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Who stole Pusik? The detective story

- Is not present! Do not touch it! I told you! Do not touch! Leave from Pusik! Leave from the handsome! No! - the bartender Kolya Sitnikov on very well-fad, even, one may say, the fat visitor of « restaurant shouted; Amusing animals .

of an Eye even of such skilled person what was the bartender of this institution, could not look without shudder at actions of this fat torturer. Before this shout the fat man already managed to usosat two decanters of cool vodka, to gobble up four portions of chops, one portion of a shish kebab and from heels of names of salads. Naturally, after such plentiful dinner with hot, something was problematic to do even to the person with a normal weight. But the fat man solved differently. He got on the elephant feet, massaged the absolutely bald skull, and rushed in the middle of the hall. Here people &ndash danced; visitors of restaurant. When powerful hulk of the fat man put in ranks the dancing, these ranks immediately became empty. The sweaty, powerful new dancer made several unclear movements by a body representing allegedly dance, but on it short wind at once pulled hard. The dancer of the disco several times podrygat the elephant extremities and only here realized that in theater of the dance Wind it will hardly be taken. It for a minute stopped and, it was visible that it is sad to it to realize this fact. But the body and soul asked it actions. And then his look addressed on a huge aquarium where among branches, near water the crocodile blindly lay. This crocodile, by nickname Pusik, was pride of « restaurant; Amusing animals . The crocodile slept and he was not even disturbed by the reflections of a light show of restaurant which are constantly playing on his brilliant muzzle. The fat man began to leave from the center of a dance floor and about it at once forgot. But instead of returning to itself for a little table where he had a rest with the little fragile brunette, he crept to an aquarium, removed the top cover. The sloven the bartender to whose duties also feeding amphibious belonged that, by the way, was stated by separate point in the contract of hiring forgot to hang up a padlock on a cover of this huge glass house of an alligator again. And here the fat man put hands in an aquarium and seized the sleeping crocodile as small child. Then pulled out an animal from his house and set up over the head.
- Katyukh! - he cried on all restaurant. - Watch that I want to present to you! Watch what lassie!

this Shout had just at that time when in the hall of restaurant one song terminated, but did not begin the friend. It turned out that the fan of crocodiles cried out all this in a complete silence. Several tens eyes instantly and instinctively directed on a shout source. The fat man shook by rather big crocodile over the head and again shouted:
- It will be to you my gift, Katyukh! He at us will live! I already love it! I want to kiss him! - and the man began to reach lips for a trunk of amphibious. He did not feel any fastidiousness. It just very much liked this sleeping krokodilchik. The reptile was, however, very rather big, but also the fat man was the real athlete. At this moment were also distributed along with ten female shouts of horror, including, and that tiny Katyukhi whom, actually, and this call of the athlete and the same crocodile intended. After long squeals of women the bartender Kolya Sitnikov also interposed in the matter.

the Crocodile woke up from shouts of women. Drinks at ladies in such situation worked regularly. For fear amphibious waved the huge head back, and met the head of the torturer. From Pusik`s blow in a face the fat man, from surprise, let go an animal, in the opinion of it darkened, and huge hulk failed back on a floor of restaurant. Pusik plopped down on a floor and measurement, having stared at visitors of restaurant a baleful look. For a second the death silence as all watched this scene, as in slow-motion shot set in. But then the restaurant was shaken from shout of women again. But shout of Kolya Sitnikov which was expressed by the short Russian word « also joined this shout; » pancake;. Or rather, the guy cried out another, more strong, the word. But it is considered unprintable. The crocodile shuddered from these decibels and moved to a bar rack.
- Polundra! - wildly the young man who was just lovely talking to the companion shouted. The companion carried a deep decollete and openwork tights. It, of course, looked very sexually, and the young man was not tired to pay it compliments. But when Pusik began to come nearer, the gentleman at once forgot about sexuality of the acquaintance, about her openwork stockings and a deep decollete. It one movement pushed away it from itself(himself), and the girl began to be filled up together with a high bar stool back. And itself as the young man jumped on legs as the saiga, literally one jump came off the earth and jumped on a bar counter. At the same time, when landed, it got the fifth point to an ashtray where the sitting next neighbor shook ashes and where its thick Cuban cigar smoked. The gentleman sat down directly on a cigar and the thick, heated tip it instantly burned his fashionable cotton trousers. Pancake! - wildly the guy cried and on all fours went down to creep on a surface of a long bar table, throwing off a hand of an ashtray, wine glass and glasses with drinks. Wild shout, this time man`s, finally discomposed nervous system of an alligator. The maiden failed from a decollete on a floor together with a high stool directly under legs the waitress Luce Solovyova. Lyuska as bewitched observed this picture. This strongly made up maiden is dressed was in a branded uniform of restaurant. A white blouse, long it is dark - the blue short skirt covering almost all legs. The director of restaurant, Baluyev Konstantin Semenovich, believed that short skirts at girls - waitresses will distract men from orders and to cause unnecessary quarrels between spouses and beloved. Waitresses also needed to take away hair in a strict bunch. So, when the maiden with a decollete fell under legs Luce and hit, the crocodile rushed forward. The girl in openwork stockings instantly jumped and moved back. And Pusik regarded it as he attempt of attack on his Australian person and, having opened a mouth, rushed forward. His jaws caught edge of a restaurant skirt of Lucie Solovyova. Lyusya recovered from catalepsy and too sharply moved back, far away from this terrible predator. The skirt tore, and the fair piece it remained in the Australian`s mouth. The girl suddenly appeared in one pants and tights, but all - in still snow-white blouse. Lyuska in a trice jumped on a bar counter as well as the gallant gentleman of the lady in openwork tights.
When before the bartender Kolya Sitnikov appeared the waitress in one underwear, the foulmouth even for an instant forgot about a crocodile and whispered to the girl:
- dreamed to see you Long ago in such look, expensive!

in the hall rose Meanwhile general shout and hubbub. Men and women squalled, they began to get on tables, part of visitors abandoned the things. Many rushed to an exit. But those who were near a bar counter and part of tables, were cut off from retreat. The alligator blocked himself a way to flight and moved on one more waitress. She was called Claudius Knyazev. Unlike bright Lyuska, this girl was a serious person. She studied at medical institute and planned to become the good neurologist. At restaurant she earned additionally the waitress. To students big money to anything. They can distract from study. But it if big money. And to earn additionally somewhere to the student - it just right. Knyazeva kept self-control when on her the Australian predator moved. She quickly and without shouts got up on a bar counter and silently looked at a danger source. All remained visitors sat on tables now as hens on a perch. The first shock passed. It was lucky most those who managed to jump out for a door of restaurant and to that fat man who pulled out a predator from his transparent house. Those who jumped out were lucky because they appeared in the distance from danger, the fat man was lucky that he rolled in a full otklyuchka on a floor of restaurant now and already began to pokhrapyvat slowly. Pusik began to creep up to one of little tables on which the Caucasian got up. The Caucasian swore in the language, but then passed to a usual Russian mat. He shouted to amphibious:
- Slyushay me! Leave from here! Not padkhad to me! Not padkhad!
at the same time his speech alternated strong Russian expressions.
- You not to frighten me! Eh, it is pathetic a dagger at home left! I from you will fry a shish kebab!
Then it developed thought:
- not to be enough Dundee for you! I saw the movie about Dundee. It there such as you a huge dagger in the head stuck also a fuck-up to krakadila! Eh, it is pathetic, there is no dagger with itself!
Is strange, but these threats for some reason worked on a predator, and it began to crawl away.
- Aha! Tryus ti! You Upalzat! But I still will get you! I you will do a shish kebab! You mine devushk frightened! Honor me frightened! Evening spoiled! I to you on a lace will cut!
the Caucasian`s Girl really sat on a table astride, as on a horse, with the eyes full of horror.
the Crocodile began to look round people at restaurant.
- Kolya, make with it something! - began to shout at the bartender Solovyov Lyusk. - This is your ward! Push it back!
- Aha! Razbezhals! - Sitnikov hid behind a thick bar counter. - My duty only to feed this creature, but not to catch it on the room! - he grabbed a bottle with tequila, broke the batcher from a neck and stuck to capacity. In thirty seconds the bottle at it was pulled out from hands by the same gallant gentleman that cast away the companion on a floor together with a stool. Shook the guy. It was visible. He with not smaller diligence stuck to a bottle. The crocodile settled on the middle of the hall of restaurant and calmed down.

- Ooh, you are rubbish what! - with rage stated Lyusya, sitting astride a bar table, - To death frightened me! Ooh, I will revenge you, Pusik! Ooh, I will revenge! And you where stared, the moron! - she shouted this time to that gentleman that exhausted a half of a barmen bottle with tequila. That drank up to the bottom alcohol, and now drunk eyes looked at underwear of the waitress.
- look At a crocodile, but not at me! Understood? - she threatened the guy. That unwillingly translated a view of a reptile.
- It is necessary to call in militia! - the companion of the client wearing spectacles, &ndash shouted from the table; The Bartender, call in militia!
Kolya and so on the course of day accepted in himself some doses of alcohol. After it was thoroughly put to tequila, and without batcher, absolutely carried it. But he nevertheless took the call of a radio telephone and took 02.
- Alla! - it is drunk he cried in a tube, - Militia?! It is told from « restaurant; Amusing animals . What happened? And here the crocodile terrorizes us. What? Yes, crocodile. Yes, live. He wants to gobble up us. Who is drunk? I am drunk? And if on you a crocodile with an open mouth to guzzle you climbed, you would not get drunk? Wait! Do not throw communication! Wait!
- They told that I did not misbehave and nonsenses did not disturb them. Told, sober up, then call. Did not believe...
- It is necessary to call Konstantin Semenovich! It it from Australia brought it to us here. This is his favourite! - Lyuska offered.
- Precisely! - Sitnikov supported.
- Pagadi! I thought up! - the Caucasian shouted and began to dig in pockets, - I had a friend Africa. I to call him and he will tell what to do. the Caucasian found
phone and began to press the buttons. It was answered by his fellow countryman because within two minutes the mountaineer shouted in a tube something in the language. When conversation ended, it loudly declared:
- the Friend told it is necessary to pravasirovat it. Here. It is not necessary to pravasirovat it, people!
- Fie you! Call the director!
the Bartender was unsteady and therefore transferred a tube to the waitress Claudia Knyazeva. When the subscriber answered, she accurately and clearly stated a situation. she told
After completion of conversation to all attendees:
- do not move and do not try to jump out of restaurant. Here the director and the owner of this animal goes. He knows how to neutralize it. So, we wait so far. It will be in twenty minutes.
the Alligator began to move gradually meanwhile. It seemed, he with such hatred watches at people that took away it from his house for tens of thousands of kilometers and brought here, to this eternally loud and drunk restaurant, on a fun to guests. And they, these guests, laughed at it, Pusik as they could. Someone threw to it pieces of bread and unfinished beefsteaks, someone tried to add to water to a crocodile of vodka. Those that smoked a grass tried to download in an aquarium more smoke from a jamb to look how the alligator from Australia goes bananas. But nobody treated Pusik with kindness and caress, except the owner, Baluyev Konstantin Semenovich. But on the other hand, it dragged it here...

Pyotr Kozlikov`s Brother, Stepan Kozlikov, stood together with the director of « restaurant; Amusing animals at the broken terrarium. Only a week ago the bad story with a crocodile, and now a new misfortune ended with Pusik. This time, Baluyev`s favourite just disappeared. That time Konstantin Semenovich managed to appear in time. Thanks to sloppiness of the bartender who forgot to close an aquarium cover on the lock, and a trick of the drunk fat man Pusik appeared on a floor of restaurant and tired out all visitors and workers of an institution on tables and on a bar counter. A week ago, Konstantin Semenovich a shot from the special gun that it brought together with a crocodile from Australia, managed to lull a predator and by that, for certain to save life to an unfortunate krokodilchik. Today there was only a broken glass house, and Pusik completely evaporated. Stepan Kozlikov, unlike the brother, did not go after the termination of the higher school of militia to official public service. He did not love a strict daily routine, numerous collections, piles of instructions and pressure of the management. And it treated corpses very intolerantly. Therefore, horned husbands and wives became his major customers. He tracked down husbands and wives by request of their halves, provided photos and the oral report, about that with whom where as well as how many the tracked-down object spent time. And, not only family people, but also lovers who passionately wished to control all movements of each other addressed it. Did not avoid Stepa and search of the gone doggies and kitties. He was a founder and the founder detektivno - search bureau Eye of a falcon . His brother Pyotr Kozlikov who served under supervision of the colonel Melnikov Pavel Ignatyevich now became the second founder. Thus, the bureau consisted of two people: brothers Kozlikov. Pyotr Kozlikov practically did not take any part in work of bureau. Murders, robberies, heavy injuries to it seemed more important work, than an assessment and imprinting of degree of branchiness of horns at adulteresses and husbands. But, nevertheless, Pyotr gave purely information support that was extremely useful. In bureau the student of institute of agronomics Tapkin, future star of agro-industrial complex of Russia, and also his girlfriend Marusya Slantseva was involved sometimes. But so far the star did not refuse to play for a moderate reward the spy. However, once this game nearly ended for the student tragicly. It conducted the next object. And that there was a man directly - an athletic build, besides the former pathfinder as it appeared then. The man the moment copied the salted pork fat, and round the corner buildings just raised the thin student over the earth and was already going to beat out from it confession. But it was not required. Student right there, readily, squeaky voicethe ohm told everything that knew. That it was employed by « bureau; Eye of a falcon for shadowing and photography of contacts of the athlete. Stepan Kozlikov had then a bruise in a half of a physiognomy, but also the athlete tried receptions drunk » style; in hand-to-hand fight. The jaw at the athlete was turned off. Kozlikov did not give secret of the customer of shadowing. The truth then, this Rambo`s wife herself told him on excite that employed Eye of a falcon as it had a suspicion. Like, the man has a mistress. But the suspicion did not come true, and the love between them only got stronger. The athlete even came to apologize to Stepan to show to him the respect of its firmness and fidelity to secret of the client. Moreover, the athlete promised to recommend Stepan to the friends, friends of friends and so forth as good expert.

So, Stepa, unlike the brother, liked to roll about with the book in hands on a sofa, to have a sleep hours to twelve, to buy light beer and to drink it when viewing football matches. Also the guy liked to read now and then detective stories and even, sometimes composed verses. Verses those were, say, directly, not masterpieces, but they gave pleasure, first of all to Kozlikov, besides developed imagination. But Stepan, despite such way of life, was not a mattress at all. He three times a week and without admissions attended classes in hand-to-hand fight in drunk » style;. It when the person behaves and fights as strongly drunk subject, but at the slightest opportunity sobers in fractions of a second and strikes extraordinary direct and effective shots and applies effective receptions receptions.
- you will undertake this business?
- I Think and. You examined already the room? there is no
- Pusika anywhere. I samolichno oblazit everything here. Evaporated. Kozlikov clapped
on an aquarium cover which was closed on a hinged lock.
- And this cover is always closed?
- Now, it seems yes. My bartender to whose duties care of Pusik belongs already received from me a serious scolding and deprivation of an award for the forgetfulness. He often forgot to close a cover on the lock. And a week ago there was this incident when I nearly lost the pet from - for drunk tricks of one fat and very drunk client and a sclerosis of my bartender. The predator appeared on freedom. And cruel men could kill my Pusik.
- But the bartender recovered now from disorder?
- yes.
- is good Now, I undertake this business. Tell me everything about your favourite. Where you got it? What the predator, what its habits how many it costs in the market, approximately eats. Also tell in detail about incident with Pusik last week who then worked in an institution who was that fat man who let out an animal whether it was really drunk or only pretended to be. Well, also you will tell me who when and why suggested you to sell an alligator. On the course there will be also other questions, naturally.
- Of course. But then it will be required to us Kolya`s help, my bartender, and two waitresses that worked that day.
- is good. But now I once again will examine the room a new view. Just for secure. And you prepare to me the plan of system of ventilation of an institution so far. There is no refuse chute? there is no
- where you throw out Garbage?
- the Container on the street.
- you examined it? there is no
- of course.
- Well, I will make it too. For now I need the scheme of these metal boxes of ventilation, - Kozlikov pointed by a ball pen to the air-channels going on all room. As the interior and planning of the room were non-standard, air ducts went on room top, bent around various obstacles and went down, lasted on a floor and again left top. The powerful conditioner pumped over through all this system air without problems.
- Still a question of your Pusike. If I push the head in a ventilating grate, or we will tell a hand, I believe, your favourite to me will bite off what I will push there?
- It is a predator. I think too that he will bite off everything that you will put there.
- is clear. You have a powerful lamp and small, no, the mirror in an institution is better than the average size? there is no
- likely. A small lamp - that is small
- it is good. I descend now, I will examine just in case a slop tank, and then I will run in shop behind a lamp and a mirror. When everything is ready, I will call you. Kolya Sitnikov arrived on time

for work. But as soon as it entered the hall, at once rose as driven. He did not see such picture yet. His chief, the director of restaurant, was on all fours at a ventilating grate of an air duct, at that its part where it went on a floor of restaurant. Konstantin Semenovich held a mop by which end the adhesive tape attached a mirror of the average sizes in hand. Near it too the young man was on all fours and turned off the screw-driver the screws fixing an air duct lattice. Neither the young man, nor the chief Koli saw it. Then the young man with the screw-driver turned off a lattice and included a lamp. The powerful pillar of light fell on fixed, on a mop a pocket mirror. The respectable chief began to thrust a mop into system of ventilation. Dumbfounded, Kolya went further to a locker room and on the road saw the broken glass house of an alligator which was not on the habitual place. The bartender was not even frightened, and just asked the waitress Claudia sitting on a bar stool:
- What, Pusik went out for a walk again?
- Was gone Pusik. It is nowhere. Stole and made a shish kebab of a crocodile, probably.
Sitnikov knowingly nodded, passed further in a locker room. When he returned, before taking the workplace behind a rack, attentively studied all floor around himself, glanced in doors under legs. Then blocked narrow pass between a show-window of bar and a bar table three boxes with empty bottles.
- And now, let walks! - Kolya told quietly aloud and began to watch how in the distance now the director fastened a lattice on the place. Means, do not send Pusik! - with some pleasure the guy thought.
of Doubts was not - Pusik is not at restaurant. Stepan Kozlikov together with the head of an institution passed to small office room. Kozlikov began to ask questions. From Baluyev`s answers the following picture turned out: the crocodile was brought personally by Baluyev from Australia especially for the restaurant. Exotic increased attendance level Amusing animals . Yes, suggested to sell to it Pusika, and it is a lot of - many times, from the first day as the animal appeared before public. But Konstantin Semenovich refused to sell it flatly. Representatives abrupt, and even very cool restaurants and entertainment centers located in the most prestigious places of the megalopolis began to come to it. Offered good money. The matter is that Pusik`s coloring was very and very unusual, even for a crocodile as species. It attracted with it both judges, and just fans of exotic animals. Baluyev was also one of such judges. It even took several pictures of Pusik and sent them to the famous zoologist, the dean of faculty of fauna, professor Alyabyev. Alyabyev confirmed that on a photo quite rare copy is represented and that its owner, undoubtedly, was lucky. Also Baluyev told about crocodiles as a look, their food allowance, their habits and habits a little. All this was pleasant to Kozlikov a little. Further they invited in an office Kolya Sitnikov who with pleasure agreed to tell still an ominous story of attack of an alligator on people at restaurant a week ago. Kolya told very not indifferently, he even swung hands and did an ominous face, as if representing a grin of a predator. But as, then Kolya was very drunk, his information was saturated with paints, but not the facts. The bartender became, was, to picture as the artful and cruel predator broke a skirt from Lyuska Solovyova in a rush of animal passion but it was killed, thanked for information and sent to serve only so far in the morning the client in an institution.

After Kolya invited Lyusyu and Claudia. Lyusya began to describe too events of that evening when it was impudently bared by a crocodile, too colourfully, but maloinformativno. It was sent to the help to Sitnikov. And here Claudia`s story was absolutely other. It accurately restored the facts and sequence of events of that evening who and and said that did who and as threatened a krokodilchik. The animal was threatened by the Caucasian. The fat man, that Pusika from his house took out, very much admired an alligator and to it, it is visible, sank down to present thought amphibious to the lady. She remembered and Lyuski`s words with threats to a silent beast. And silent hatred of the bartender to whose duties belonged to look after the Australian. The girl was sincerely thanked for useful data, and the director even promised to write out an award to such attentive and competent employee. Claudia was released.
- So what we have at the moment? - Stepan Kozlikov, &ndash began to argue; Who found Pusik`s loss?
- I also found - Baluyev, &ndash answered; I always open restaurant. I wait for Alexey Krupnov. We carry out calculation of the menu, we solve the arisen problems, I check the yesterday`s paid bills, I line balance, sometimes I talk to cooks and waiters, the bartender. If there are no special problems, and business takes its course, I already by a lunch leave restaurant.
- When you opened restaurant, the lock was broken? Alarm system?
- to enter into restaurant, it is necessary to open the lock and to gather an alarm signal release code. If not to make it, there will arrive children in shape with guns at the ready. We have a contract for protection with the local Department of Internal Affairs.
- the Lock was broken? It easily opened? A padlock how I understood, examining an entrance door?
- Yes. But the lock opened regularly. I removed the alarm system.
- Show me the lock, please!
When Konstantin Semenovich returned with the lock in hands, he told with astonishment at once: - Watch
, Stepan! And I also did not notice! The lock - that was tried to be cut!
Kozlikov took the lock in hand and looked narrowly. On a handle of company steel of the lock of world famous firm ABLOY there were cut traces. Very superficial and it is valid, hardly noticeable. But they were. It did not sort character of traces of a pileniye with the naked eye.
- Steel, probably, the strong! - Baluyev assumed.
- you have a spare lock? I will take away this!
- we Will find, of course.
- you know, I will depart for a minute once again now.

Kozlikov left office room, went to an entrance door to restaurant and at the threshold sat down on hunkers. He began to study attentively space before a door. Here already everything was awfully trampled, nevertheless, it found what looked for. Having got a small cellophane bag and a rake from a pocket, Stepan scraped off the trampled dirt from a floor and put it in this bag. He also bypassed outside premises of restaurant and approached to the door of a rear entrance. Here he also sat down on hunkers, attentively examined everything. Here it did not find anything remarkable and returned back to Baluyev`s office.
- the Back entrance as I already looked, is locked from within. Besides to it I did not find approach traces, not to mention traces of possible breaking. I would see traces on snow, - aloud Kozlikov, &ndash reflected; Thus, if to consider that all lattices have also no breaking traces, penetration happened from a main entrance. Who knew a code of shutdown of an alarm signal and who had keys from the lock? Except you, of course?
- my headwaiter Alexey Krupnov. Waitress Lyusya Solovyova. It works for me for a long time. Bartender Kolya Sitnikov. It though we will smash happens, but does not shirk work and not bad carries out the duties. In total.
- Alexey Krupnov as concerned to a crocodile?
- Is very good, unlike others. He understands that exotic attracts clients.
- And Claudia Knyazeva, your second waitress, had a key and a code of the alarm system? there is no
- it at us recently.
- Money were gone? There can be still something? there is no
- collection takes away money from us hour in three - four mornings. I store the small sum in the safe. But the safe was not opened. The door in office is whole too. Only Pusik was gone.
- And where Alexey Krupnov was that evening when the predator appeared on a floor of restaurant and tired out all on tables and chairs?
- that day it still hurt flu. So was at home.
Kozlikov twisted the lock in a hand and asked:
- you, of course, opened the key the lock when came from morning?
- Of course. And what?
- is fine. Means, not to find breaking traces any more. So, what versions we have. In - the first, Pusik your competitors could steal. You refused to sell such exotic thing, so there is other, criminal way it to get.
In - the second, maybe, someone from visitors decided to revenge an animal for fears that underwent during events of week. It is improbable, but now nothing should be surprised. In - the third, perhaps someone from employees stole Pusik. To sell, revenge, or just to destroy from personal hostility if it is so possible to be expressed. Let`s consider first of all those who knew a code and had a key. Krupnov? But you say that he appreciated a crocodile. I do not dismiss it, he could receive the favorable offer from some rich competitor and agree. Kolya Sitnikov. Long ago works? What it is possible to tell about it?
- Works four years. He not really, in my opinion, loved Pusik. But the duty to look after a crocodile was assigned to him. That else... Likes to flirt with women. To drink not the fool.
- I why about men I ask. Pusik not a fuzz. That to drag off it, it is necessary to have certain forces. And besides to be a courageous person. Such reptile - that will also approach terribly not that to drag off. Or the crocodile has to become for a while safe....
- you mean that my Pusik could be lulled?
- Is very probable, Konstantin Semenovich.
- Well, Kolka - that this crocodile, feared like the plague! It to it even showered food with a long metal fork.
- And Krupnov was afraid of it?
- I Think yes. In any case, it almost never approached even an aquarium. It seems to me, all Amphibia are unpleasant to it. But this business such, unsurprising. Alligator - this is not the Persian kitty who is pleasant for snuggling and stroking. I also did not demand from anybody love to Pusik. Cares - yes, leaving - yes, but not love.
- And Lyusya Solovyova? How it concerned a crocodile?
- Too not really. Timidly. Fastidiously. I even few times heard how she called my predator disgusting lizard .
- And Claudia?
- Here it was not afraid of it. It in general, very quiet and judicious girl. Attentive. Not careless, as Lyusya. Works for us, studies at medical institute. Looks after the grandmother.
- is good. I once again want to talk over with employees. I to them will have several same questions. I ask you to be present at conversation, and that without you they will not begin to answer me. You agree?
- Of course. With whom we will begin? - Baluyev supported Kozlikov`s undertaking.

as a result of conversation with each of the suspected employees valuable to investigation of data especially did not increase. Children repeated word for word testimonies of each other, and in it there was nothing surprising: all of them saw the same picture, except Alexey Krupnov. Kozlikov friendly asked who where studies or studied, with the purpose to find out whether he is not present among the suspected zoologists or biologists. Alexey Krupnov graduated from economic higher education institution. Kolya, the bartender, told that graduated from school of life and from official educational institutions only technical training college as a milling machine operator. Lyusya Solovyova did not study anywhere and especially not sobit iratsya it to do farther. He talked over and with Claudia Knyazeva. She studied at medical institute in the morning, and from four o`clock in the afternoon worked as the waitress. Kozlikov wanted, was, to ask couple of questions and to three cooks that prepared dishes at restaurant, but here Baluyev as the first clients already appeared already objected, and they should be served. Kozlikov said goodbye to the director and the staff of restaurant and told that he will undertake which - what actions and will contact the customer at emergence of news. In the evening of the same day, Stepan invited Pyotr Kozlikov, the brother, to run in bowling - club. The received advance allowed to make it without problems. Brothers chatted, Stepan gave part of advance payment to Pyotr and put on a table a plastic bag with something heavy inside. Kozlikov is the senior, even without developing a package, the parcel to itself in a bag and as time was already later hid and all wanted to sleep, both got into the cars and parted on houses. Tomorrow there was the next working day.
- is healthy, the brother! - efficiently the senior greeted.
- Is healthy, Petya! - Stepan answered in a tube mobile.
- I have for you information. Put at me fully, I will be short. So, I gave your lock for examination. As usual it was necessary probashlyatsya. Mitrich demanded cognac again. And so, you know what today experts told me? That a lock - that yours was tried to be cut a napilnichok with such section that on a refile of a handle the whole years would leave. This is Mitrich determined by notches of a cut.
Is good that you collected a few grains of shaving. The matter is that, having studied appearance of this shaving, its character, plus a form of this small cut, Mitrich at once told: those who tried to cut the lock actually were not going to do it. It or they took first to them a file, seemingly, still of the Soviet production as it was cut off for a long time. Such the huge number rolls almost at each resident of the former Soviet country. But nobody especially tried to cut. Made a cut as blind. Or these thieves absolutely oaks if took such tool of opening. But it is improbable. Oaks not oaks, and your wanted Pusik they managed to steal! So, nobody tried to open the lock seriously. So, to be indulged as your robbers with the lock, even the child could. Such affairs. Someone from the to see, did this action. Who had a key and a code. And the handle was sawn as blind. And here from a terrarium cover where there lived a crocodile, most likely malefactors had no key. Therefore broke aquarium glass. But it is my version.
Ya here here still that thought. The crocodile could just be lulled, having thrown him food with sleeping pill or having given an injection. But for this purpose skills are necessary the veterinarian if they your Pusik`s prick neutralized.
- I also think, Petya. Perhaps, and the injection was given. Though I doubt. With food it is more convenient. You are right.
- Well, everything, so far. - that when we will go to fishing?
- Sometime yes we will go! Naidoo here the krokodilonenavistnik, or krokodilolyub. I do not know yet whom it, it, or they will appear. Also we will jerk! All right, so far, Petrukha!
- Ugu. See you!

Stepan Kozlikov sat at a little table in a corner of restaurant with Konstantin Semenovich. They drank the smoking coffee, careful Lyusya brought to them fresh French rolls. Konstantin Semenovich listened to information and asked:
- Means, from the outside we do not reject penetration at all, but verification of the version will be prime that someone from employees...
- Give without offenses, well?
- Without offenses! - Baluyev agreed.
- So who could find or know the respectable buyer on a reptile? Who answered calls, refused to potential persons interested to get Pusik?
- Generally Alexey Krupnov, my headwaiter. He followed my instructions. And these instructions were simple: polite refusal. Few times I received letters to the address of restaurant with the same request to sell Pusika. And then I wrote the negative answer.
- Means, Alexey Krupnov had almost all information on persons interested to buy a predator?
- Well, probably and. Though I, naturally, did not ask it to write down their coordinates.
- And Alexey Krupnov had a key from a terrarium cover?
- Hm. I do not know. It is necessary to ask.
- Ask, please.
Konstantin Semenovich rose and went to the headwaiter who sat near an entrance waiting for guests. Clients in an institution were almost not, it were deaf hours - about eleven in the morning. Konstantin Semenovich returned to Stepan and told:
- And at Alexey was a key from a terrarium. He logically made everything. Just when Kolya will get sick, or will be late, someone had to feed up a reptile. Therefore Alexey took away to himself the second copy of a key that constantly hung in a locker room. Competent decision of the managing director.
Kozlikov rose, apologized and went to Krupnov:
- Tell Alexey, and you put aside for the night a key from an aquarium in a locker room? there is no
- Yes. I as attached it to the sheaf, did not remove. Problems are not necessary to us. And that someone from employees, or their children that come sometimes here, to the parents, will be curious and will open an aquarium cover. Even just for an entertainment. And it - predator. And God forbid what it happens, we will be guilty, all the same. And the rumor what will go supposedly in Amusing animals to somebody, God forbid, the hand was bitten off, for example. No, the smaller number of people has an access to danger, the better.
- whether Many calls to you arrived with the offer to sell Pusika?
- Were such offers.
- you had coordinates of those who would like to obtain this Australian miracle? there is no
-. I did not write down them. Or pretended that I write down. Not to offend the person. Spoke if something changes, then we will call back to you. But actually I followed Konstantin Semenovich`s instructions - refusal.
- And - that you as concerned to a crocodile?
- Was afraid if it is honest. But as the marketing mix, is excellent idea.
- Thanks for information! - Kozlikov thanked and returned to Baluyev`s office.
- the Third copy of a key was at whom from an aquarium cover? - the young detective asked.
- At me in the safe, But it so there also lies.
- That. It is probable that time attempt of a robbery, and breaking the glass house of an alligator too no more than a performance was dramatized. Because if the malefactor just opened a cover and carried away a crocodile, foremost suspicions would fall on the one who had a key.
- is logical.
- I would like to talk over with Kolya Sitnikov once again. I will return soon.
Pyotr approached a bar counter. Clients were not yet. Sitnikov sat and watched TV.
- Tell, Kolya whether you to somebody transferred a key from an aquarium cover? You, for certain, left somewhere, were ill, someone had to look after Pusik in your absence?
- did not tell anybody. Happened, on affairs it is necessary for me, so there is Alexey. It has a key too. What to feed this alligator there? Slightly opened a cover, on a long fork to it pushed a grub, all. And the third key remained with the chief... So I transferred to nobody.
- And you as concerned to an alligator?
- And did not belong in any way. It to me not the brother. And in general, without special love if it is honest. It a beast, and behind it leaving is necessary. Let small, but leaving. And it distracts from work and additional efforts. I, of course, understand, exotic and so on. But also understand me. If there was someone another who would be engaged in all this leaving, then to me this crocodile would be on - to a drum. And so, it turns out that I it as if mummy.... Let`s devour a cage, to consider. And not really - that such sonny with a mouth is pleasant to me that he is ready to gobble up the mummy for nothing! No, I to it treated without delight.
- Thanks, Nikolay. I will ask just in case where you were in night of kidnapping of Pusik?
- Yes we just dispersed nights all at half past three, so I home also went. Sat down on a taxi, as well as all employees and left. We have a contract with taxi firm. They always carry us on houses. And to sleep after change, you know how hunting! Home came, took a bath also in juncture.
- is good. I will return to office now, and you call, please, Lyusyu in Baluyev`s office. For small conversation. Only not now, and when it at an angular table will serve that couple.

When Lyusya Solovyova entered an office, first of all showed the discontent that it is distracted from work. there is no
- But in the same place now clients? - slightly Baluyev
- Nothing joked. And if comes? This Knyazeva Klavka will take away the order, and tip, so too. One couple from clients so far. And all! There now, I here. You will torture me about this lizard again? Around wons how many people vanish and them nobody looks for, and here all search for the toothy monster!
- I to you will have only several questions, Lyusya, - it is conciliatory Stepa Kozlikov told. - Call, please, an alarm system code.
- Something there twenty seven... Or sixteen... Definitely I do not remember... Besides, when I - that opened last time restaurant? I also do not remember. Or the director himself opens, or Krupnov.
- And a key from the lock of restaurant you where you store?
- Where - where! In my box in a locker room it hangs, on a carnation. I when I leave, in a pocket I put it.
- Well, about your attitude towards Pusik I will not ask.
- And I never also hid before anybody the relation. What attitude towards a lizard at the decent girl can be? I even am afraid of ears to death though I know that it is useful creations. And here with two huge jaws and teeth! Still the anxious some this! A skirt from me, broke, the pervert!
- And tell, Lyusya, you told a code of the alarm system to somebody? Who could know that it at you in the book is written down?
- I did not tell anybody! And who could see... And! Klavka saw. About three weeks ago, when Konstantin Semenovich left, and Krupnov since morning to tooth went. Kolya after change slept off. Here we came with it at the same time to doors of restaurant. I - that thought that Krupnov there already, at office of an institution. On the contrary! But, on such cases I a key - also have that. I got the book, entered a code. That I am it, has to remember if I two times a month at best use it. And last year in general, four times for all year. It not phone of darling that by heart to remember it! - with malice Lyusya finished.
- Well, I thank for information. I will ask you, will expatiate to nobody on our conversation in detail. If somebody is interested nevertheless, especially if it is persistent, then tell me on mobile. There is my business card, - Kozlikov stretched a piece of a cardboard Luce.
- Wow! Search bureau Eye of a falcon ! Cool! And why not « bureau; Beak of a golden eagle! - the girl bit.
- is fine, Lyus, go, work! Thanks for information! - amicably the director of restaurant told. - Once again thanks.
the Girl rose and left. Men kept silent a little. Baluyev got up from the chair:
- you still, Stepan, want to talk over with somebody? there is no
- Today, perhaps. I will contact you when I have new information.
Oleg left an office, passed through all restaurant to an exit, smiled to waitresses. On the way home processed the avaricious information obtained from personal records of workers. Krupnov, before coming the headwaiter in Amusing animals worked the administrator in a quite famous casino. But constant tricks of the lost clients tired him how it was written down in the questionnaire. Kolya, the bartender, in general worked at plant the turner. Left when the plant was safely covered copper basin . Cooks worked from the date of foundation of restaurant. Recently only Claudia came. Well-mannered, serious girl. According to Baluyev. And worked as the ordinary nurse in a bolnichka before. Nurse...

mobile Kozlikov rang out Next day and he answered. Lyusya called and told that yesterday about a conversation essence in a director`s office Claudia Knyazeva began to be very actively interested. It is impossible to tell that Stepan was surprised to this message. He only asked the girl whether she satisfied its request and Konstantin Semenovich not to disclose a conversation essence to other people. On what Solovyova even contemptuously hemmed supposedly you what, absolutely for the idiot you hold me? Yes, I forgot to call about your request yesterday, but did not forget about the arrangement to keep secret.
- whether And you remember, Claudia on credit did not ask money from you?
- Was business. Yes, with money it had problems. Even to the director, it seems, went to ask the credit. What there was farther - I do not remember. And what, already the person cannot have financial problems, at once detectives begin to be interested in him? there is no
- Yes. And I have financial problems! - Kozlikov complained. - You do not borrow money to me? - cheerfully Stepan asked.
- you that there in the Eye of a falcon absolutely what sharpness was lost? To ask money from the poor waitress, the girl!
- It I tried to joke. You Knyazeva`s money lent?
- Yes from where I have money! More or less is enough for life, and there is no surplus. I refused to it. Besides it works for us recently.
- you know, I will come to you still today. I want to ask couple of questions to Krupnov. Report to it. Well?
- I Will tell. It on the place. And more from me do not ask money! Here if invite me to appointment, then I will think. But I will not be able to allocate more than hundred rubles.
- Sorry, but now not before appointments. If I starve absolutely, then I it is obligatory for a loan you these hundred rubles. For now see you!
- To a meeting, our detective, but, unfortunately, it is obvious not Rothschild.
- you such mercantile?
- Not absolutely. I just like falcons. They such beautiful in flight, such graceful. And an eye at them sharp. And wings powerful. You falcon, probably, time your « bureau; Eye of a falcon is called? Or from a falcon only an eye remained with you? Kozlikov heaved
a deep sigh. If not to stop this infinite dialogue, then it and will continue.
- To a meeting, Lyusya! - the detective said goodbye, and the first pressed the communication release button.

Stepan came to itself home, turned on the computer and hammered in the searcher photos of crocodiles . To its attention the longest row with images of a predator appeared. Generally, he even agreed in some way with talkative Lucie`s opinion that especially pleasant in these reptiles there is not a lot of. To look after such dangerous muzzles as the bartender Kolya Sitnikov spoke, too would not cause delight in Kozlikov if it had to be done. It presented itself(himself) on the place of those visitors who saw this predatory muzzle on freedom a week ago, at that restaurant where they wanted to have a rest. Here the reptile blocked a way to retreat. Horror! And having read with what speed and a molniyenosnost the alligator can overtake the victim, Stepa was glad that was not that evening in Amusing animals .
If is amusing animals what now watched at the detective from the monitor screen, that then it spiteful animals? Kozlikov turned on the printer, noted ticks part of images and let them on the press. When the press terminated, it got an envelope from a table box, bent in half the printed-out images and enclosed them in it and sealed. Then attached the smallest drops of glue a confidential, invisible thread across an envelope. Wrote To Baluyev in the column To Whom also sat down to phone.
- Konstantin Semenovich! Yes, it is Kozlikov. I to you will have a request. I will stop by at your restaurant today. Mne Alexey Krupnov will be necessary. At it I will leave an envelope for you. When Krupnov transfers him to you, very much I ask not to open an envelope. And in an invariable look to keep it, then I will come for it. Once again I ask it not to open. There is nothing valuable all the same. What? Yes, it is a small proverochka. Once again I will repeat: not to open! Everything, see you!

Stepan arrived to restaurant and greeted with Lyusy and Claudia. It resolutely went to office room, knocked and entered. Alexey Krupnov pretended that he is glad to this visit. But attentive Stepan was not easy to be cheated.
- I have not enough time, than can help? - as much as possible politely the headwaiter took an interest.
- Well, I then will not distract you. Just give this envelope to Konstantin Semenovich. It is very important. Personally in hands.
- What, something was dug on loss of an alligator?
- Yes. And very important information. Hand over personally to it. There photos some.
- I will Surely tell. Do not worry.
- Well, I will not distract you, and I would like to drink just a coffee cup at you in an institution. And to eat a couple of these most tasty French rolls!
- Without problems. Address waitresses. Good-bye.
- Good-bye.
Stepan slowly walked on restaurant and occupied a little table in a room corner, is closer to Claudia. Lyusya wanted, was, will come nearer, but Claudia was ahead of her and instantly it appeared near the young detective.
- Claudia! I want to take a sip to coffee at you and to eat a couple of your most tasty rolls. They so were pleasant last time to me!
- is unsurprising, - without emotions the girl answered. - This company ours to no - Hau, so to speak. At anybody in the district such vkusnyatin is not present. I precisely tell it to you!
- So, then three rolls and a big cup of coffee, please! the girl brought to
In five minutes on a tray the order, placed everything before the client and took an interest:
- Perhaps, something else?
- Sit with me a little, and that to me is sad something. Perhaps you have some version to whom this reptile could be required or prevent? You the girl clever, maybe, will throw couple of ideas!
- Well, is direct such and clever! - she kartinno grinned. - But I will share the thought: it was made by request. Pusik was really beautiful. And, probably, cost considerable money. So I will not be surprised if it emerges where - nibud at smart restaurant or a casino. Krupnov, by the way, in a prestigious casino worked earlier. Our competitors employed some bear-hunter, that got into restaurant and... The fact that someone revenged Pusik is improbable
. Though now there are enough loonies...
- But the alarm system - that did not work! - Goats were made by a small draft of odorous coffee.
- Yes these alarm systems for the pro that a crossword puzzle in AIF for the winner What? Where? When? . It needs to chop off it. As well as to open this hinged lock.
- And you did not know an alarm system code?
- From where! And on which it is necessary to me, this alarm system! I here work recently, besides there is no wish to me excess responsibility. My business to bring the order, to tell the kind word to the client and to receive the tip.
- you, probably, here earn additionally that to pay for training? Knyazev`s
attentively looked at a serene face of the guy.
- I nevertheless managed on free to arrive. So so far is enough for me for my student`s life.
- And what faculty at you?
- Neurology.
- Wow! - sincerely the young man was surprised. - The Most difficult science!
- is fine, it is time for me to go. It managed to you to find out about something about Pusike? - the girl asked.
- And - and - and, - disappointedly the founder « waved a hand; Eyes of the Falcon . - Not really there are affairs with investigation so far. Very not really.
- I Wish you success that here still you will tell! - Claudia said goodbye and began to leave. Goats looked narrowly at its figure. Low, but very much, probably, sports girl. In any case, he noticed that if Lyuska often smoked a cigarette, then Claudia never started up tobacco rings. Good fellow, little girl! Fairly clever, sports, purposeful.

Stepan called the brother and that wrote down surnames and names of those who could be involved in Pusik`s disappearance. He asked the brother to check through the militia database whether there are no what sins and sins for the staff of « restaurant; Amusing animals . Itself intuitively felt that the headwaiter Krupnov can be involved in this crime. He knew that there is a demand for a crocodile. He knew coordinates of those people who could buy these exotic goods. Before worked in a casino and, certainly, it had contacts in the sphere of entertaining business. He knew a code, had keys, and he was interested in the investigation course. Claudia Knyazeva was interested too, but, maybe, it only, female curiosity? So far object - Krupnov. As Alexey moved by car, Stepan undertook shadowing it, the benefit, too was on wheels . Goats evening spent for shadowing, but without results. After work Alexey stopped by in a supermarket, bought usual products, a small bouquet of artificial flowers and went to the house. The former administrator of a casino had an official wife. In anything suspicious it was not still noticed. Besides, next day, is closer to a lunch, Kozlikov was called by Baluyev and reported that he received the envelope left for it to Krupnov. Stepan wanted to examine him as soon as possible. Agreed to occur at a monument to Lermontov in the square of the Victory. When Goats approached, Baluyev already waited for it. They greeted, and the director of restaurant gave an envelope to Stepan. The young man studied him in the most attentive way, checked whether the confidential thread is torn. No, the envelope was not opened. Founder of « bureau; Eye of a falcon a little was even disappointed. After that asked the businessman whether often him employees address for the loan. That answered that he sometimes is. But to obtain the loan at Baluyev, it was necessary that the director trusted the employee and that worked already rather long time in Amusing animals . Stepan asked to whom such loans were issued.

Turned out that loans of different size were issued practically to all employees. Alexey Krupnov took a loan, Lyusya Solovyov too, two of three cooks of an institution obtained the credits too. But it is normal process. All of them for a long time worked for Baluyev. And, by the way, all of them returned the lent means. The detective asked whether Kolya Sitnikov asked for the help in the financial plan. Konstantin Semenovich answered that he is not present, did not address. On the question whether you refused to someone from employees the credit? the owner Pusika answered that yes, refusals were. It refused to the cleaner as she only settled recently and at once began to ask money on credit. Besides she poor performed the work, and she had to be dismissed. But it was about a year ago. Though as one of versions, as a last resort, and it could be checked. Stepan, just in case, asked to lift the questionnaire of this woman and to transfer him the copy. Also Claudia Knyazeva addressed for the loan, but too refused to it, in view of absolutely small length of service in Amusing animals . All this sounded quite logically. Two men said goodbye and parted diversely.

- is healthy, Stepa! - Pyotr greeted the brother. - I to you on e-mail dumped summary by your inquiry. I will tell at once, there are no criminals and villains among your wards. There is an administrativka, traffic violation of the rules, Sitnikov has several fights, but without serious consequences. Claudia Knyazeva had a bad story in a bolnichka. There she was accused of theft of strong preparations, but could prove nothing. I think therefore she from there and was dismissed.
Stepan became thoughtful and began to low in a tube. But then asked: - Listen to
, Petya, I now not houses so tell what else is on Claudia. Husbands former and present, children, parents where studies with whom lives?
- Studies it on paid office of medical institute that on Stalevarov Street. Lives with the grandmother, the elderly woman, the disabled person of the second group. She is not married, there are no children. Special problems with the law - too. - Wait a moment
, and she on paid office studies?
- Such data.
- is strange. She told me that she on free arrived!
- Well, I do not know. I have data that office paid. Neurology, in my opinion.
- you Know, Petya, if you please, call once again institute and specify this information. It is important.
They said goodbye. Stepan drove the car and reflected.

Knyazeva if words of the brother are right, deceived him twice. When told that never heard and did not see a code of shutdown of the alarm system and when told about free training. What for? With a code clear: if you do not know a code, then you drop out of a circle of the first suspects. About free office then, what for? to show that it does not need money? She addressed for the loan Baluyev, and that refused to it. It is possible motive too. Aha, she still inquired Lyusyu Solovyova concerning the course of investigation of disappearance of an alligator, and, and is persistent as Solovyova noticed. What else? Claudia, only of employees which was not afraid of a crocodile. Besides she is a nurse and whether quietly could a prick or through water and food to inject reptiles a somnolent drug. Skills of the nurse in it the big assistant. And for certain, she knew that Lyusya Solovyova kept always a key from restaurant in the locker in a locker room. And she knew that the code of the alarm system is written down in a notebook which, careless Lyusya, stored also in the locker. But if it it, then how Claudia could drag off an alligator? Here the assistant, and the man is necessary. Though... He remembered a sports, thickset figure of the girl. Low growth, strong and strong constitution. Quite could also drag this considerable freight. Here is over what to think. Besides, as examination of gradualness of a cut of the lock and sawdust showed that I brought together restaurant at an entrance, the one who sawed a handle of the lock, and did not try to cut it. It was made as blind, allegedly, someone tried to get into the room from strangers. Even the child easily could make it: several superficial cuts a file which and a nail you will not cut that.
Phone in a pocket rang out with a melody. Stepan looked at the defined number and told in a tube:
- Yes, Petrukha what found out? It is clear. It precisely? Understood everything. Well, there are no questions any more. Thanks and to a meeting.
Stepan Kozlikov got from a glove compartment a chocolate Alenka developed and slowly burned out the whole tile. While he gnawed chocolate, in his head the thought was born. He got a tube of phone and dialed number.
- Is healthy, the student! All you pore over textbooks? Give, approach, the job for you is. No, this time, not the bull, calm down!
Perhaps, and for your Maruska work will be! I adore it! Here only I should suspect and threaten us in what to fill a physiognomy, Tapkin! I understand that it is your girlfriend, but at me to her, one may say, big feeling! And? Where to me idti7 Well that you are so not culturally. And still educated student! You swear as the loader in port! All right, Tapkin, joking aside. Drive up to me from Maruskaya in the evening, to a watch to seven. Home. Yes will be to you avansik! Yes, you can invite the Maruska in small restaurant and cinema. See you!
In two days called Tapkin and among different data reported that the object last night, about eight hours, got in big shop of food for animal sterns for Amphibia. Kozlikov nodded and asked Tapkin and Marusya to drive up once again to him on the apartment tonight.

At an apartment door where Claudia Knyazeva with the grandmother lived, called. It was necessary to call long, but the girl that pressed the call button, knew what in the apartment is to whom to open. Only in a couple of minutes the voice of obviously elderly woman asked: Who there? .
is from social security. Polina Andreevna Knyazeva of the house?
is I. And what it is necessary for you?
- I from social security, speak, the grandmother! Brought denyushka to you. From the charitable organization.
the Old woman behind that party of a door began to peer at a peephole. On a landing there was nobody, except the girl the wearing spectacles and braided braids.
- Denyushki?
- Yes, denyushka from sponsors. You know what is the sponsor?
- And that! That I, old woman that what illiterate!
- you have to receive money and undersign to me for the sheet. And also to fill in the small questionnaire.
the Old woman slightly opened a door, but so far only on a chain. Having convinced that there is nobody on a landing any more, it let the visitor in the house.
- Proydemte to the room, the girl! - Polina Andreevna invited.
They seated in one of rooms around a table. The girl already noticed that the apartment two-room. She got from the daddy the printed leaf with the questionnaire and stretched to the old woman.
- to you should fill in this questionnaire, Polina Andreevna also to undersign for receiving the help from our sponsors in the special sheet. The girl pulled out two thousand rubles from the folder and put them on a table. The granny with interest looked at money, and began to look for the handle. At this moment at employees of social security phone rang out, and she answered:
- That? Yes, I carry money according to the list! And? I hear nothing! Yes, I carry, I speak! Already handed to four persons in need, now here to the fifth came, to Polina Andreevna Knyazeva! What? It is not heard! You have a balcony, Polina Andreevna? And that in general is heard nothing! - the guest addressed the hostess.
- In kitchen, the darling, in kitchen!
- Now, a sekundochka! - the girl in a tube told, and itself addressed Knyazeva:
- you, so far, Polina Andreevna, find the certificate of the disabled person. I should look at it and to write down a series and number.
- Oh, the child, I will look for now! - the old woman slowly got up and began to suit a dresser.
- Polina Andreevna! The sponsor calls me, demands the report, but nothing is heard! It is possible I will go to kitchen on a balcony I will talk?
- Yes go, the girl! Go! And I will rummage in documents so far!
the Girl left the room and moved along a corridor, getting at the same time from a pocket the digital camera. But she did not go to kitchen at once, and approached to the door of the second room, knocked. Silence. Pushed a door and that opened. Having come into the room, she saw at once what looked for. In the self-made shelter, chained for a neck to the battery, without the movement, Pusik lay. He still breathed, the movement of air in easy for a reptile was noticeable. The girl at once began to take the picture of a crocodile from different points. Then photographed so that the situation of the room and Pusik at the same time was visible. The photographer also quickly ran all over a look furniture, approached a garbage can for papers. Povoroshiv contents, it found pair of used syringes, and at the bottom of a basket of several used ampoules. She took a couple from them and read the name Elenium . Well, it is a well-known somnolent strong preparation. The girl put pair of syringes and couple of ampoules in a small bag, made just in case couple more of photos. Then looked out from - for doors in a corridor, quickly left the room, passed on kitchen and opened a balcony. Already there she began to dial number on phone and told in a tube:
- It here. Yes, I photographed it. Found also ampoules and syringes. What? Well, he breathes, - the girl looked back and through glass of a balcony saw that on kitchen Polina Andreevna enters. Marusya it is wideabout smiled to the old woman through glass.
- I will send you results soon. Of course. Yes, our grandmothers and grandfathers very much thank for support! - loudly the visitor in the receiver began to speak and pressed the release button. And already with pleasure addressed the grandmother:
- Reported! You found the certificate?
- Oh, the darling, found. On a table lies there.
- So go, I will write down data, you to me undersign for the sheet and I am farther to escape. Others wait too!
When Maruska left, the grandmother with pleasure took two thousand-ruble notes in hand. I Will go - I, slowly, to Marfa will limp. I will buy a cake. Let`s sit, we will remember our young days! - happy, Polina Andreevna judged.

Stepan Kozlikov sat at a little table « restaurant; Amusing animals also waited when nice Lyusya Solovyova brings it so fallen in love rolls and coffee. But here, instead of Lucie, with a tray on which there were two smoking cups of coffee and two dishes Baluyev Konstantin Semenovich approached.
- And that you are surprised! - the Director of restaurant, &ndash smiled; I began to work once as the waiter. It is my first profession. Eh, long ago it was. I here still a konyachka good, real brought. It exposed to
on a table a figured, big-bellied bottle expensively to cognac, two small liqueur glasses. Then sat down on a stool and looked at Kozlikov. - Spill
, the young man, spill! Let`s note return to native walls of my favourite. the Detective once again looked at
on new, already more beautiful and modern terrarium where the Australian crocodile by nickname Pusik had peacefully a rest now. - Let`s drink
! - Stepan agreed. It poured liquid on liqueur glasses.
- I Lift a toast for the detective and the animal activist Kozlikov Stepan! - solemnly Baluyev lifted a toast. They clinked glasses with
, drank, and Stepan asked: - Claudia - that is not visible to
something. Where it?
- So I, of course, dismissed it. When you put to me on a table a pack of photos with my Pusik on the chains removed in Knyazeva`s apartment I directly - at first boiled for anger! At once wanted to go to militia. But later okholonut a bit, and decided it to wait. It came, I caused it in an office and silently posted photos on a table. I told it that if she honestly does not tell everything to me, then I call in militia, and they will have my statement. Will open case. And it is already opened! And it is shone by the sky in a section. Here she burst out crying. Told that money for study was necessary to it as to pay training with it there was nothing. Said that it should support the grandmother, and it is one. Her mother died six years ago. Speaks, some gigolo everything stole money from it what she at me earned. She is a girl supposedly lonely, and he so beautifully looked after, told such romantic words. Promised to marry. It seems the serious man, without zakidon . And as it everything took away money, she tried to find it by phones that at it were. It turned out that phones these the rental apartment, and the owner even swore that the tenant disappeared without answer and greetings. Also the TV dragged off. Speaks, took away everything. Money, jewelry, even pocket computer. And she very much trusted it. Remembered that I refused to it the credit. Here she also decided to revenge. She heard Krupnov`s talk, saw how people came and were interested in Pusik. So she also decided to dramatize a robbery from outside. An episode when Pusik so frightened clients of all, and it was promised to be revenged, had very opportunely for its plan. That she made: rewrote at this careless Lyuska an alarm system code from the book. Lyuska often forgot a key from restaurant in the case in a locker room, even after change did not take it. And why, type if it only several times itself opened restaurant! Well, Claudia - that also took a key quietly, during the lunchtime came in metalrepair made to herself the duplicate. Then on a balcony a file old still, probably, Soviet, found. Lulling