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How to overcome the terrestrial nature and to open a way to self-improvement?

Awareness of duality of human nature in the course of
of self-knowledge - a way to heart pedagogics.
(fourth conversation with the teacher of high school.)

Dear friend! It would be naive to believe that after three of our conversations, or having read remarkable books of Sh. A. Amonashvili, our colleague will refuse suddenly the authoritative traditions which are so long dominating in pedagogics. Having planted a sapling, we have to look after carefully it to wait for the first fruits. However the thought of incompleteness of our conversation haunts me.
Therefore coming back to our former conversations again and again, I steadily feel unsatisfied. Constantly it seems to me that something is lost sight that somewhere it was expressed not absolutely convincingly, did not finish speaking something in the almost hopeless attempts to disturb the teacher`s heart to seed healthy doubts in his mind and to awaken unrestrained thirst of self-improvement in his heart.
of People, having happiness particle, does not know that there is an ocean of happiness which does not depend on external circumstances, and having a freedom of expression - does not know that there is true freedom - freedom of spirit. The person feeds with “bread and shows“ small “I“, without knowing that there are its true “I“. Intuitively feeling that there is a consciousness state of bliss, the ignorant person looks for it in entertainments, in satisfaction of numerous desires, in alcohol and drug addiction. Having endured fleeting pleasure from execution of the next desire, people feels that it is still unhappy, thereby confirming Bernard Shaw`s statement that human life is two tragedies. The first is a tragedy of non-execution of desires, the second - the tragedy of their execution. The person, worshipping an idol of success, knows nothing about internal progress, does not know that the Tsar - ignorance rules his life.
Poor person! His consciousness rushes about in a vice of terrestrial human nature which is presented by its corporality, sensuality and reasonableness, i.e. the person identifies himself with a physical body, vitaly, and with rational mind. The most surprising that it concerns not only atheists, but equally it concerns the majority of those who consider themselves as the believer. So, dear friend, both that and others are presented to me by the believers believing only in terrestrial human nature, and not believing in his Divinity at all. And they not just believing they well knowing that the person is completely presented by the terrestrial nature and if God also is, then he somewhere there, in Heaven.
How to break through a dense veil of mind - confidence of our colleagues to their heart - confidence? Ordinary mind - confidence of the person constantly goes on: “I know who I am is, I know why he came to this world, I know what should be done for its improvement, I know how to bring up and teach children, I know how to induce them to good study, I know how to estimate their knowledge, know that the person is mortal“. “I know that my colleague A. surpasses me by nothing that the colleague V. considerably concedes to me, and the colleague S. is capable to advise nothing useful to me.“ “I, however, do not know so far as to become me happy, but I know well that is not enough for me for entire happiness“. Stating to
various judgments of the world, the person only strengthens the ego - consciousness. It is possible therefore it is told: “You do not judge and you will not be judged“. The feeling of own importance, and also sense of superiority which is given rise in not brightened up mind, create the unapproachable fortress of self-confidence in the form of impenetrable theses: “It is impossible because even I cannot imagine it. There is no Divine love and cannot be because even I do not know this feeling.“
Dear friend! What magic words of belief to me to provide to break through this unapproachable armor of knowledge again not to hear the cooling words: “Alexander Mikhaylovich, I am the person who developed. I know all of the world, of true and false values long ago, and I have nothing to learn more ….“
But Socrates, the great wise man Socrates, managed to tell once: “I know nothing“, having made thereby a decisive step to knowledge of intimate secrets of life, and urging us to follow it. But if Socrates had enough wisdom to doubt the terrestrial ideas of the world, then, so and that, healthy doubt which will help them to begin to learn itself is available to my colleagues. At last, it will help them to open sometime in itself true treasure - Divine love which does not need at all an adoration subject and which is manifestation of soul - the God`s spark in spiritual heart. This love, being carried to an adoration subject, does not expect any reciprocity and therefore it can be called Unconditional love. by
having Only felt the divine nature and having appreciated heart force, the teacher is capable to call into question efficiency of authoritative pedagogics and to show interest in heart pedagogics. How to seed healthy doubt in mind of the person in all it “I know“
whereas the vast majority of the people surrounding it, all the behavior and beliefs strengthens his confidence in the validity of all his “knowledge“?
But even in the presence of doubts mind makes a cunning trick. At first he doubts, and at the next moment itself finds the calming explanations, and so - indefinitely. To break off this vicious circle, the person has to apply for permission of the doubts to the higher nature, to the heart, so, school of heart - now its sharpest need. Resourcefulness of mind I will show
on one more example. Having slightly become tipsy from wine, the person notes that the world became more beautiful around. The reason is that under the influence of alcohol activity of mind weakens, and also its power over heart weakens. As a result geniality moves to the forefront that is followed by feeling of pleasure. Thereof in an organism happiness hormone is produced.
A as treats this experience our mind betrayed to the material nature? He claims that under the influence of alcohol the organism produces special hormones - happiness hormones which, influencing mentality of the person, bring feeling of pleasure. However the effect of pleasure can be gained through conscious calm of mind, for example, through intoxication speed, or thanks to meditation. It will be followed by release of hormones of happiness too. Means, exactly thanks to calm of mind the Divine human nature which is shown in the form of pleasure wakes up. Here it, Paradise Lost! However, in this case the mind attached to the material nature will reproach you with spiritual drug addiction … …. Perhaps, for this reason the poet - sufy Omar Khayyam, following Sufi traditions, writes about pleasure of a meditative state as about the use of wine not to cause fire of criticism from religious fanatics or atheists. As if it did not seem to
paradoxical, but the person, using the words “geniality“, “warm-heartedness“, “conscience“, most often just rejects existence of spiritual heart and soul, remaining the atheist. But, even recognizing existence of soul and practising any world religion, the person remains so attached to the terrestrial nature: to not brightened up mind, not brightened up vital, not brightened up physical body that the quite terrestrial feelings to close people are perceived as nearly by the highest manifestation of the soul. Such believer has not much more chances, than at the atheist, to accept heart pedagogics. It is only at the first level of belief while according to the great spiritual Teacher, there are five levels of belief which are comprehended in process of spiritual awakening. Give
we, dear friend, we will track work of spiritual heart and work of mind. Tendency of mind to the analysis causes as well his tendency to criticism, and from here and tendency to find shortcomings of other person, thereby wishing to be approved in sense of superiority. At the same time mind mistakenly believes that the criticism stated to other person can help it to get rid of shortcomings. Actually this desirable effect can be reached only in case at the opponent the spiritual heart capable to provide the correct reaction to criticism is well developed. But so happens very seldom. Mind of the opponent, and then effect of criticism - negative is most often provoked.
Spiritual heart is the tonkomaterialny body perceiving similar to matter by the principle of a resonance. Thanks to it, the person finds ability to such way of knowledge as an identification with spiritual heart of other person. Quite so it would be necessary to look for the “second half“. If heart of the person advances his mind, then through a gradual enlightenment it finds the quality of humility leading to understanding of that fact that shortcomings are passing which does not make an essence of the person. Advancing action of the heart also causes that I call Acceptance of the world such what it is. Through such acceptance at the person interest in spirituality can even be shown.
of People as a being integrated, unites in itself the mortal nature - a physical body, the immortal nature - soul and tools: mind, soared also spiritual heart - satellites of concrete incarnation. Feeling as a body, the person realizes the mortality, feeling soul - realizes the immortality. Being engaged in spirituality, he improves both the tools, and the terrestrial nature. Divinity in the person - not only a support for his terrestrial essence, but also great reformative force. It is well known that light of soul - loving kindness is reflected even in a human face, and in it my ally is even the whole science - physiognomics.
For awakening of Divinity us is called by a parable, known in India.
“ One pregnant lioness, going behind production, saw herd of sheep. She rushed on them, and this effort cost her life. The young lion who was born at the same time was left without mother. Sheep took it under the care and brought up. He grew up among them, eating a grass and bleating as they, though became an adult lion, but on the aspirations and requirements, and also on mind was a perfect sheep.
approached this herd other lion Once. What there was his surprise when he saw the fellow - the lion who was running away like sheep, at danger approach. He wanted to approach closer, but as soon as came nearer a little, sheep escaped, and with them and a lion - a sheep. The second lion began to watch him and once, having seen it sleeping, jumped on him and told: “Wake up, you are a lion!“ “Not - et, - zableyal that in fear, - I am a sheep!“ Then the come lion dragged it to the lake and told: “Look! Here our reflections - my and your“. The lion - a sheep looked before at a lion, then at the reflection in water, and the thought was born in the same moment that he is a lion. Having ceased to bleat, again been born lion published the terrible growl.“
Eventually, I came to a conclusion that if really I want to help to waken to the colleagues, to - to help them to open heart pedagogics, - is simply obliged to tell that about the way to this pedagogics here - the short spiritual biography.
our divinity - our soul sends messages to our consciousness from time to time in the most different ways therefore we need to double attention to manage to accept them. Such messages are offered from above to weaken our attachment to the terrestrial nature that once we managed to call in question the ideas of the world and impartially to start search of the answer to the main issue, on the question “who do I am?“. Dear friend, still yesterday we were with you authoritative teachers, but trying to learn the lessons of Unconditional Love, gradually began to follow heart pedagogics. Only that which will manage to receive messages of Unconditional Love from different sources is capable to feel heart pedagogics force over time: from high music, from works of classics of literature, from intensive everyday spirituality, or simply, walking on life from songs of the heart and a smile of the soul. I do such conclusion on the basis of personal experience. Before passing to a statement of the short spiritual biography I want
, running before, to share one of the most inspired experiences. I expect to convince our colleague of power of Divine love thereby. I will remind that my stories, parables and the majority of statements are more intended for the reader`s heart, than for his mind. Once I carried out by
examination on mathematics for students of university. Having noticed that one of students tries to use the abstract of lectures, I silently approached and put the list at its work. By my long tradition each such list reduced an assessment on half-point. After a while the same girl repeated the attempt, and then I put the second autograph at its work. In a generous angry impulse several venomous words capable to wound heart following were quite fairly sent me, but there was a miracle. My heart unexpectedly blew up already earlier familiar feeling of Divine love. In a flash on a girl`s face the whole scale of feelings rushed, and her heart involuntarily responded the same feeling of Unconditional love.
From this point we began to test to each other the most warm, most friendly feelings. So to me it was shown from above that was meant by the famous Christian thesis: “Fall in love with the enemy as“. This thesis cannot be understood rational mind. I perceive it now as a call, as the offer to overcome the inert terrestrial nature and to take an essential step to disclosure of the Divine essence. I do not know
Ya how our dear, all-knowing, self-assured mind will explain this experience, but my heart feels that there was a communication of souls. Having received the response to angry attack, not from mind or soared, and from heart, mind of the girl was so discouraged that plunged into silence therefore her heart moved to the forefront. The episode described here - not only in my practice. Similar experiences convinced me that the high feeling of love to the pupil will sometime cause reciprocal feeling in heart of this pupil. Therefore, the lack of love from pupils - a graphic evidence of what to this teacher is over what to work in respect of self-improvement. So and all contradictions in society will be removed as soon as our lowest nature concedes a throne of our divinity. Below I will give one more example. But then I managed to address the student`s heart not spontaneously as in the given case, and it is completely conscious.
Dear friend, this experience was only the first essential step on the way to heart pedagogics. I still needed several years of persistent spirituality and a set of similar experiences to learn to hold long time rather high level of manifestation of the highest nature. Only after that it was succeeded to subdue significantly the inquisitorial mind, persistently not the person interested to concede a throne to heart that allowed me to get subsequently very considerable experiences - experiences of acceptance of the world it what it is.
Ya I will try to seed healthy doubt now, having convinced our colleague of the reason of a magic unilaterality of usual, human perception of the world. For this purpose let`s track, how exactly there is an immersion of consciousness of the person in ignorance, in the power of mental ideas of the world. For this purpose at first we will note the indisputable fact that society human - is imperfect that the genius and villainy - are compatible what the set of historical examples testifies to. At the same time the public consciousness constantly sings of the anthem to intelligence, extolling as the supreme value scientifically - the technical progress promising carnal pleasures and material prosperity.
Enduring everyday terrestrial experience, stating the repeating judgments of the world, the person all immerses the consciousness in c deeper and more deeplyarstvo of the mental interpretations invented by mankind. At the same time his confidence in own awareness on the world around, confidence about scientifically - technical progress - as a true vector of development of humanity, limiting more and more freedom of the divine perception of reality and a possibility of awareness of the supreme values grows from year to year.
the Mind of the person blinded by the imaginary greatness begins to interfere even in the emotional sphere of the person, and also - in the sphere of physical reason. For example, often it is necessary to observe how the person instead of the real surprise clumsily represents emotion of surprise, and instead of the real laughter tries to represent laughter artificially. About possible consequences of invasion of mind into area of physical reason we are told by the known parable. “Once the spider asked
a centipede as it so easily is operated with the numerous extremities. Having seriously thought of the answer, the poor centipede appeared incapable even to move a little.“
Very ridiculous similar history occurred in the face of our student`s group during occupations by drill on military department. The student of our group, trying to represent a measured ceremonial step, with excessive diligence strained the remarkable mind thirsty for knowledge. As a result together with a measured tread of the right leg it bravo brought a fist of the right hand to a protruding breast, and together with a step of the left leg - brought a fist of the left hand to a breast. The poor lieutenant colonel deprived of sense of humour from disappointment even became green, and all our group just choked with laughter.
So mind human has to trace accurately limits of the competence and not climb in affairs of other members of a human family: soared, bodies, spiritual heart and soul. And vigilance is necessary for our heart in time to stop the pilferer - mind. For example, mind sometimes too wants to seem kind, but this kindness is most often dictated by desire to show to people around the commitment to idea of kindness. “Kindness“ from mind exposes itself desire to reap the fruits while heart of Unconditional Love is only grateful to Providence for any opportunity given it to become the perfect channel Divine, without applying for recognition. we Will note
that mind applies too for the right to express gratitude, but nevertheless this quality of heart, but not mind. Once having felt true gratitude - gratitude of heart, we any more will never allow our mind to steal this quality from heart. Taming of mind is only a half of a problem if to consider that for soared invasion into others field of activity, for example, to the sphere of competence of spiritual heart is also peculiar. For example, the strong marriage based on the union of hearts foully is substituted for the cohabitation based on vital passions. And what is costed by such phenomenon how a marriage of convenience? It is also well known that negative emotions and gloomy thoughts are capable to worsen a condition of the patient significantly. The doctor in the story O`Genri “The last leaf“ eloquently spoke it: “When my patient begins to consider carriages in the funeral procession, I throw off fifty percent from the curative force of the drugs“. So, for complete perception of the world the person needs to reach such state when each member of his human family goes about only the own business, without encroaching on competence of others. Similar Elister Crompton managed to reach something - to the hero of work of Robert Sheckley.
A what will be with the person if he seriously thinks of how all his endocrine glands and a stomach have to work successfully to digest food? And how it so happened that our ubiquitous mind ventured to neglect this important problem?
If the person unexpectedly gets some supersensual experience, then his unruly mind limits completeness of perception of this experience, shrouding it in foggy scientific terminology. How the person on a knowledge ladder is highly capable to ascend, being behind such, if one may say so, learning, steadily considering that only through CONCLUSION it is possible to make a truthful picture about world around? To characterize this situation, I will try to reproduce a favourite parable of Vivekananda - the famous spiritual giant of a turn of 19 - 20 centuries.
“A frog all life lived alone in a deep well. Once the raged hurricane abandoned in this well other frog - the inhabitant of the lake. “You, from where?“ - the well frog asked the stranger. “I from the lake“, - answered a lake frog. “And what it, your lake, here it?“ - the hostess of a well asked, having widely moved apart the pads. “Not - et, the lake is more“, - the guest answered. “Probably, it of the size of a bucket?“ - the inhabitant of a well solved. “Is not present, it more bucket“, - the lake traveler objected. “Really same big, as well as my well?“ - the owner of a well was surprised. “No, the lake much more your well“, - the representative of a lake kingdom did not surrender. “That you say to me yes? Unless there can be something more than my well?“ - the queen of a well surely objected, plunging on a bottom of the monastery.“
the Majority of parables is urged to help the person who is looking for spirituality, to convict itself of attachment to the lowest nature. When it works well, the person takes one more step to disclosure of the Divinity.
Coming to the world which is carefully described by experts - parents, the child very quickly plunges into aura of mental representations about is mute, and also to the abyss everywhere the values advertized by imperfect society. It occurs because their parents verbalizut the rational reason all impressions observed about the world, thereby training children to refract all events around through a prism of the mind. For example, at parents - atheists the child becomes an atheist, at believers - the believer. Such child, having even become the adult, does not realize that a choice for this or that belief was made not by him, and the parents who are under the influence of the reigning public consciousness.
For example when I thoroughly doubted completeness of the materialistic description of the world, remembered a picture from the far childhood. I was 5 or 6 years old when I approached mother and asked: “Mother, and God is? “ “Is not present, the sonny, is not present any God, it is fiction of dark people“, - I heard in reply. So, dear friend, I became an atheist. And when I heard a set of unflattering comments on one believer to a family from our village - my atheism increased repeatedly. I do not say that it is bad, but it is better than if I became the believing fanatic.
Quite so the person subject to attacks of various opinions, terrestrial desires and emotions plunges into the corporally - mentally - the vital nature which successfully operates subsequently it, accustoming even to interpret extraordinary events within intelligence. Even if at first the child had a complete perception of the world, then now he is forced to perceive only its some mental interpretation. When the child decides to declare the perception other than perception of people around, it can be suspected of mental inadequacy with all that it implies.
Ya I want to make the last attempt here to convince our colleagues of attachment of the person to conclusion on an indisputable example, well-known to teachers and parents. Our supervision over children show that their mentality develops from age of five years and reaches some peak in awkward age - well-known both to teachers, and parents. At this age the teenager, it is unexpected for adults, begins to consider himself as the expert on life who already could not at us study. During this period it becomes very difficult for teachers of school “to reach“ it.
Agree, dear friend that it is very difficult to share with the expert even insignificant supervision in external life, and it is absolutely impossible to share the internal opening. And if we managed to keep such quality as sincerity of heart, then we are adults, are still capable to notice that we are in many respects similar to self-confident teenagers from - for numerous “I know“ and that to us also happens very difficult “to reach“.
In our such recognition already looks through some promise of our fast internal progress. The great understanding concluded in words: “I appear I know nothing“, already sounds as knock of wisdom at a door of our consciousness. At such moments the Highest Knowledge gets some chance to prove in us and through us.
Tell that Alexander of Macedon, being a consecutive pupil of Aristotle, always showed interest in internal knowledge - to wisdom. Once, during conquest of India, he called the Indian wise men and asked them ten questions of spirituality. One of questions was such: “When the person dies?“. The answer of wise men was approximately such: “The person dies when from the Highest point of sight it is more favorable to it to die, than to continue to live, that is it is more favorable to update existence through the new embodiment because in the present embodiment already its ability practically died again and again to update and deepen the knowledge, the experience“. Now I want to give
bright, very clear to teachers, an example of the power soared, the authorities of desire over consciousness of the person. It is clear, that in desire of the teacher of the fact that such - that the specific pupil has to improve has to become better, there is nothing bad until this desire does not find the power over consciousness of the teacher. Such power of desire deprives of the teacher of good mood - fertile mood. At such moments the teacher is capable to become for such pupil a tyrant or in an inner world, or even externally.
So, dear friend, we sometimes got to a desire trap. However it is represented to me that a root of all troubles of the person not so much and soared in traps of mind the person how many in his ignorance - in ignorance about its own highest nature. The problem is that the person still does not live according to will of his own divinity which he does not allow to prove in the form of experiences of Divine Love and Divine Rest. However allow
, dear friend to start a statement of the promised spiritual experiences. the first bright experience which is in detail stated in the previous conversation I will reproduce
here briefly. In summer vacation I decided to earn a little from agricultural works. Day by day, being engaged in weeding of weeds under the scorching beams of the southern sun, by the end of day I felt fatigue. But once under the influence of begun to sound in a patriotic song, having imagined itself the hero - the soldier who dashingly is dealing shortly with enemies - weeds, I with amazement noted total absence of any fatigue at the end of the working day. Already then it became clear that not hard physical work, but infinite complaints and despondency before difficulties was the cause of fatigue. Now I am ready to declare bigger. The fatigue reason in any life situation consists in our rejection which is followed by the thoughts and negative emotions oppressing mind.
I also got the Second experience at early age. We constantly competed with the elder brother in different types of sport. For example, we competed in number of raisings of weights. In one of such competitions my inventive brother unexpectedly began to keep saying: “You have a lot more forces, you are a great athlete, you are just a champion …“. Feeling the increasing inspiration, I lifted and lifted an iron pig and achieved tremendous result. Instead of repeating the record - 30 raisings, I managed to make 140 raisings, having surpassed a record of the elder brother on 100 raisings!!
Dear friend how this experience will interpret our mind? Assigning itself a leading role, mind by all means will declare that it was subjected to suggestion which caused the received result. But if we concentrate on spiritual heart, then we learn that under the influence of encouragements and strong belief of my brother, my heart received huge inspiration. It led to removal of the mental self-restriction put into words: “It is impossible, it I will never be able to make, it is higher than human opportunities“. As a result my body made only that, as had to make. Absolutely unusual experience classical music is capable to present
to us. However I at first want to ask you, dear friend. Why only the little managed to fall in love with classical music at rather early age while the vast majority of people did not manage to feel it greatness? Many people for some reason consider that fans of classics are well familiar with a subject which rises in work, and drawing in the imagination certain bright pictures, receive from all this inspiration. Such idea of mind of process of perception, and also excessive self-confidence, prevents many people to feel heart incomparable beauty of the piece of music which is the message from higher world, than the world mental.
Actually should just be able to listen to such music, without getting to a mind trap. To take the first step to the world intimate, to the world of bewitching music I was helped by the same elder brother who, in turn, received such lesson from the class teacher - the mathematics teacher. My brother suggested me to exempt completely mind from cares and to reach a comfortable position in a chair. Then he created the twilight in the room and included Mendelssohn`s concerto for a violin with an orchestra. With bated breath, I listened and listened to a bewitching melody, feeling the unfamiliar increasing delight. So, the incompetent mind in high music which is successfully calmed in advance did not manage to prevent my heart to apprehend what is available only to it.
In turn, the vital music which is traditionally sounding at concerts and discos influences only sensual human nature, forcing it to express the emotions in frenzied dances. Such music is available to all. Why, even in the presence of good ear for music, not each heart responds on a melody of heart and soul? And why not each musician - the virtuoso is capable to fascinate theatrical public by the execution? And the matter is that at the piece of music except sound cacophony - a material body of music - is as well tonkomaterialny substance - soul of work. And only enduring a unification with this soul at the time of execution, reaching at the same time full unity with creation of the composer, the musician is capable to fascinate listeners.
any actor always has a choice: to serve art or own ego. The ego seeks to gain recognition for itself, the soul is eager manifestation of God for the God living and creating in everyone and through everyone. Only executing service to God - to Art, the actor becomes the perfect conductor Bozhestvennogo.
Perhaps our regal mind fascinated by a possibility of mathematical apparatus to present a batch of each tool of an orchestra in the form of a number of Fourier nevertheless will compose some classical concert, a prelude or the fugue on pleasure to our heart? But nevertheless the most worthy that he, perhaps, could make here, so it offers our heart something the most available of classics, for example, to “Adagio“ of the composer Albioni, “Passion according to Ioann“ of Bach, or Bizet`s “Carmen suite“ - Shchedrina.
Being a mathematician, I would never dare to give advice to the teacher of literature as well as on what it has to fix the attention at lessons. However I got such permission from depth of the heart which managed to endure a number of inspiring experiences of a unification with consciousness of outstanding writers.
the First experience of such unification was provided to me at the age of 20 years when I was a student 4 - go a course of MGTU of Bauman. It was my second step to the world intimate, and the writer O`Genri helped to make it to me. Reading the description of images of lovely poor girls by the name of Lu and Nancey - heroines of the story “Trimmed Lamp“ - I just drowned in the ocean of love of the author who is sincerely wishing quiet family happiness not only for these but also for all girls of New - York. Author incomprehensibly, magically forced me to endure all that was created in his heart - tenderness and Lu and Nancey`s hearts. Being afraid to lose the received charm that memorable evening, I did not decide to start reading the next story. At the same time I stayed in perplexity, hopelessly trying to find the answer to a question logically: “How it is possible that O`Genri suddenly became for me not just favourite writer, and very much and very much darling?“. From this point I began to read to
books in a different way, concentrating the attention to heart - love of the author, but not on external events of work as it was earlier. Trying to share the opening with friends, I understood that such reading of books - the phenomenon very rare. It is spiritual reading. Ability to such reading occurs among people, perhaps, even less than ability to perception of classical music, and is characteristic the fact that the great variety of times with invariable advantage for itself can read and re-read the stories of people which are most affected soul.
Six years later, having plunged into reading stories of V. Shukshin, I got one more considerable experience of a unification with consciousness of the author from which I unexpectedly took out feeling of love to rural tenor of life, to naivete of its inhabitants, same, as well as naivete of the author.
the Bright experience of Acceptance of the world got by me in the remote Udmurt village, in detail described in the previous conversation made on me the real shock. And only later I understood that exactly thanks to Shukshin I managed to find readiness for perception of it, considerable spiritual experience. Then clear understanding came that any Acceptance of circumstances is followed by release from freight of terrestrial ignorance. Surprisingly, but to thorough spirituality still remained to me long 12 years. Antoine`s
Saint - Ekzyuperi happened to be opened for me for itself already at mature age according to its story “Military Pilot“, and also on a parable “Little Prince“. However my experiences turned out so intimate that heart does not allow me even to try as - nibud to transfer them. Casually I will notice that the communication of Little Prince with Lis which is traditionally discussed by readers - only a tip of the iceberg, majestically drifting in the ocean of the world literature. Such brave person ready at any time give life for the favourite France should make fighting departures, and such pilot dreaming of the true Person could not live, without having sent intimate messages of the tremblingly loving heart to “the planet of people“. Even if the person would be mortal, all the same in my heart Antoine Saint - Ekzyuperi - is immortal.
Not less deep experiences happened to me when reading the book of Vivekananda “Philosophy of the yogi“, and also Richard Bach and Carlos Castaneda`s books. In the mentioned Vivekanand`s book very convincingly shows us the person who is seeming, being in power of an ego, and the person true, representing his highest nature. Carlos Castaneda`s books are available only to that reader who is capable to laugh over by itself - at the ego. The next time, exposing the pilferer - an ego, looking for spirituality takes one more first step of the Divinity. Impact of books of Castaneda on the reader is similar to action of good parables, but with undoubted advantage of force of the art word and bigger availability.
under the influence of all spiritual experiences, and also an obvious contradiction of provisions of materialism with the well-known theorem of Gedel, in my consciousness was finally created that healthy doubt in the validity of atheistic outlook. The understanding of that fact that my former belief was imposed to me by society, also demanded resolute actions. To resolve this doubt, I thoroughly was engaged in concentration of attention for the purpose of achievement of a full relaxation of a physical body. Having endured discovery of inexpressible force of concentration, and also the phenomenon of office of an astral body from physical, I was not capable to remain the same the person any more. “You what, believed in God?“ - the elder brother in perplexity asked me. “I do not believe in that God in whom you do not believe even more, than earlier. The former atheist cannot become the naive believer. My belief is a belief of the mystic - the philosopher who is looking for God - Truth in everything“, - my answer which quite satisfied my brother was it.
Dear friend, I reached belief in Sverkhrazum`s existence because my thirst of truth was stronger than my self-confident intelligence. According to Gedel`s theorem, there is esoteric truth. It is that truth which cannot be property of intelligence - property of traditional science. If the scientist is capable to show flexibility of intelligence, then it will develop thinner tool of knowledge - intuition, plunging into a meditative state. The representative of science burdened by the academic cloak having the right only it is proud to declare that this concrete statement does not meet criteria of scientific character then, having modestly looked down to admit that he did not verify esoteric the validity this statement by means of the intuition yet. I believe that sometime the person recognizes that it is not even enough most perfect laws for creation of perfect society for now it is a pity to me that the human intelligence forgot “to take off a hat before experience a little“ when this experience behind borders of its understanding - beyond rational. Extent of manifestation of Divinity of the person I call
consciousness level. Full and continuous manifestation of Divinity cannot be reached for one incarnation, but to reach the level of consciousness at which negative emotions and thoughts are under control - perhaps. At the same time becomes possible to begin to accept the world it what it is.
At last came that moment of truth when with all sincerity I was forced to admit to myself: “I know only that at all I know nothing“. So happens to everyone after understanding that ordinary idea of the world which cornerstone the idea of an omniscience of mind - only great illusion is. From this point I began to count the new life which began at the age of 42 years. This moment is called in the east a rebirth. Of me unrestrained thirst of knowledge of the most mysterious being on Earth - the person through full disclosure of the Divine nature took control. There was soon a need for the spiritual mentor which quickly found power of prayer. Did not pass also three months as such mentor appeared in the person of completely Brightened up Spiritual Master.
my main spirituality are Now meditation, a spiritual prayer, and also singing of songs of heart and soul, singing of mantras. Meditation is a switching of consciousness from terrestrial human nature on divine. If the prayer is an appeal of a terrestrial essence of the person to the Principal Reason behind spiritual food, then meditation is an acceptance of spiritual food, acceptance of the descending Grace. If in a prayer our terrestrial nature helplessly appeals about a susceptibility - ability to accept messages From above, then in a condition of meditation we try to use the available susceptibility for acceptance of spiritual gifts. In a condition of meditation the intuition develops and esoteric truth opens. Reading to
inspired texts of the Brightened-up Master, his verses, aphorisms, philosophical essays, manuals on spirituality, and also listening and singing its songs of heart and souls, I made significant spiritual progress. I managed to subdue significantly the inquisitorial mind which is torn not only to bury all counterarguments of the opponent, but also with a force to slap on a coffin cover. Now to me the essence of the got earlier spiritual experiences connected with perception of classical music, with reading works of great writers, and also with acceptance of the world opened. At last, together with awareness of illusiveness of ordinary idea of freedom, me true value of Freedom as freedoms of manifestation Divine was slightly opened. At the same time deeply in my heart, in the thick of live pedagogical experience the new pedagogics latently was born.
Every year more and more to me the great force of impact of level of consciousness of the teacher on mood of student`s audience opened. So, entering into the audience overflowed with students with heart of unconditional love, I with surprise began to notice that on faces practically all students are played by a greeting smile. Before difficult operated crowded audience became quite operated. However constantly to keep high consciousness during all lecture, especially lectures on the higher mathematics - very not a simple task. I am sincerely sorry that it is necessary to teach the higher mathematics, but not philosophy, psychology or literature. However I adapted in the middle of lecture to do a literary pause during which with big inspiration began to read to the students - psychologists of a parable from different mystical traditions of the East. Staying delighted with the next parable, I felt how this delight took all audience even in that case when the intimate sense of a parable remained is inaccessible for them. So the consciousness of students is adjusted, like the radio receiver, on a wave of consciousness of the lecturer. Has to admit to you, dear friend that only after such experiences I really realized greatness of a feat of Janusz Korchak who showed us not only for the sake of what it is worth living, but also for what it is worth dying.
For quite some time now I cannot consider myself just as the mathematician any more. Now I consider mathematics only as an external subject of my communication with students whereas I consider as the main thing internal communication now.
At last, I am ready to describe that, most intimate history since which my pedagogics of heart began to be formed promptly. To pass a test on mathematics, the law student had to solve independently during a semester 5 problems. Before offset there were 2 weeks, but one girl still did not make any progress. Moreover, I suddenly noticed that she sits all gloomy and even for some reason becomes angry about me. It was necessary to remove this negative somehow. Having consciously plunged into heart depth, and having felt unconditional love to this girl, I approached its table and tenderly said: “Olya, it is not necessary to become angry about me, I - good. It is mathematics - awful science, but I - good.“ Suddenly the girl`s face lit up with such touching smile which was never seen on her face even by classmates. Very much I tried to make everything that this smile did not descend from her face that her consciousness remained at rather high level while it solves my problems. The effect surpassed all my expectations. Olya solved one for another three problems within 30 minutes and in a week passed the long-awaited test. Dear friend, unless it not a miracle? So my student more than visually showed
, it is how important to have pleasure in heart and what great obstacle to training is the negative mood. A number of similar experiences, and also acquisition of such spiritual gift as Acceptance of the world, helped me to answer a set of the questions on education and training before haunting me. It is well-known that the mistakes made in education of children to their majority are considered as incorrigible. However the miracle force of Acceptance of the world is capable to disprove even this postulate. Dear friend, whether I could after such experiences so nothing tell to our colleagues of heart pedagogics? I doubled
After such opening and trebled the attention, and for quite some time now learned to feel: what student needs bigger attention and what - at all does not need; what - is very vulnerable and what - is impenetrable. Recently, having got acquainted with ideas humane pedagogics of Sh. A. Amonashvili, I did not find any basic distinctions with views of the recognized master.
I Will dare to hope for fast revival of the historical slogan: “Shots solve everything“ and that pedagogical HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS will begin conscious preparation of new shots for the updated Russia.
We, dear friend, perfectly understand that the pedagogics of heart cannot be introduced the administrative decree and therefore to us for a long time, a side Obock it is necessary to work together with the authoritative colleagues. Recognizing division of teachers on authoritative and humane, I is resolute against collisions and contradictions on this soil because division is always fruitless. I try to look for what unites us. We are united by care of the future of our children, of the future of the state, continued search of more perfect forms and methods of a statement of material, and also ability to combine high severity and love to pupils. Such are in my heart my favourite teachers: Pyotr Ivanovich - Russian and literature, Dmitry Frolovich - the mathematician, Fedor Konstantinovich - physical culture, Anis Danilovna - the teacher of initial classes. Neither I, nor my friends, nor our parents, never thought of a question what it were teachers - authoritative or humane. They faithfully served business and forever will remain in our hearts. I believe that Pyotr Ivanovich`s heart which is burning with a love flame to Pushkin and Lermontov secretly shared ability to spiritual reading books with my heart. If all teachers of our children were darlings, unless we would have an occasion to think of what is necessary to us pedagogics today. Survey of students conducted by me showed that they, on average, had only two favourite teachers for all the time of training. It is reasonable to assume that those pupils who did not continue the study in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION had only one favourite teacher.
Ya warmly I welcome all our colleagues who consider as an indispensable condition of the correct education of children - continuous self-improvement. And the new pedagogics by all means will prove the advantage in every respect, and not in theoretical discussions, and on the basis of indisputable criterion - quality of the knowledge acquired by pupils. Undoubtedly, as internal achievements of our pupils will be higher, but such advantage to us, to humane teachers, it will be difficult to prove to conservative mind of our opponents.
Ya sincerely I sympathize with the teachers who did not realize the truth which is still hidden from mind that the knowledge deprived of internal experience, not painted by bright emotions is the become scanty knowledge. Such knowledge does not settle in minds of pupils. For example, at a mathematics lesson instead of a dry statement of concept of a logarithm it is possible in the face of children in 10 minutes to open logarithms, at the same time having told of how logarithms “prolonged life“ to astronomers. Thanks to opening experience, the concept of a logarithm will easily be apprehended by consciousness of pupils.
Ya also sincerely I sympathize with the teachers of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS staying in decadent mood from - for weaknesses of knowledge of graduates of the schools joining ranks of students. Internally or externally, expressing the disappointment in the presence of these students, our colleagues at times do not realize that such their mood makes a contribution to destructive uncertainty of students in the forces. Imagine, dear colleagues what will be with the patient if the doctor approaches his bed with feeling of doom …
We perfectly understand that any arguments and the more so criticism, hearts of our dear colleagues - authoritative teachers are not capable to awaken, but it our Unconditional Lyubov to them and Acceptance their such what they are is capable to make. Therefore we will not give in to a temptation, to overpersuade the fellow workers that not to get to a trap of own mind, and we will concentrate the attention only on their advantages.
our rejection of other person proceeds from our not brightened up terrestrial nature, and impatiently breaks the room of mind and soared this person. The rejection addressed to terrestrial human nature - is fruitless.
our Acceptance of the person proceeds from our clean heart and is knocked on every moment on the room of heart of the person, that is is addressed to his Divine nature.
our Acceptance of the whole world around with all its imperfection which is shown through each creation is a Humility. The indispensable satellite of Humility is a refusal of manifestation zthe pit nature which is usually shown through a set of terrestrial desires. Imperfection of the world, especially, imperfection of relatives, provoking our terrestrial nature in the form of uncountable concerns and fears, throws down us a challenge. We could perceive any similar call as the hidden Blessing From above as the offer to overcome the weakness - the next terrestrial attachment. Using each such chance, we could grow Neprivyazannost - the Divine quality leading to Humility finding. At the same time our treacherous thirst of Self-affirmation will gradually thaw. And how here not to remember A. P. Chekhov who is squeezing out all life on drops from himself the slave. I will dare to add that the quality of Humility holding also mind from manifestation of aggression and calculation soared, allows the Master of oriental martial arts to realize completely possibilities of a physical body during fight with the opponent. His skill will be shown with a special force if abilities of a body came to the Master as a result of an identification with abilities of such outstanding fighters as a tiger, a lion, a snake, a crane etc. of
Thus, Acceptance of the person - considerable spiritual quality, but it only the beginning of Humility. Humility of the slave - abasement of its own terrestrial nature before the terrestrial nature of mister - has nothing in common with the true Humility: when mind also soared reconciled to the fact that they should not play a role of the commander-in-chief any more.
heart Pedagogics, in other words - humane pedagogics, proceeds from heart of Unconditional Love of the teacher and from its Acceptance of children and is turned to their Divine nature.
Authoritative pedagogics, proceeding only from terrestrial human nature, relies on doubtful prestigiousness and power of fear, thereby involuntarily belittling Divinity in the person.
the Pedagogics of heart proclaims the value steady progress of the pupil, both in disclosure of his heart, and in its mental achievements. Patiently collecting progress of pupils, this pedagogics cares only for final justice.
Success, success, everyday success, justice, justice, everyday justice - here the song which is steadily sung by the authoritative pedagogics at best believing that the state of mind of pupils is a care of pupils or their parents.
Love, Forgiveness and Compassion, Lyubov, Forgiveness and Compassion - here the main motive of a song of pedagogics of heart which only in case of emergency resorts to Justice as justice - not end in itself, but the thin tool which is combined with an individual approach.
the Authoritative teacher did not comprehend a power of love, Forgiveness and Compassion therefore he needs only to hope that sometime its invariable justice will be appreciated by pupils.
the Teacher of heart feels that his pupil has to be happy here and now and that harmonious development of children in integrated sense for this purpose is necessary.
Each person striving for spiritual perfection should choose once: what to serve to and how to serve. Always there is a choice. It is possible to serve the lowest nature, it is possible to serve idea or ideology, it is possible to serve education in narrow sense - to serve mentality in the person, it is possible to serve education in integrated sense. At last, it is possible to serve Divinity in each person. What serves the person to, cultivates in himself, duplicates outside. The terrestrial person, executing the service, expects fruits in the form of execution of numerous terrestrial desires. The writer who is eager for recognition and glory serves the ego - the terrestrial nature. Truly great writer shares the internal postizheniye, and in it his service Divine in readers consists. Service of Divinity is a highest form of meditation which fruits looking for spirituality assigns to God`s Feet. The highest form of service is followed by feeling of gratitude in heart for the opportunity given From above to serve Divinity in the person. It is a brilliant opportunity for looking for spirituality to feel the great truth proclaimed the great Spiritual Teacher that Heart - Gratitude is the spiritual magnet attracting all Divine qualities.
in conclusion, I want to save the colleagues from errors of suppression of negative thoughts and emotions. However, having found rather big force of heart, we will receive ability not to let in ourselves them. “To leave old friends, it is necessary to get new at first. Then old friends will leave us alone“, - the Spiritual Teacher so addresses us.
At last, we have to understand how we can long indulge the doubts. From the moment of the beginning of spirituality of doubt can gradually become very serious obstacle to progress because being a mind activity product, they will provoke its claims for a throne, by right now occupied with heart and soul now.
Having found some level of spirituality, and having estimated its force, we should be very careful with desire to share the osoznaniye with colleagues. To a great regret, spirituality is an aberration. Therefore we should learn to feel, the specific person is how ready to apprehend what we would like to share. If the person is not ready, then our revelations with him concerning spirituality not only will be extremely inappropriate, but can even provoke aggression from his party. As a last resort we should stop and change the subject of conversation in time. “The one who has to sleep let continues to sleep, he should not be awoken“, - the Spiritual Teacher addresses us. The most reliable principle is not to try to reveal what we are not asked about and if ask, then it is necessary to give the answer only to the question posed, without developing a subject on own initiative. we Will remember
, dear friend that our Acceptance and Unconditional Lyubov nevertheless do secret work, awakening interest in spirituality in the one it is already time for whom to wake up. Sometime our full Acceptance of the world will internally allow each person to play a vital role according to the hierarchy of values elected by him. In it our true freedom will also consist.
Now, dear friend, let`s wish to supporters of authoritative pedagogics of growth continued professionally, creative lessons and not to be given, never to be given. And we will internally wish them to comprehend rather a true essence of a being by the name of the person, and having opened in ourselves Little Prince, to join our ranks. Working side by side, we together with them will declare ruthless war of subjects a grief - to teachers who are still capable to humiliate, offend and crush the dignity of the pupil. We will remember, dear friend that the authoritative pedagogics is quite capable to teach those children who fully received a power of love from the parents and who on a pathway to knowledge are capable to sustain and forgive discontent, irritation and even anger of the teacher. We understand
dear friend that with the first experience of Unconditional Love before acceptance of the world - rather big temporary distance. Let`s wish to our friends and colleagues - supporters of pedagogics of heart, spiritual progress, progress in acceptance of pupils such what they are, and also in acceptance of the colleagues.
the Next time concerning a service subject, I will notice that the terrestrial person appreciates service at the material level, appreciates service at the vital level above, is even higher - at the mental level of consciousness. However he is not capable to estimate the importance of service at higher levels of consciousness. Even can seem to it that the Saint is busy only with rescue of the soul and does nothing for the benefit of others. Only the spiritual person is capable to see and feel, service of the Saint through whom God can grant Grace for Divinity of many and many sufferers is how big.
When the teacher serves not only to mind, but also to soul and heart of the pupil is his highest service.
Dear friend if in your heart constantly there lives the love to all children if you are not capable to separate yourself with their experiences, if each lesson - a holiday for you and for your children, then it is very possible that work at school and is your best everyday spirituality.
In all our conversations I constantly sang of power of Unconditional Love. There is also other spiritual quality is a Divine Rest. In one case the spirituality leads at first to Divine Love only later - to Rest, in other case - all on the contrary. Sometimes I see owners of Divine Rest among the colleagues. I do not know, and I cannot know so far how they see a solution of the problem of pedagogics. We need only to hope that one of our such colleagues really will like need of resolute changes in the direction of improvement of pedagogical process and will in detail state us the point of view in some article.
Krom of Rest and Love is still a set of other divine qualities which can significantly help the person directed to achievement of spiritual tops. These qualities allocated many, the objects surrounding us and living beings. We are capable to attract in ourselves these qualities if we manage to develop the ability to an identification with their carriers. For example, the flower is the embodiment of Beauty and breath of Divine Purity, the flame of a candle is capable to awaken the Aspiration flame in the depth of our heart, the huge rock and boundless open spaces of the sea bear in themselves feeling of Divine Rest.
not directed person is useless spends the energy given it From above for achievement of the various terrestrial purposes, for distribution of negative emotions and useless judgments instead of directing this energy to acquisition of spiritual gifts. God more than is ready to present us all boundless Universe, both physical, and spiritual, but not directed person continues to cherish persistently terrestrial desires for adulating of the lowest nature.
So on what human nature has to rely true pedagogics, terrestrial or Divine? The question is this, of course - rhetorical because the answer here - unambiguous.
Authoritative pedagogics is knocking on minds of children dry, and in the long term - absolutely fruitless prose.
Pedagogics of heart is a bell the poetry ringing to children`s hearts.
So we will be, dear friend, constantly to continue to write with the live, everyday experience the own, unique Pedagogical Poem.

Dear reader! If you have to me questions, then I will have for you answers. If such questions collect quite a lot, then it is necessary to answer them with separate article which will appear on the same pseudonym A. Voronov. Your obedient servant Alexander Mikhaylovich Dolbilov, the teacher of department of the mathematical analysis of the Udmurt State University, Izhevsk temporarily was behind this pseudonym.
On materials of these conversations is planned release of the separate book. Additions are possible. Information on this book will be placed here, right after its publication.

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