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How to become the queen? HandMade: the blouse - a top the hands of

More and more fashionable becomes recycling of resources. In the near future on it life and stability of our planet will keep. Therefore I bring to your attention an easy way of processing of an old shirt in a fashionable blouse the hands. There is nothing more simply!

to us it will be necessary for

of i:

- a shirt which we will alter, it can be both female, and man`s;

- tailor`s scissors;

- centimeter (it is possible to take also a simple ruler, or as my favourite teacher spoke, “an eye - diamond, a hand - granite“);

- a linen elastic band (a usual elastic band on which in the childhood we kept mittens);

- the sewing machine (but also it it is not obligatory if you well own a needle manually).

We display a shirt on a workplace. It has to lie exactly on seams that during the work with scissors not to break flat lines. I have the well equipped workplace, but I all the same like to be engaged in cut on a floor. Generally, we start.

In - the first, it is necessary to cut off a mouth of a shirt and part of shoulders (as shown in the scheme black lines). It is worth receding from the line of shoulders only 1 - 1,5 cm, it is no more. After that it is desirable to process the line of a cut overloky or a usual seam - a zigzag.

The second stage consists in registration of sleeves. We cut off the lower part of both sleeves so that they were below an elbow bend on 4 - 5 cm, plus 1 - 1,5 cm on podgib a seam. I cannot tell precisely how many centimeters you should cut off therefore it is better to measure the necessary length by centimeter or a usual ruler. Also we process a cut overloky or a zigzag.

Now we start registration of top. From seamy side, having receded from the line of a cut of 1,5 cm, we sew an elastic band. Then upper edge (i.e. part of fabric which remained over an elastic band) we impose on that elastic band and we sew. Consider that fabric can be wrinkled if when tailoring not to pull an elastic band to the necessary sizes. Accurately and carefully carry out this stage of work.

There were sleeves. The lower cut of sleeves is processed very simply. But here you can experiment. There are two ways of processing: as well as on shoulders to sew an elastic band, or just to sprain edge of a sleeve on seamy side and to sew it.

It is possible to build a pocket from the remains of fabric, and even a pocket - the valve. Just it is worth cutting out the necessary details from sleeves. But they for some reason were not to the taste to me therefore I, perhaps, will leave as is.

Work is ready. I hope, at you everything turned out and very much it was pleasant to you. Now well iron out the shirt and safely put on. You will look effectively if you put on a blouse - a top with a belt. All women of fashion will just die of envy, more will not find such thing anywhere. The biggest plus of handmade also consists in it.

Infrequently to us the inspiration flies,

I a short instant in soul it burns.

As is good to watch creation,

on the hands That grace and love that will prolong shine …

Quite often me is visited by mood which demands creative work. At such moments I sit down at work and I have a rest soul.

I wish also to you eternally good mood and creative achievements!