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In what secret of effective communication of the child and adult?

Communication are an establishment and development of contacts between people. Even if people are silent, between them all the same there is a communication. In a family we communicate not only words, intonation, hints, but also views, habits, the mood, the personal attitude towards some person or the phenomenon. All this we can tell people who are near us not less, than the usual speech.

to have happy children and a good family, it is necessary to adjust benevolent communication. Family members have to not only talk with each other, but it is deep and correct to communicate. Quality of communication in a family defines the relations of adults and children, ability to make seven happy. Of course, parents are ordinary people who make many mistakes, pay for it with painful cones, sometimes they lose control over themselves when emotions overflow them. But at the same time parents who have children surely have to think, reflect, analyze. They need to work on themselves, to self-improve. And the most important, they have to treat the child, as a godsend.

The main task of parents - to construct a happy family in which children joyfully grow and there live happy adults. And to all of them well with each other. At the same time the atmosphere of intra family communication is very important. It is not so simple to construct the cordial, benevolent relations in a family, maybe, but also it is not difficult if to study it and to learn lessons from last mistakes. So, let`s study.

In our high-speed century we communicate with the children very quickly, we put a lot of information in this communication, and children sometimes do not manage to perceive all information, a tonality of our speech. Therefore it is necessary to communicate slowly, warmly, thoughtfully. Often, talking to the child, we speak as if the child is guilty of something. Or we use mandative, and at times and moralizing tone. Why we do not want to communicate with the children friendly, as equals? If we are for the child a friend, to listen attentively when he speaks, not to interrupt, then our child will know that he will be able always to tell us about the feelings and emotions, and will not be afraid that it will not be understood, will shame, will interrupt.

Very often main care in a family need to feed and give to drink the child is considered, to it it is devoted much time, and actually, it is necessary to aspire to spending near the child much time, thoughtfully, slowly to communicate with him. And surely between you there has to be a dialogue, but not a monologue. It is most certain way to learn about a state of mind of your child.

When you communicate with the child, try to ask, but not to order. The child with pleasure will respond to a friendly request, and quicker and more willingly, than to the order. Try not to remember emukaky - that its last mistakes or oversights. Children not less us are busy with the affairs and can sometimes forget something to make therefore you do not hurry to reproach them for it, and quietly remind.

All children want to be good, but sometimes do something bad. Most often the child did not want or did not expect that he so will turn out. Therefore if you feel what the child made not purposely, it is better not to notice his such oversight, than to swear. And it is even better - to think and understand in what the reason of this act. Usually children also realize that they badly arrived, and worry.

Try not to generalize: “It is eternal you...“, “You in general...“. Your child is always in general good and if he once made a mistake, to say to anything that it always so. If the fault of the child is obvious, try to help him to find a solution or a way out to which he got. Always try to notice progress of the child, his achievement, even the smallest. Surely you praise the child. Of course, oversights and shortcomings should be noticed too to teach the kid to correct them, but the main thing - notice good. And surely talk to the child about his progress. Let him study not only on the mistakes, but also on the progress. Remind him of this progress, achievements more often, any success can be repeated if to own a technique of its achievement.

In the family try to achieve unity of all adults and surely fulfill requirements. If parents learn to communicate with the child, and not just to demand or reproach, then in a family the situation of love will be created and strong relations between children and parents are established.