide bone. The figure is more often pear-shaped. Also they get fat over the years in the field of a basin.

It is possible to think that the little girl was not lucky at the birth? No, the nature generously compensated it by the increased working capacity, adaptability to difficulties of life due to remarkable mind. Are clever, cynical, with humour at them as it should be. It is possible to be on friendly terms and spend time in maiden gossips and mockery with them. Usually not silly women to drink - that even more expands a range of sincere communication.

To them is not present equal among subspecies. It is force and mind in all magnificence. Business - the lady - generally they. Brain of our era. In principle, for a civilization and its development men would not be more necessary if not their genital function. In all the rest over time Tatar boys could replace all. They are self-sufficient because they … are self-confident. Also have on all this the reasons. Their self-conceit depends not on length of legs or volume of a breast. And not from appeal of other women`s bodies used by men... Their opinion on itself is put by continuous collision with circumstances of life and a clear constant victory in them. They always get down to business and win.

They, in difference from Bebetonov and Beluchchey, do not need the engine - an obespechitel in the form of the man. They are able to live. Moreover as! Behind them tomorrow.

Are clever and active. Are strong and interesting. All can do. To work, raise children, to direct, lay rails. The rare man holds on to their level. Most often also earn more spouse. These are the main, so to speak, working subspecies. Any cranes in the sky. They know how to live and achieve success by own efforts.

They are women - toilers, women - fighters - and make bulk of the population. They can be seen not only on fields of our fine homeland, but also in the Swiss Alps, and in China and where hosh. Their majority, and the most prolific females - they. They have big and strong families. Without claims, simply. A family - above all.

They work as oxen to support themselves, the family, and a male including. Since the childhood Tatar boys understand that it is necessary to hope only for himself. Nobody will pick up it under hands as Bebetona are white, and in a tower will not put. It because boys do not look at them up to the period of the sexual pantophagy. A mirror in the period of adolescence at all not the friend Tatarchatam. But it promotes development of flexibility of mind and ability to adapt to difficulties of life. Tatar boys get used that if “itself not am“, then you receive nothing at all. In fight for a male Tatar boys also start the remarkable temperament.

The Tatar boy - kompaneets and the merry fellow. As our Mongolian ancestors threw a loop over a steppe horse, so Tatarchi throw networks on the stood gaping man`s individuals, lazy by the nature. Also pull-in of grooms in beds by rigid capture begins. Mind and ingenuity. Tatar boys by youth usually in plain terms offer themselves without long courtings and quirks. At once become pregnant - and rushed:

- Now as the honest person …

It only to years to thirty they already know the own worth and take not the last places on a social ladder. Then here the man is more bright itself asks “in in marriage“ to the workaholic - to the Tatar boy. But, as they say, “you did not stand here“.

If at conversation with the girlfriend all her stories are associated at you with the slogan “Germany Above All“ (when she tells or about the husband, or about the children), then it is Tatarcha. Always at it her own family is the best of all. She just sneers at the others indulgently. The Tatarcha even in a dream, even under the influence of the psychiatrist or the hypnotist does not admit to itself that she in something was not successful. That it is not really beautiful, and therefore - to the one who took it - and on this thanks. Even does not admit to own subconsciousness that holds the man by hook or by crook. What works for him, the freeloader. The consciousness of the unattractiveness is hidden at it deeply inside. And from there is also protective “superiority“.

The Tatarcha will not be on friendly terms neither with Bebeton, nor with Beluchchy. With anybody is more beautiful and more successful than itself. Only with more exactly or with even more unsuccessful elements. With razvedenka or with single mothers. It is not necessary to it the competition.

They are remarkable wives. Are unpretentious in life. The Tatarcha will plow on a family as the horse, will not kick the bucket yet... At three works, in life, in a kitchen garden - where the destiny will throw it. Tatarchu can safely send to Far North, to the Gobi Desert where “Makar of calfs did not drive“. It can be sent to Mars safely. But one condition - together with her dear husband. And then fucking disaster to aliens. In a year the male extolled by it will sit in the oxygen box on Mars, and Tatarcha will plow and develop for it the alien ocean.

Tatarch always at height of career ladders. Directors, owners of business, hostesses, in a word. The list of the richest women FORBES is Tatarchi. If you have with this type a conflict on service - depart, do not stand under an arrow. She all the same will win. Unlucky persons at this type are not.

Here unless only in family life... Quite often steal men from them. While Tatarcha costs at an open-hearth furnace of family wellbeing, some Young fox tikhonechno already dragged away “treasure“. Well, at everyone the shortcomings.