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How to look for work of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion
in - important
d - banal, for children
z - informative
and - interesting
to - winged
of l - best
of N - not important
p - instructive
with - difficult for understanding
r - in a riddle, for reflection, on ingenuity and installation of the opinion
yu - the humour

How to look for work that was accepted took arranged preparation depends the spirit solidly efficiently znayushche prepares good easy monetary correctly quickly successfully to carry out interview important influences promotes qualities of property the main thing better than

to Job search - a thing thin helps.
pv - it is necessary to prepare For work seriously.
zpv to Job search except professionalism are promoted by spirituality, morality, philanthrophy, honesty, decency, goodwill, good nature, the general education … to
zpv the Valuable worker, with high human qualities, the soul of collective, inspiring for work of others, promoting labor productivity increase, creating a comfortable working situation, valid to colleagues and the administration, without addictions … - does not manage to refuse proposals of other employers.
pv the Person has to try to look for that work, - which will improve his health, human qualities, knowledge ….
zk Good work cannot be found - it is only possible to grow to it. to find work become
of the personal computer the good expert - and you will not manage to get ready for a trip. and to the Valuable worker for revenues to new work it is enough to
to choose the best offer only.
and Even the powers that be often agree to any conditions and dream to find the good assistant, the managing director, the driver, the bodyguard, the doctor … and the Valuable worker can employ as
- even if there is no vacancy.
zd to Job search is promoted by education.
zd to Job search is promoted by knowledge of psychology.
zd to Job search are promoted by politeness, tactfulness, respectfulness ….
p to be ready to job search, to study and monitor this process - it is necessary always.
and At employment is important everything - from professionalism, to appearance.
kp Cannot find work to the person, - which is able to do nothing.
kp For business the main thing - love to it.
to Employment - psychological game.
and the Employer pretends that the worker is not of value for it, the worker - that work not really suits it.
and at the beginning of a labor way - it is possible to agree to any work.
and the First working months, and even years - study.
z at the beginning of work of people besides a profession seizes that - as it is necessary to behave in collective, to interact with colleagues, to carry out the labor schedule, to report to the administration …
to More efforts in job search - higher result.
and will Important learn - correctly to behave on interview.
and On interview it is necessary to behave from a position - that not only to you work is necessary, but also the enterprise needs workers.
p On interview very important is not persuasive, dexterously adapting to questions to light all the positive business and human qualities and to explain how your shortcomings minimum will interfere with business.
p On interview is very important not to lie, does not use cunning, not benevolent … p On interview to dodge, be very important to tell
accurately, clearly, shortly and only in essence until the employer himself transfers conversation to abstract subjects.
p On interview it is necessary to put on habitually - what you were held down and did not seem inadequate, behave surely - but it is not free.
and By job search - is important to know the labor legislation, but to show it, as a last resort, and, partially only for avoiding of your infringement or improvement of conditions of reception.
and Well knowing the labor legislation many employers try not to employ.
and On the enterprise where the law to the detriment of workers is obviously violated - better not to settle.
and Is better if at reception on rabotuvas favourably accepts from - for valuable qualities, than under pressing of the law.
p By job search will very important accurately be defined what your mission what you want on what are capable … of
p the favourite sphere has to be the Priority by job search.
and By job search is very important to be free from affairs to throw on all this forces.
and By job search all means are good - the Internet, mass media, announcements, recruitment agencies, acquaintances, the phonebook … p Is very important to know
more about the enterprise on which you get a job.
and When the person looks for work - it develops.
and to look for work without haste, losses of time and in cash - it it is necessary to look for working.
and When the unemployed looks for work, at it finish money, and he is forced to agree to the worst conditions.
of the personal computer Secret to job search - the girlfriend. p you do not hurry to share
joyful news about the found work - you can be ahead.
Is also people who working on itself and the professionalism try to obtain that they never look for work, moreover they should shirk offers - listening to reproaches and offenses.
p That always offered you increase - work where you are successful.
and If the person undertakes excessive work - it cannot have a reputation for the good worker.
and Many employers cannot or are lazy to estimate the worker - and can quite offer him a position which it does not pull. and By job search it is very important to
to feel, you are taken as the worker or for other purposes. and Knowing the own worth about a salary it is better for
not to ask - that not to lose it the employer can increase it.
and Employers appreciate those workers more - who has a salary not on the first place.
and Is better to look for work - working.
p Is not so important to find work - as will keep at it and at the same time also to feel that you do advantage to society and do not do harm.
of IP Ishchi not work - and the chief.
and to be considered as the valuable expert, sometimes is enough to be pleasant to the chief the human qualities.
and the expert`s Assessment by the chief is individual and can be far
from truth.
z the Poor and good workman can trade places at
change of the chief. z If the subordinate and the chief suit
one another as people, they mistakenly consider as each other more valuable from the professional point of view.
and sometimes the good expert seems to the Chief bad because does not carry out his whim.
p In highly paid working structures at positions, not
demanding a high intelligence, work persons of keen intellect. Production benefits
from it, people - grow dull.
pvzl the Person should not be the hostage at unloved, and even unhealthy business, only, in order that will live - it is lower than human dignity. Having risen spiritually, having moderated requirements, having developed abilities, having expanded knowledge, having calculated forces and opportunities and having found interest - everyone is capable to have favourite work.
pv Working from - for money, the person, living economically, has to look for that
business in which it will be able to be engaged with pleasure.
kp Is better with favourite matter in poverty - than with unloved in wealth.
and Work has to bring first of all pleasure.
and If work brings only money - it is slavery.
p to the Person is sense first of all not to chase money, and to develop.
p the Main thing not to be beaten out in people - and to remain the person.
p Able to execute, but not the person interested to submit - is better to open
of everything the small business.
p Not capable to execute and not the person interested to direct it is possible to go to the controlling structures or to work in those spheres where there is no
direct subordination.
pz the good head and the performer, uniting, enrich each other.
z By nature the performer and the head in one person, being a performer, lives more poorly, but is quieter, the head -
on the contrary.
p to the People who are not allocated leading, executive abilities, it is possible to try to become handymen or to live
in close-knit, well-founded families as keepers of the center.
and the Keeper of the center in a big, close-knit, provided family -
very necessary, favorable, so dear person.
z the good handyman, as a rule, lives more richly than the performer more quietly than the head.
and is good if the person, looking for work, feels in himself
the valid abilities, it is bad when it nothing the supported self-confidence.
pkl is better dirty hands - than conscience.
p Looking for work should not forget that, among other things, some professions positively influence human qualities, and some it is negative.
and Correctly chosen business - a half of happiness.
p In job search - not the last role is played by parents.
pz in job search only the person who studied vocational guidance of all society can make the Sensible recommendation.
p to the Person is expedient, having reached average material
situation, to think of preservation, application and development of those
of the more valuable abilities which do not bring in the big income, but are necessary to society.
p Finding a job, remember: the work which is badly performed by you depending on the choice in one case just will spoil to someone mood or will create inconveniences, in another will already do to
harm to health or will bring a grief, and marriage in some professions can take away from people life at all. z Change of works develops
the person as the personality though
professionalism at the same time, certainly, suffers.
and Work very strongly changes the person, and, unfortunately,
not always to the best.
z Unfortunately, work develops the person as the personality only at first.
p By job search is expedient to give a priority to the maximum desire and the greatest abilities.
and People choose business to earn money, to give themselves
the importance, to show abilities, to satisfy interest … And
only the few to bring the maximum benefit to society.
and Is professions in society respected and not dear.
p the Person has to aspires not in that field of activity which increases his importance, situation in society, financial position - and that in which it will bring more benefit.
and Than more skillfully the person can hide the shortcomings and show advantages to those to it easier to look for work - but it is more difficult to keep it and vice versa.
and Is desirable that the first salary was at the end of the first working day, the term of the subsequent doubles about one month and further remains invariable.
to For looking for work - is important a spirit.
and Night, motionless, hard work - does irreparable harm to health. and it is better for
not to change Identical works on danger, equally harmful it is better to replace.
and Other kind employer is also glad to pay the worker more - yes sees that it will go to it and business to the detriment.
and Job search has to proceed also after employment -
if this option not absolutely suits you.
and Job search can be stopped after employment - if you works, you go with desire, and everything suits you.
but is not necessary, are afraid to test in other professions.
and Some unscrpulous employers take workers on free training or a trial period, without payment obviously knowing that after them employment on discrepancy will not take place, thus, using free work.
and If you want to go about on the present the own business at employment and, participating in working process, it is not necessary to wind the sexual appeal.
and Flirtation often is a reason for leaving.
p Sexual communications in collective - a hindrance to work.
and Meek sexual sympathy of one member of collective for another can cost to object of sympathy of work.
and the Standing expert wishing true career has to seek to be pleasant to the chief work - and not to be pleasant appearance.
and On protection hold only at useless, and even specially organized positions - which do not give growth, professional development, development … to
and To a key, important, career position on which the destiny of the enterprise depends, effect of its work the head will not put even the child if it is dull.
yu If the attractive subordinate does not reciprocate to the chief - he can lose work if he answers - the chief can lose work.
yu is difficult to find work to the woman, - at which the husband works as the watchman.
yu the Best not executive and not knowing worker - and suffering.
yu For some people need is the only thing that can lift from a sofa, tear off from beer, sex and cigarettes - and to force to go to look for work.
yu is the most difficult to look for a congenial employment - to the idler.
yu Interview - rubbing in of points.
yu so distracts Nothing from job search - as sex.
yu to Negative people will get a job in mafia structures easier.
yu Demanding a responsible attitude to work from subordinates, the owner - emphasizes its importance, and absolutely forgets about they are appointing for it payment.
yu the Best work for women - a successful marriage.

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