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What is a floromansiya?

Fine plants around us are unusual gifts of Mother - Earth which allows us to use them rationally. They satisfy the mass of needs of the person: in food, the dwelling, heat, drugs, beauty. Very often life on the planet depends on the flora surrounding us.

Not only essential needs forced the person to peer into the green world. It attracted also with the magic properties. The magic force of plants was realized by people long since for this reason before the house were always surrounded with magnificent gardens. Even near the most mean hovel was considered to plant necessary some tree or a bush to be under the auspices of kind forces of nature.

In practical magic of a plant were used for a long time. Was considered that they are a link between the person and the sky. Such magic of flowers, and also flower fortune-telling, is also called floromansiy . It is the science telling about correctness of drawing up bouquets, opening pages of dream book of flowers both curative and magic properties of plants.

On representations of ancient Europeans, for example, of druids, the high-ranking caste of the Celtic priests, plants and flowers were allocated with sacred and salutary force. Tribes of Celts lived in the first century B.C. Over time their religion was forced out by Christianity.

Rituals and doctrines of druids were kept a secret and transferred orally. Druids as carriers of popular wisdom were experts on natural phenomena and secret knowledge. They interpreted omens, carried out sacrifices, understood astronomy, treated herbs.

They “had the gift of comprehension of things secret and sublime“. Among druids was many prophets and wise men. Not only men, but also women played a significant role in public life. The Celtic druids were compared to the Egyptian priests.

If to address legends and legends, then it is possible to see that plants play an important role in creation of sign symbolics which many use to this day. Winners, for example, are always crowned with a laurel wreath, fumigate with an incense rooms before rituals and magic actions, and wishing to pay the woman a compliment, compare her to a rose.

One of the main directions of a floromansiya is flower fortune-telling . Practicians of fortune-telling on flowers among which the most known way is guessing on a camomile are connected with ancient Slavic ceremonies. However there is also a simple Russian guessing on a bouquet of flowers, a prediction on leaves, secret guessing on the flower and on petals, and also on poppy. The symbolics and language of flowers are studied too by a floromansiya. The magic fascinating science allows to tell about feelings which cover the person, by means of flowers.

Incorrectness, garrulity, silence and love - can tell flowers about all this to the owner. Flowers conceal in themselves magic of an astrological rainbow. You will be able to reveal her if seriously you are fond of a floromansiya and it will study. Get acquainted with flower fortune-telling - it diversifies your life, will expand the range of the general knowledge and will allow to learn the mysterious flower world.