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What products from milk for weeks can be stored without refrigerator?

Curt and irimshik - irreplaceable products for travelers, tourists, hunters, fishermen, mushroom pickers, tactical intelligence agents - military and geologists. They it is better than sugar and chocolate in NAZE (a wearable emergency stock), and are irreplaceable for the people forced to be long in the distance from the house. Than these products are so unique? to

Very much like products from milk - they are tasty, useful and very nutritious. One trouble - long without refrigerator are not stored. Perhaps, the most resistant of them - cheese and that by the evening on picnic will thaw, will creep away, will turn yellow... Not everyone even with a strong stomach will decide to eat it.

Irimshik and Curt - another matter. This unique invention of the nomadic people which historically long had to be in long military campaigns or transitions at a cattle stage, search of new kocheviya. Took these products with themselves and during trade expeditions on the Great silk way. These are products which are made of milk, but on different technologies. They possess different tastes, but unites them, besides usefulness, unique ability not to spoil at quite high temperatures throughout a long time (from several weeks to one months, depending on technology of preparation).

Than these surprising products are still good? And the fact that at the tiny sizes (Curt`s handful or an irimshika easily is located in a pocket) and ease they are comparable to a bag of sunflower seeds. We do not forget that a product of the nomadic people, so it has to not only it is long to be stored, but also to be still compact and easy.

Curt and irimshik sverkhpitatelna because the moisture evaporated from a raw does such product weightless and tiny, but nutritious and useful substances remain in the same quantity, as before evaporation. Just from - for reduction of volume of a product they concentrate in its small amount - here in what a secret of amazing usefulness and a sytnost of these products.

The nomad on the steppe goes, got hungry, put a hand in a pocket - ate a couple of balls of Curt, here and has dinner... Some thrill-seekers call Curt a magic product, “a tablet for hunger“. It to you not heavy canned food, is unclear what made of, to drag. There was a wish to soup, threw several weightless balls of Curt in a kettle - here to you and nourishing nutritious milk soup (the truth, salty, but not sweet as at us got used). Well to have a snack on Curt and beer, is combined with it not worse, than a vobla or pistachios. Sometimes Curt take those who often rock to sleep in the road - he helps to cope with nausea attacks.

Irimshik remotely tastes like a gentle toffee with easy sweetish taste, only in it there is no gram of additives, even sugar. And sweet it from lactose which concentrated in it after moisture evaporation. Very tasty product. Perhaps, any tea drinking in the real Kazakh family does not do without irimshik, it is better than any candies and very much - very useful.

Generally, as they say in advertizing, ate - and an order! Ate - to submit further, mountains, the woods, the rivers, to look for the bluebird of happiness. And filled or, on the contrary, an empty stomach especially you will not do some fighting with heavy baggage, you will not look kochevya, you will not be able long to move on the Great silk way... Curt and irimshik solved these, apparently, mutually exclusive problems with ease, at the same time weeks without spoiling. Unless not a miracle - a product?