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What is the Dubai gold? East markets of

of Dubai - one of Shakherezada`s fairy tales from “Thousands and one night“. The poor fishing small village turned into the magic city of which it is only possible to dream. A tourist mecca where there is tax and trade paradise. This oasis of luxury and beauty attracts a great number of tourists from all over the world.

Snow-white sand, magnificent palm trees and boundless open spaces of blue of the Persian Gulf attract all who wish to open mysterious magic doors to treasures of the world: Sezam, open!

East markets are something special. Perhaps, the sun filling with gold gloss the goods which are already sparkling a set of paints or a smell of east aromas, or perhaps desire not only to visit the fairy tale, but also to bring a souvenir for memory - the markets in Dubai empty do not happen.

I offer walk on east markets. And at the same time we will prepare for a lunch a small fish with vegetables, we will buy a gift to the beloved mother-in-law and a necklace for the darling. Let`s begin, perhaps, with the fish market Dubai Fish Souk which was located in the area the Drill Dubai.

It is necessary to go to a fish market very early. Only at this time it is possible to buy absolutely fresh small fish from a night catch. And not to test the sense of smell intolerable fish aroma in the evening. What it is possible to tell about a fish market in Dubai? The Neptune`s gifts in all variety.

What only does not have fish here unless the most favourite - the Astrakhan zalom. Hamur, a hamra, zubeyd, Safi, dzhodar, sigalis - be not frightened, it is not east mantra, these are only the Arab names of fishes known to you. And of course, seafood: shrimps, lobsters and cuttlefishes. Attracting serebristo - fish magnificence strikes.

Vegetables on a garnish for fish can be bought near the fish market. Fruit and Vegetable Market - a vegetable market where everything that grows on the paradise earth is on sale. Fruit of all types, vegetables and mountains of greens - for every taste.

Your confusion from such quantity will be estimated and suggested not only to be bought, but also to taste divine fruit. For now you doubt, fruit - vegetables will be already packed and will appear at you in hands. It is necessary only to pay off.

Our fish dish with vegetables without seasonings that the beauty without spark. It is possible to look - it is boring to love. Behind a spark we go on a market where sell spices - Deira Spice Souq. But do not worry, it not far from a fish market and vegetables.

We will walk, we will take a breath the sea and we will get to a kingdom of fragrances. East countries were always the main suppliers of sharp gold. A saffron and a carnation, cardamom and ginger - mountains of spices, dried fruits and nuts. And smells...

To visit Dubai and not to visit an antiques market - inexcusably. The most ancient market was proved in the fourteenth century, since then behind antiques and other works of art collectors and fans of old times gather here. The market is divided into quarters: Turkish, Persian, Moroccan and Syrian. In each of these quarters dealers are natives of those countries which goods they represent.

What here is only not present - all treasures of Sindbad! Luxury of jewels, furniture from Morocco with nacreous impregnations, natural silk fabrics, painted hookahs and lamps of handwork of unusual beauty. Well that? Perhaps hookah to the mother-in-law as a gift? Let remembers the son-in-law with love.

In the Drill Dubai where there are brisk trade quarters, is the well-known textile market. This really gold mine for dandies and experts on quality of materials. Here it is possible to find the well-known fabrics of the East. It is air chiffon, a soft taffeta, an easy foulard, Syrian damaskt, similar to brocade, and it is a lot of other not less eminent. And also to try on the real Japanese kimono or the Indian sari. Or to get the most fashion brand of the famous western couturier. The most skillful masters of tailoring who will sew to you by request any novelty work at a market.

Turn a look on architecture of a market, it costs attention not less, than fabrics and clothes. The restored market kept originality and surprises with incrustations of fans of wooden architecture.

All colors of gold can be seen on markets of Dubai. What is only not present: even pink and green. The gold Dubai market of Deria Gold Souk is world renowned. Diamonds and emeralds, garnet necklaces, pink pearls - for every taste and opportunities. Necklaces and bracelets of jewelers from India and Egypt, it is possible to buy the Indian jewelry kundan here, and also minakar. The gold chest reveals before all fans of jewelry, the main thing, to know the treasured word: “bargaining“.

It is a market, but not luxurious jeweler salon, not only the price, but also interest is important here. What surprise we will prepare for the seductress with a spark? What gold beauty is worthy?

Not only the maiden charm, but also speed, and a sharp-sighted eye of such bird as a falcon is worth its weight in gold appreciated. It is a symbol of this country. The falcon is awarded also own market. Here it is possible not only to look at unique exhibits for a falconry, such as protective mittens or special manufacture hoods for a falcon. But also to buy this imperceptible bird on quite legal ground.

A falcon - a bird proud and important, but the camel is not less precious for the true bedouin. The Arab without camel that the car without wheels. In the desert it is the main all-terrain vehicle. At an entrance on the well-known market of Al - the Ainu you will be able to feel the Arab world without gloss and chic at once. It is dusty, is dirty, noisy. And smells as you understood, not fragrances at all. Camels of different colors and age in the shelter - the picture not for sentimental soul. But it is life of nomadic Arabs of whom still it is enough in boundless desert sand.

It is impossible to see all markets of Arab Emirates in one day and the purpose we had other. Visited the fairy tale, gifts bought: and a pocket mirror magic, a set precious, and Scarlet Flower of the house waits will not wait.