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what is a hosting and a hosting provider

Even more often in our life new terms began to appear, someone knows all these terms for a long time, someone only learns, and someone else also does not know. It is article for such who does not know such terms yet as: “hosting provider“, “hoster“, “hosting“, “a virtual hosting“, “a physical hosting“.

The Internet already quite strongly entered our life. Many already also do not represent the life without the Internet. Without his communication, without its help and hints. Many things in everyday life passed to us from the Internet, and of course on the contrary now it is almost possible to make everything without leaving the house, just sitting at the computer. Many words on the Internet came from English, here and the word a hosting came from the English word “host“ too. The word “host“ can be translated into Russian as: owner, holder, leading. Also the word “host“ can be translated as: to take place, receive guests. And still as most of all suitable translation for this word “host“ - the owner of hotel, a holder of hotel seems to me. As near you and your website will live much and other websites. And thus as you already I think, guessed a hosting - it is in other words, the place for your website which you as if rent at a hosting of provider. As well as in hotel, you can buy both a full package of services, and limited opportunities as there is a lot of place, and it is not enough. As a rule, for the young and beginning website rather standard package of the minimum services, about a minimum the space Internet. At any time it is the Internet the place can be increased, it will be possible to increase also additional services.

Why this hosting is so necessary for owners of the websites. I will give a simple example: let`s allow, you created the website on the computer, further you need to post online it in order that anyone of people could see it. Of course it is possible that any user could look at your website directly from your computer, but for this purpose it is necessary that your computer was constantly included and very good computer and very good speed of the Internet is necessary.

And so it turns out that placement of the website on the computer demands big expenses, and will bring many problems and inconveniences. Whereas there is very simple and rather not expensive way, this way and there is a hosting. The hosting can be virtual and physical, we will consider these concepts in more detail.

A virtual hosting

the Virtual hosting is as if placements of your website on someone else`s computer, on the computer a hosting of provider. Of course - the computer it is difficult to call, most likely this highly modern equipment which is in constant connection with the Internet, with very high high-speed the Internet connection. Thus it turns out that you fill in the website on the equipment a hosting of provider, and it already provides continuous access to your website in any world points, in any to time of day to your address or a domain name which you have to register in advance. What is the domain name you can learn here. And so it turns out that you exempt yourself from a set of problems and you shift them to a hosting of provider.

A physical hosting

If your originally not big website begins perhaps turn into the large Internet the project that to you can the physical hosting is required. A physical hosting it when from the computer you will create the server, and all its resources will be involved only for your website. For this purpose you need very good and powerful computer with huge disk space, also very fast and powerful the Internet connection. And as yours the Internet connection, and your computer, have to be constantly active. At any problem with yours the Internet connection or any problem with your server (computer) any more not who will not be able to visit your website. And forgot to tell that at a physical hosting your website is only at you on the server (computer) and to place it not where it is not necessary to buy a domain name enough only. Also it can be useful for you to know if all of you - decide to use a physical hosting - at yourself on the server perhaps of placement of several websites.