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What we want to see the child?

On a course of life can seldom be met the person, perfect in every respect. People are very different. One are pleasant to us, we love others, and others cause hostility the manners and bad bents at once.

However even the closest people whom we love have shortcomings and weaknesses. But the love just also consists in ability to forgive. Dearest - our children. We wish well to them, a lot of things we forgive, but constantly we worry: what they will grow up... Whether our child will be similar to those who cause in us hostility and irritation?

The person is not born the rude fellow or the criminal. If formation of the person takes place in adverse conditions, bad lines can develop in everyone. Bad children are not, and what the child becomes, in many respects depends on us, adults. There is no uniform recipe how to bring up the child that he did not grow up in the bad adult, of course.

The main thing, it is necessary to remember that problems of the child are and our problems. They arise not without our participation. Children copy our some lines, acts, words therefore before condemning him, it is necessary to think of it. Some acts are generated by the atmosphere of life of a family which for some reason causes negative reaction in the child.

Many problems of education can quite be solved without excess emotions. But if parents constantly shout and are irritated, then these problems can develop into very serious and will long disturb all family.

However there are also such lines which are the typical characteristic of a certain age. The majority of psychological problems which adults face are similar to children`s diseases. They all the same should be had in the childhood. Children, making bad acts and drawing the corresponding conclusions, receive as if an inoculation. Getting into such situations in adulthood, they already know what it will lead to and it is properly better to arrive.

Therefore it is necessary to show consideration for education of the child very much. Education is the continuous balancing between forgiveness and severity directed to the joint solution of its problems.

Very important in each family to have the unshakable principles. But if we just urge the child to observe them, then we will hardly achieve success.

There is nothing bad that we try to teach the child to behave definitely. But children get used to our words and over time cease to notice them. The principles of behavior impart, mainly, a personal example. It is necessary step by step, with persistence and conviction to try to obtain that these principles became the second nature. It is necessary to stock up with patience, children live also in a situation where some principles in general are ignored, for example, at school, among friends.

So, cultivating the principle of kindness in a family, we have to be ready that on the street the child sees a lot of cruelty. But if we want that the child grew up kind, to us it is necessary to impart kindness on a personal example again and again.

It is very important not to hide the beliefs and the principles from the child, otherwise the child can apprehend as own other ideas, less noble, than ours. Other people can resort to effective means before which our child will be defenseless if we did not impart to him to them immunity.

In society there are changes, it complicates the relations of parents with children, children have inquiries which are not always easy for understanding and dividing. But parents have to make every effort to accept the child and to direct his development to the correct course.