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Greek yogurt. Than it is useful?

Few years ago when I was in business trip in the USA, somehow in the evening on local TV there was a transfer where the representative of the company importing the Greek yogurt to America acted. He very emotionally told about this national product which is traditional Mediterranean food, and also is often used for preparation of other dishes. in

I very much was interested in this information, and next day I came into the next supermarket in hope to buy the Greek yogurt. Quickly having found it in the refrigerator of dairy department, I took the kilogram plastic container in hand and went deep into reading what on it was written.

The product is prepared from natural ingredients without any artificial additives, does not contain gram of fat (!) 46% are made by a protein, 25% fall to the share of calcium and only 3% of carbohydrates. Yogurt is prepared by means of culture of live bacteria: lactobacilli, dairy - sour cooks and bifidobacteria. Same the whole cocktail from probiotics - microorganisms which revitalize a human body! Further on a label advice as it is possible to use this product in food was given.

Having armed with primary information, I, naturally, right there bought this well of health. The next morning opened the container. Contents did not look similar to that yogurt which we usually buy in our shops. White dense weight reminded skim cheese or dense sour cream. I added to yogurt of fresh berries and with great pleasure ate the breakfast. Till the lunch I did not hunger. Since then I included the Greek yogurt in the daily diet, adding to it honey and cinnamon or berries or fruit.

Naturally, me it became interesting how the Greek yogurt is made and why it won such popularity in the different countries of the world.

From what and how the Greek yogurt is made?

several kinds of the Greek yogurt depending on type of milk which is used as a basis for a product Are available. It can be sheep, goat or cow`s milk. When yogurt reaches the necessary standard, it is filtered to clean serum. At the exit weight, on a consistence similar to something between yogurt and cheese, with characteristic sourish taste turns out.

In industrial conditions yogurt is made of milk to which add culture of the live bacteria useful to a gastrointestinal tract of the person. After a filtration dense smetanoobrazny weight is packaged and goes on sale.

Some European countries arranged own production of the Greek yogurt. But its density is reached by addition of thickeners. In it some difference from a national product of Greece.

As can use yogurt in food?

the Greek yogurt - the main component of a dzadzika - a typical dish on a table of Greeks. For its preparation add several garlic gloves, a polished fresh cucumber, salt, pepper to dense yogurt to taste and a little olive oil. It is possible to flavor snack with juice of a lemon and to add some greens.

Often Greeks add yogurt to hot meat dishes and to dough for pies. If to add honey and fruit to yogurt, then the tasty useful breakfast will turn out, and having smeared it on bread, it is possible to have supper pretty well.

Curative properties of yogurt

the High content of protein in a product is very attractive by

to those who keep to a diet. Using yogurt and its derivatives for breakfast or a dinner, you show respect for the health, without overloading an organism with greasy food.

High contents of calcium in yogurt strengthens bones and accelerates a metabolism. Protein acts as the glucose level stabilizer in blood. It prevents a hypoglycemia which often develops at the people keeping the rigid diet.

The people having diabetes become very sensitive to the food containing carbohydrates. For such patients the Greek yogurt - the safest product.

And that who does not transfer lactose in dairy products it is possible to recommend the uses of the Greek yogurt also. Contains in it much less lactose, the risk of diarrhea and abdominal distension as a result decreases.

Greek yogurt and diet

Greek yogurt very low-calorie. For it it is loved by nutritionists and recommend to include in a diet to the patients. If you keep to a diet, this product can be good option of having a snack during a lunch break, and it is not necessary to puzzle long that to chew it.

The Greek yogurt can replace sour cream and mayonnaise on your table as has remarkable taste and high density. This product allows to change radically food, having reduced its caloric content. It will help to clean extra kilos with little effort. Many doctors believe that the Greek yogurt - the best dietary product of a century.

the Greek yogurt and useful bacteria

Natural yogurt has to be prepared for

from not pasteurized milk. The bacteria which are a part of yogurt can remain only in such habitat. They are very useful to a gastrointestinal tract as they help to cope with diarrhea, locks and an inflammation in intestines. Normalizing processes of digestion, a probiotics promotes prevention of oncological diseases.

In the Greek yogurt concentration of the bacteria useful to a human body is very high. A probiotics works diversely:

help to digest food and to acquire nutrients from it;
strengthen immune system;
protect an organism from penetration of pathogenic bacteria.

By the way, it is necessary to mention also our national Russian products having high concentration of useful bacteria: it is kefir, buttermilk and sauerkraut.

If in the nearest shop suddenly there is no Greek yogurt, then it is possible to use traditional products which are very useful to health too in the food.