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With Windows on Linux?

Ya are engaged in repair and service of computers more than 20 years. Began work in MSDOS. Then Windows 3. 1; Windows 95, 98; Windows 2000; at last, Windows XP. And today - Windows 7 and 8. These operating systems not always suited

. In - the first - paid also cost expensive. In - the second, the appendix generally too paid. The third moment - unstable work, failures, glitches and in this regard losses of information. To Windows it is subject to infection with viruses. It is necessary to equip the computer also anti-virus appendices.

At the same time there is other operating system - Linux which has practically no these shortcomings. And, above all - it is free. And practically all software is free too. At the initial stage of development of Linux it was difficult for the ordinary user as worked in the command mode. Still there is an opinion that Linux - system for programmers. But today it already not so. Practically each user can establish and deal with work in Linux.

Here and I, at last, had this desire. Somewhere in 2008-2009 I began to master this operating system. And at once faced that the choice is huge - Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, Fedora, Linux Mint. The Russian developers do not lag behind too - the Dewdrop, the Bluebird of happiness, Simply Linux, Rosa Linux etc. And the bulk of versions and the Linux directions is adapted to Russia, all in Russian.

The first stage of my transition to Linux was quite long as it was necessary to be defined what option to choose for itself finally. And here at work threw a task to equip new workplaces of Linux. The management counted and decided that to spend money for licensing of Windows is an unjustified luxury. It was necessary to get with the head into studying of Linux, and at once mastered both server, and user versions.

Of course, not everything turned out at once, it was necessary to study on the fly, in the course of work. But it should have been done! At work the first server under control of Ubuntu was started, new workplaces are equipped by the same Ubunta, the personnel are trained. Well, and when nearly weekly failures and lags of the server on Windows stopped, at work suddenly appeared a lot of free time and the management supported financially in the form of an award. Here - that the enthusiasm in studying, introduction and parallel development of Linux OS also woke up.

By this moment, having tried the mass of versions and the Linux directions of the house, I made for myself a choice - Linux Mint. And here in March, 2009 finalized houses as the main Linux Mint Rosinka 9 OS. On development, selection of the software and control of system “under itself“ half a year more in total left. But be not frightened - I was full zero in Linux: studied, mastered, established and worked at once. In firm where worked, would not begin to wait until I master everything, it was necessary to work practically “from wheels“. And still - the Linux interface is similar to Windows today, is most organized for the simple user.

Shortcomings, of course, too are - in Linux there are no analogs of some Windows so far - appendices, for some purposes is all the same necessary only to Windows, and there is no alternative. But in Linux without problems the system of virtualization is put and customized. I use Oracle VM VirtualBox - convenient, all in Russian, is adjusted too easily and clear. And as Linux is less exacting to computer resources, under Linux on the modern computer the couple of virtual computers quietly works with the Windows XP.

Day when all settings, installation of programs, development of virtual computers came to the end came. The computer ceased “to freeze up“, blue death screens of Windows, delay of operation of the computer consigned to the past, and virus attacks and infections just were gone. Though at once I warn, as in Linux it is necessary to have the anti-virus program. But it is necessary only not to infect the fellows under control of Windows.

Now I should be engaged only in maintenance of the computer - to clean from dust and dirt, to replace thermopaste if the processor overheats. Few times updated system on newer Linux Mint version. Now I work in the Linux Mint 13 Maya version. From the moment of the Linux installation on the computer there passed 4 years, and serious problems during this time never were. And before Windows established anew sometimes time in 2 months.

And about advantages of Linux - the system is less exacting to car resources therefore it is possible to give the second life to the outdated computer. Well, and at office especially - do not hurry to update the computer equipment, and employees work at old and slow computers. Here also Linux will help.

In conclusion I want to tell - Linux is not so terrible as speak about it, to pass to it with Windows very easily, for this purpose it is not necessary to be the programmer or the system administrator. To be able to work rather simply a little at the computer. Well, and a beginner it will be even simpler - what difference, to study Windows or Linux, all the same it is necessary to study.