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It is beautiful not to tell lies - a story not to tell? About shootings of the epic “Release“ of

the Movie “Lark“ shot in 1964 in many respects predetermined the area of work of Yury Dzhorogov. When shootings of the epic “Release“ began, remembered how it got the tank, and suggested to work in the same direction, but in much best conditions, as one of directors of a series of movies about war, at a position responsible for military equipment and military episodes. As he not bad spoke in German, work with the German actors too substantially was on him. Unfortunate Hitler to

to the Movie about war was necessary to

Hitler... And Hitler most famous at that time was Fritz Dietz. Dzhorogov asked to contact him and to invite to Moscow to tests, but not to say that will offer it Hitler`s role, it is better to call Manstein. He did not understand why he was so told, but and made. Fritz Dietz arrived, spent the night in hotel, next morning Dzhorogov came behind him by the car to hand it the text of a role and to take to studio.

Having seen that it was given, the actor a little with astonishment told that he is Manstein, they mixed and gave it not that role... Having understood that there is no confusion, it very much was upset. By then Fritz worked hard years at cinema. Played well, but... Too often - Hitler. He till an old age did not receive any ranks or promotions from - for it. He, having become already the most famous master, received the same rate for the work that in youth when he only began to play...

At the same time as he was a professional, played everything at once and perfectly. And representatives of “Mosfilm“ moved idea - on the party line decided to address the leadership of GDR that those noted magnificent game of the actor though some rank. And besides achieved payment of work of the actor at the double rate. Generally - helped, than could.

Shooting of a crossing through Dnieper

When shooting “Release“ (that series which about speeding up of Dnieper) is a small episode (minute, no more): on the ferry through the river the tank floats, the German shell gets to the ferry, explosion, the ferry is punched, bends - and the tank, together with the mechanic who leaned out of the hatch - the driver, rolls down to the river.

When shooting the director suddenly wanted to shoot crossing scenes it! And the tank - almost antiques, costs terribly much! And if it indeed drowns, then... And if the stuntman - that in general drowns...

The administrator managed to agree with military. There arrived divers, not too deep place with a firm bottom near the coast and after the thunder flash exploded was chosen and the prepared rags - for a dense smoke lit up, the tank with the stuntman on the place of the mechanic swept from the tilted ferry. When they together with the tank left under water, and considered the episode (which was removed under several different foreshortenings several different chambers) finished shooting, to the place of drowning from all directions from - for a shot rushed from above, on water - boats, and from below, from - under waters - scuba divers. The stuntman was given air from a cylinder and pulled out it outside, right there hooked on the tank cables - and several tractors amicably extended it on the coast which was all in couple of tens meters. Managed.

... Yes, I also remember - there was no dense smoke there. There was an explosion as if of a shell, there was a high water column - and T - 34 - 85 swept under water, and the head stuck out of the mechanic`s hatch - the driver. But - so I remembered the story of the author.

artillery preparation Shooting

When in a series about the operation “Bagration“ removed the episode connected with result of a volley of “Katyushas“ on defense of Germans - too there were difficulties. It is known that “Katyushas“ single do not shoot. For an episode three installations were allocated. For several kilometers from them the scenery representing the German defense were constructed. In the blindages which were reliably protecting from explosions of RS - ov supernumeraries hid. After a volley and explosion of all shells supernumeraries ran out on command from blindages and began to rush about, accompanied with already fake fireworks.

Near installations of volley fire the big group of generals stood and watched shootings. And it is interesting, and responsibility. And probably, remembered how it was actually. When at the command of the director the volley was made, everything blew up, and on hills in several kilometers supernumeraries began to rush about... Generals saw that only two installations shot. The third did not work. And the captain sitting in it jammed on the order “Fire“ began to correct malfunction - and here - here everything will correct, and then will fire a volley. There, where all already jumped out of shelters. There was a gallant colonel who, loudly using foul language, managed to reach and dragged out the unlucky shooter from a cabin, without having allowed that to shoot back. Speak, this colonel soon promoted also in a rank.

But the victims nevertheless were. At night one of those generals died of a heart attack that watched shooting. Heart did not sustain.

As what at cinema looks so simply is frequent - to remove so difficult!