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“Swan neck“: how to keep its beauty?

the Neck are that part of a body which requires to itself special attention. It can bring in the future a set of problems therefore it is necessary to carry out constantly exercises, to do masks and compresses on a neck.

neck Skin quickly grows old and is wrinkled as blood circulates more slowly here, than on other parts of the body. Muscles on it will gradually atrophy that leads to emergence of the second chin. Also skin on a neck very thin. It has no sebaceous glands therefore does not happen fat.

To keep beauty of a neck, it is regularly necessary to look after her, implementing the following recommendations.

Wash a neck several times a day (at least in the morning and in the evening) cold water, it will help to strengthen blood circulation. Also for good blood circulation it is possible to carry out the following exercises, especially if you lead mainly a sedentary life.

1. Accurately incline the head to the left - to the right, forward - back, to do roundabouts-headed till 8-10 times. Exercise should be done at least once a day.
2. Clap a neck in front and behind the palm back the fast vigorous movements.

Skin of a neck demands a continuous power and moistening. Therefore few times in a week do contrast compresses. For this purpose moisten a napkin from dense fabric serially in hot, and then in cold water and put to a chin and a neck. You hold a napkin 1-2 seconds at hot, 3-4 seconds - at a cold compress.

Regularly put for 1-2 minutes a compress from salt solution. It is simple to prepare a compress: Dissolve 3 tablespoons of salt in 0,5 l of water.

Once a week do the peeling and moistening masks.

Every evening clear neck skin lotion or tonic, and then you apply with the ironing easy movements nutritious cream from a decollete zone to a chin.

To get rid of the second chin, you sleep on a low pillow, and also every day carry out such exercise: clamp a pencil in teeth, push forward a chin and draw circles, figures or letters in air.

Every evening do massage of a neck. The easy stroking movements mass one or both hands at first back part of a neck and a shoulder joint, then in the direction from one ear to another. Having warmed skin, pass to vigorous captures with a hillock of a thumb and four others. Massage should be finished with again easy stroking.

Do not forget to apply in summertime on neck skin sunblock cream to avoid solar burns and irritation.

And finally - note couple of councils at selection of clothes.

If your neck visually seems short, then you should not put on polo-necks not to provoke still big visibility of the shortened neck.

If your neck long, then you need to avoid chains, a beads and deep decolletes.

Owners of a wide neck need to give preference to clothes with the rounded-off collar.

The main condition in care of skin of a neck is a regularity of performance of procedures. Only systematic moistening, compresses, peeling, clarification, exercises and massage will help to keep skin youth for many years.