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How to correlate opportunities to the desires? About “easy money“ of moths of

“The secretary came to work in new shoes again. It is interesting how she for the modest salary manages to buy so many new and expensive belongings? And it is well-groomed as the Hollywood star! Likely, does not get out of beauty shops!“

So or approximately so reflected Lenochka who held a responsible position in office and received higher salary, but was not able to afford also the tenth share of what this strutter had - secretaries.

Lena loafed on office, the mood was spoiled, in the head any foreign thoughts climbed: “Well, why this brainless doll has everything, and I work from morning to the night and I cannot buy elementary things which have to be in clothes of each woman. Yesterday saw in boutique a charming fur coat from an ermine! The fur is such snow-white, soft as swan`s down! Those boots which were on the secretary yesterday would approach this fur coat!“ Envy consumed Lenochka …

She did not know that the secretary Vika in time, free from the main work, worked in the Eskort firm serving the VIP - clients. Employees are young pretty girls - sat at the offices in the afternoon, and and during week-end they could be invited by an evening time to important persons who wanted to have a rest and relax in the company of pretty girls. Usually the operator of underground firm called Vick, behind it there came the car with the bodyguard and brought it to a certain place, then after a session got home. It is natural that Vika paid part of the money gained “at work“ to firm for service.

When Vika understood that at the main work she receives pennies which cannot cover her desire to be beautiful and to have a lot of fashionable clothes, she decided to earn additionally, having joined “moths“. It began with watches at prestigious international hotel where it was possible “to stick together“ the client with a thick purse. But on this patch there was a big competition and drove often. Girls usually shared the earnings with “kryshevatel“. Soon Vick such life bothered with order, and she together with one girl moved in “Escort“...

We will leave for a while “successful“ Vika and envious Lenochka and we will talk. As work of moths in Western Europe is organized.

I happened to be in Amsterdam. And, of course, I visited “red light district“. In the evening there the mass of male tourists wanders, examining local sight. Do not take for viewing of money. Prostitution in Holland is legalized. Prostitutes consist in labor union, regularly pay taxes and come for deserved rest on reaching the corresponding age.

In the evening in a quarter red sparks in show-windows are lit, in each of which ladies stand or sit, showing themselves and inviting to itself clients. Any girl who is engaged in night trade can remove the study including a bed and a shower cabin. The lady in a window has the right to choose to herself the client. If it something is not pleasant to it, then it to itself does not let it. If during appointment the man begins to show aggression, then the lady presses the disturbing button, in a couple of minutes there comes the police and exposes unlucky Romeo of wons. Practically all girls feel safely on the workplace. As for quotations for services, they fluctuate from 50 euros and above in 15 minutes (!) in dependence how she will agree with the client.

Quarter of “red lamps“ is a small city with the features and a set of the institutions focused on satisfaction of human wants. Depending on thickness of a purse it is possible to rent, for example, a cabin and to watch the pornofilm, or to visit “massage salon“ where besides the marked service the client will have physical satisfaction from the pleasant girl and can unburden it the heart. She is obliged to listen to him and to give reasonable advice … naturally, for an additional fee.

In the small city there is many sex - shops. There is also the theater - very popular place. Plot always one: on a scene two actors make love. The place which is very visited the entrance is allowed people, here since 16 years. In the city of “red lamps“ there is “An information center of prostitution“ where it is possible to receive the answer to any question concerning this business. As well as in any city, there are monuments here. One of them will be erected in honor of toilers of bed work. The prostitute costs in a zazyvny pose in a window aperture waiting for the next client. In the people this monument is called by Belle.

Now we will be transferred to Germany. Somehow I was journey in a seaport Hamburg, and my friend suggested me to walk on Reperbana - the street where in the 12th century prostitution arose. This street about about 1 kilometer long. On it the set of bars, restaurants, clubs, theaters of erotic sense and multystoried brothels is located. Prostitution in Germany, as well as in Holland, is legalized.

On Reperbana there is the street of “red lamps“ - it is the small lane fenced from all directions. In big windows there are zazyvno half-naked ladies, giving unambiguous signs to men. On this street the entrance is strictly forbidden women. On the way to the lane of “red lamps“ beginning “moths“ stand a dense rank. That struck me. They are dressed approximately equally: leggings, a short leather jacket and a bag around a belt, on the head - a horse tail. Directly army uniform!

All women of easy virtue from Reperban consist in labor union, regularly pay taxes and have very good health insurance. What is interesting, on this street there is a multystoried police department in which by means of surveillance cameras life on each square meter within 24 hours is traced. Reperban - the safest place in Hamburg.

However we will return to the abandoned girls Lena and Vika. In Russia prostitution is officially forbidden, but it perfectly prospers in an underground. Bright Vika quickly adapted to local conditions and found a way as, selling the body to satisfy the high inquiries. Envious Lena - at the crossroads. It has several options how to outdo the successful secretary: to find to himself more highly paid work, to make successful party or to find the dad who will buy everything by it in exchange for attention and caress.

There is, however, one more option: to live by the principle “according to the income and an expense“ and not to look in others purse. In other words, everyone has to place correctly “the life priorities“ which at all different …