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Where tritons ran away? Personal experience of keeping of Amphibia of

… The aquarium stood with water for a long time, all houses did not lose hope that they will be. Full cleaning of the apartment was made, all furniture is removed and rearranged, especially careful survey was undergone a bathroom with a toilet. Vainly - they ran away!. So sadly accommodation in my house of a couple of tritons ended. is more detailed than

A about these interesting animals and about features of care of them now.

I will tell how they to me got. I was never a fan of such exotic living creatures. Long we had wavy popugaychik, now with us there lives the doggie, once spent the night a martin with the injured wing (it is separate history) but here water inhabitants and furthermore tritons - there was never even a thought them to get!

The husband returned from the next fishing, holding in hand the cut-off plastic bottle from - under lemonade in which two strange quiet creations - a spotty skin, a long tail, beautiful pads sat (well, directly with human fingers), sad eyes … With the words “You Love Any Living Creatures, Here, Took Without Looking!“ I was handed this bottle.

I have such habit - everything to approach seriously, especially that, as for live organisms. Therefore right after the settlement of two new inhabitants of our house in an old neighbour`s aquarium I got into the Internet.

The species of tritons who lived at me as it became clear, is called an ordinary triton of Lants. Have the size from 7 to 11 cm (mine were krupnenky, 10 cm long). Where only they do not live - Georgia, Greece, Armenia, meet in North Ossetia, Krasnodar Krai and in other areas adjoining on listed. Are found in small reservoirs with still or slaboprotochny water and near such reservoirs. By closer examination they just admired me with the beautiful appearance - a color brown with an olive shade, a paunch yellowish with specks, pads with gentle fingers.

An aquarium as advised me at a “tritonovsky“ forum, I filled with water half, on a bottom after careful processing filled sand, outlined cockleshells. Also I at forums learned that tritons like to alternate stay in water and on the land. To provide them an opportunity to live comfortably, the island approximately in a half of a surface of the water where they in the first day with pleasure periodically got out was cut out from a rubber slipper. It was most often possible to observe such picture - one sits on an elastic band, the second “hangs“ in water nearby, having put a muzzle on edge of an island.

With food of difficulties did not arise, the thrown stadium was near a large number of holes where in water it was always possible to catch water fleas, larvae of mosquitoes and a Cyclops. An important detail - tritons will eat this forage only live, it has to move. Also they with pleasure will eat earthworms and slugs, the truth about it I know only in the theory, I did not feed them with it.

The ordinary triton of Lants (as well as other his close relatives) can easily grow the lost part of a body, for example a finger, even a pad or a tail. Observed it personally: unintentionally too strongly seized one “resident“, and the pad came off … Began to panic, rushed on forums, but professionals calmed me - will grow, do not worry! As it happened after a while.

Tritons too high do not love temperature, the most suitable for them - is slightly higher than 20 degrees. We have enough in the summer hot therefore lodged them in the darkened corner in kitchen and connected the water fan for small fishes. Additional lighting is not necessary too, quite is enough for them natural even if it is not too strong. Who wants to breed tritons in bondage, can make the following: temperature about 5-8 degrees are artificially lowered approximately to imitate wintering, so we hold 2-3 months. Then gradually, very slowly we increase temperature and as soon as it becomes higher than 15 degrees, tritons can start reproduction.

One morning, having uncovered to feed my tritonchik, I was stupefied! In an aquarium the third triton, more definitely not a triton, but his ghost - the exact copy of an animal, only transparent floated! Accurately a stick hooked this “ghost“ - it was … the skin! The triton dumped a thin skin at night. Next day the same repeated with the second. After change of a skin they became brighter and even more beautiful.

Care of these little ones was absolutely simple, I strongly got used to them, even quite often began to take in hand, examined, they quietly sat at me on a hand and too examined me the little sad eyes.

Everything unexpectedly ended once unclear on whose fault. Still so nobody admitted. The matter is that tritons are accustomed to get out at night of water on the earth. “Tritonoveda“ warned me that it is necessary to close an aquarium for the night: they, it appears, show miracles of acrobatics and can be chosen even on walls. Someone removed in the evening “The book about tasty and healthy food“ which was instead of a cover, and they ran away …

Still I hope that they did not die, and, having jumped in the night from a balcony (we live it is low), reached the thrown stadium and live and now there in some pole. We did not find them in the apartment … Tritons, it appears, long-livers (even small types), under favorable conditions they can live till 15 years!

If you the admirer of “silent“ pets, tritonchik for you! They are amusing, it is easy to look after them if to know nuances. Examining them, you can mentally imagine ancient times, appearance of tritons did not change many tens of thousands of years. Special they will not bring trouble upon you (if only do not run away at night through an oversight!), and you derive positive emotions and esthetic pleasure precisely!