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To eat? Harmful and useful products of

“I was lost“, - well-known Mikhail Galustyan`s heroine says. And so I “was lost“ too, and I do not know already whom and to trust. What`s the problem? Yes all in the same, in health.

In kindergarten in far times us every morning forced to eat a piece of bread and butter, sentencing - you eat, healthy you will grow up. Grew! But learned that oil is harmful - bad cholesterol. And what turns out - in vain ate, perhaps?

And not only oil, but also favourite fried eggs and fat with a layer and a tear. And you know that such fat with a tear? It, my friends, pleasure. Tasty!

But we put back - so far it harmfully. Why so far? Yes, from where to us know what discovery will be made by scientists tomorrow and that will become the next horror story, or opposite, than we will be calmed.

The last several years us urged to use strenuously products in which there are such useful substances as antioxidants. Our trustful people right there leaned on fruit, vegetables and greens. The benefit that they are really tasty. And so would proceed still: especially, the people also did not ask a question, as far as they are useful, in what advantage and in general, whether the truth it.

But as it became clear, superuseful products in which there are antioxidants promote emergence of oncological diseases. Such statement was made by James Watson. And, probably, the famous scientist, the Nobel Prize laureate for opening of structure of DNA can be trusted.

In recent time it was claimed that bilberry, oranges and spinach, and also many other fruit and vegetables containing antioxidants help to protect an organism from free radicals. What, in turn, led to fight against cancer diseases.

But opening of the scientist says that radicals - on the contrary! - will be able to be useful both in prevention, and in fight against a terrible illness. As they control cages. Moreover, in the publications Watson writes that the superhealthy food saturated with antioxidants provoked more diseases, than prevented.

So for example, antioxidants like vitamins A and E, and also selenium are not effective against cancer diseases of a stomach. Also do not prolong human life, and on the contrary - shorten. Special fears are caused by vitamin E.

Such statements are refuted at all by multiple councils in articles which captivated magazines in the sphere of cosmetology where vitamin E is recognized nearly as panacea in rejuvenation of an organism.

Researches of other scientists confirm that antioxidants are inefficient for prevention of oncological diseases at healthy people and can cause the return result.

The conclusion drawn by researchers has advisory nature: we need zdorovoye the balanced food, without the excessive use of this or that product. With what, I think, many will agree. But besides - healthy food in the light of emergence of a set of genetically modified products does not add optimism, and raises even more questions and fears.

So far we need only to eat a piece of bread and butter creamy. As nurses spoke, you eat, will be healthy. It is less than stresses, moderate food and good rest - the most important for health. But in our prompt run on life such council remains so far only dream.